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  1. Hey folks!! So I've got myself a CO2 tank the tank holds about 35lbs probably and a regulator valve? Is there a thread already posted on how to distribute it to a 17'x15' room? I mean is that all I need or should I use some type of filter?
  2. So my grow tent has air intake straight from an old dryer vent so it has fresh air, it's in the basement, unfortunately it will also be cold when the plants go on 12/12, I thought about maybe making a vent from the gas heater to the tent or maybe just a space heater in the tent but that's pretty risky. Any suggestions would be a great help, thanks!
  3. Gingergrow

    New plants

    Ultra sour an unknown and Spiked Buddha this grow
  4. So my grow tent's RH is 35, I think because it's getting colder and dryer out haha. I have a 4" 170 CFM for intake that's hooked to an old outdoor dryer vent, does anyone know if putting a tiny humidifier like the ones you get at a drugstore would help? It's a small tent 48x24x60 with one 400w HID the temp is great tho at least, I crossed a Burmese kush with what someone told me was bubble berry over the summer, it's pretty much finished I'm only flowering it out for another 20 days or so, so maybe the low RH won't matter for seeds? But as soon as I'm done another one is starting it's journey under the light
  5. How would you suggest? I'm down for anything I haven't tried it yet so I'm up for any options
  6. Hey folks! Has anyone ever used this stuff? Anyone have any recommendations on which kind or just make it yourself
  7. I looked up both labs but I live on the east coast and I can't send that in the mail lol plus I killed my bubble berry since it pollinated my Burmese kush with it so I guess it'll be Unknown x with Burmese
  8. That's cool I'll have to google that stuff for sure!
  9. So my buddy gave me a bunch of headie bud, found a seed he said it was bubble berry but isn't for sure, is there anyway to find out exactly what strain it is, I grew the seed it was a male and then I pollinated it with a Burmese kush I got from THSeeds, it's about a month into flowering and already the seed pods are huge
  10. Gingergrow

    Bubble berry male

    Bubble Berry male
  11. Thanks folks, and I wasn't expecting much haha I'm just stoked I'm almost finished with my first grow but milky is okay and there's some trichs that almost look violet but that could also just be because of the light
  12. Howdy folks, so my trichs are about 50/50 clear and milky, for my critical hog and ultra sour. I started my flush about 4 days ago and I only used 2.5 CaMg for the whole of flowering because I don't have a bloom nutrient. So I was curious is there a correlation between trichs and flush, like mine in both plants the trichs look the same. I posted some pics, the ultra sour is a little behind in trich variation then the critical hog, flowering for ultra sour is 65 days critical hog is 55. Back to my question tho; will trichs turn to amber in the final days of flush or is trich change a longer process?
  13. Gingergrow


    Used an old tiny 10x and then put my phone over it to enlarge it
  14. Oh ok, So please give me an alternative instead of just leaving it at that, also I'm pretty sure that Mel Thomas wrote his book either in prison for growing or after he got out, and everything I've read by Jorge seems to correlate with everything being said here so since they're the ones who write the books and I'm soley mentioning them so if anyone has anything else to read they don't have to say something I've already read for the time being
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