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  1. Aztec Rain - one of my absolute favorites - and Eskobar hasn't made any new seeds Luckily i had a few left over, and after a looong break from growing, decided to do a quick run. Here she is at 56 days
  2. just.blaze


    Chocolate Rain, Blueberry Ghost OG and Skunk Afghan Shack
  3. Received my letter in the mail today awesome freebees too! Thanks a million Cristalin, good karma and vibes coming your way.
  4. Just received my pack today... but not as psyched as I was when I placed my order I was also planning on saving these... so what to do?
  5. ^^^^ hmmm... i just ordered a pack for myself. Hope this isn't an issue, but it would be a first.
  6. I love it Just placed an order, so great to have the credit card option back!! Thanks Sannie
  7. Hey NAW, kinda random, but any chance you guys will try making a FEM strain for us small-scale growers? I loved your head candy so much, but sorting through all the males to find it, is tiresome. And I can't keep clones, unfortunately. Just wondering if it crossed your minds(s) Anyway, keep up the good work.... I still buy your seeds and save them for the day I have space to make a real selection
  8. Jahlicious is the first strain I've gotten through Sannie that dissapointed me. No hermie issues here though. To be fair, I grew out 5 seeds, 4 were males and the one female was KF dominant, airy and tasted kinda acrid and sour, but not in a good way. Maybe just got a bad pheno, but I don't think I'll be growing it again. I've also been out of the game for a little while... new Job, new focus and I've been smoking A LOT less because I've been busy. I'm booting up a new round in March... Choc Rain Fem, Aztec Rain, Mad Scientist and to be determined. I don't have the time or space to deal with males anymore... I need my tent filled up
  9. Jahlicious day 35 just a little preview
  10. I had 2 Strappleberry plants in my tent... unfortunately they were both males so I had to get rid of them. No Naw gear to brag about this round, but I though i'd show some root porn for good measure. This one of my strappleberry males 20 days after putting the seeds in water. Vigorous growth Keep up the magic NAW, I'm hankering for that Blackberryhaze and RKS
  11. Nice smoke report man thanks... sounds like good post-exercise recovery medicine. I have a 5 pack of these waiting to be grown as well. Enjoy your other phenos
  12. Drug use in itself is not criminal and hurts no one but the user. Decriminalization simply means the government no longer reserves the right to reprimand you for using. You should still be reprimanded for stealing, shoplifting, any kind of harassment or violence... California fucked up lowering the criteria for home invasion / burglary. I have zero tolerance for thieves, scumbags and other malicious criminals
  13. I hoard seeds, but not by choice... I only have a 2x2 ft space to grow and I keep seeing strains that I NEED I rationalize it by telling myself I'll get around to growing them someday, and to be honest I usually do. I might not grow out every seed, but I'll certainly grow every strain I have at some point. Most of my favorites comes from Sannies anyway
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