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  1. I found it guys thank you for all the help. as soon as I can get help out here I will post some more pictures. My three plants are flowering now and have been for three weeks to a month. They are sure tough plants to survive all they have been through, from critter attacks to over nuting. They finally resemble marijuana plants in the flower. dsj
  2. Happy you found it, take care. dsj
  3. dsj

    Aussie hi

    Hi, very helpful site. dsj
  4. DreamOfGreen, I looked up the sites you showed but there is nothing showing CBC. Only CBD & THC. CBC is not talked about much in the past, but they are finding out it is important in the medical part of the plant. dsj
  5. gardenartus, a site I have used is : seedfinder.eu, that is what I was looking for until I found opengrow. Another good site for cbc is : www.medicaljane.com. Cannabichromene ( cbc ) it's a cannabinoid found in the plant that is believed to inhibit inflammation and pain, stimulate new bone growth and block the growth of cancerous tumors. It's found in smaller concentrations in the plant than THC and CBD. Hope this can help, dsj
  6. Hi growoutdoor I hope you find opengrow as helpful as I have. dsj
  7. dsj

    100 4552

    My latest gallery posting. dsj
  8. dsj

    100 4570

    https://www.opengrow..._5137_25370.jpg My latest gallery post!
  9. dsj

    First grow in the cascades

    My first time at this, a lot different than cows and hay.
  10. Welcome Millertm, I was recently told there are 124 counties and four cities that have banned recreational growing in oregon and more are working to stop it. I too am from oregon, do you or does anyone else know if there are more counties trying to stop growing. Thank you, dsj
  11. bluebach: If I was you I would think about growing organically the way polder grower and rhino cbd does. I fought it all spring and summer until they showed me how easy it can be. Maybe you are already growing this way. dsj
  12. dsj

    HeadCandy F2

    I will have to get some, I don't have any on hand. I didn't know what to buy for sure, if it would have the same ingredients in it as yours. Our mosquitos were real bad here this year too. My friend nearby said the mosquitos on his place were so big they could stand flat footed and breed a turkey. dsj
  13. dsj

    HeadCandy F2

    Polder, would the sand we use in the US be the same as yours, for any bug problem ? dsj
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