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  1. Making anything with DMSO ensures it gets into your bloodstream, it almost acts like a chelate that binds onto anything to ensure its absorbed. Hazy
  2. Go clones if you can get them, otherwise Skunk#1 is always a good choice.
  3. Oh Papalag has some good suggestions there. Sweet seeds are worth a look. Cant remember who does Green Crack or green Poison but also worth consideration along with Eva Seeds did a couple of theirs and were quality. Hazy
  4. From Sannie probably: Mad Scientist, Sugar Punch Personally if it were me in your situation, I would probably look to Sensi; Skunk #1, Super Skunk, Shiva Skunk all are stable with little pheno variation yield well & the smoke is still really really good + their all cheap as chips. Hazy
  5. UGORG-Blues, mouthwatering berry skunk special combo, tastes & smokes amost exactly like old Livers cut in uk (old cut maybe going as long as exodus cheese cut) worth checking out. From Sannies: Selene, underated, done a couple of different pheno smoke reports on OG. Madberry Fem, tasty fruity megaberry x bubblegum type taste top shelf + smoke, watch out for creeper stone though. Smoke report on OG. Infact sannies shop has some of the tastiest weed ive ever smoked. Hazy
  6. Spoke to a friend who makes oil as part of project storm, he said he also uses SharkShock, he said its about 8% THC 8-10% CBD and makes really good oil. Hazy
  7. If the guy can pull power/choice away from people and give to corporations, Monsanto et al, he will, all day long; that is how it appears from some distance away at least. So far I know nothing has being said like that, but Monsanto has been manovering around Cannabis for awhile & nothing suprises me of late. Hope I'm just turning into a mad conspiricy theorist who's in need of a tin foil hat. Hazy
  8. I know its not exactly what your looking for, but Mr Nice (Shanti) did some work with cbd crew if I remember rightly, I grew some o f their 1.1 Shark Shock and it was stable with little pheno variation and yielded really well, may just have been lucky with phenos, only did once Hazy
  9. So today took a couple of small buds into work which is something I dont usually do just to check trichs under something a little more powerful, the pheno I call Ms Rose has about 20-30% amber trichs and Blue K leaner has about 14-18% amber, but more cloudy at around 60% vs 30-40% for Ms Rose, both had funky coloured trichs of various shades of yellow like cloudy lemonade though pinks reds orange and a few blues; this was under a microscope set to 60x 80x & 120x. Hail Selene-you are truly a Goddess. Hazy
  10. Sooo girls are down, im even more impressed with the bubblers now, needed Jack with his axe to fell them, they had some seriously thick trunks. For untrained plants they seem to have done quite well yield wise, solid solid buds and lots of them. They have about 5% amber trichs & 60% cloudy, should be an amazing smoke, in about a month or so, for now i can confirm the sissor hash is outstanding. Hazy
  11. Hey OG, tomorrow is harvest day. 51 days, I'll put last pics in my gallery if someone could bring them over here that would be great, if not their in my gallery. Overall Ive being super impressed with my new bubbler systems, pretty much hydro cruise control. Hope you've enjoyed the grow and will consider adding Selene to your mother plants, its a top drawer strain, worthy of some love. Hazy
  12. Hey agreenpassion, just DE 400v 600/750 unit, my ceiling only 8 ft scrog or train them to keep em low and they'll be fine, ive let these go untrained 3ft plants (flipped @10") 825 watts and have been fine. TBH the speed thing sounds like marketing bull,but it isnt, directly compared to other plants next door same strain, clones everything constantly at least 7 full days quicker and usually 10-14. The quality of the smoke also, first clones reputed Jamacian 60 day finishers nice smoke for daytime, 50 days Gavita = tripping balls. The newer kind of CDM lighting seems even a step up from that friend that have them pulling 30 oz to 2 lb out of 630 double bulb systems, quality off he charts. Hazy
  13. Its anecdotal, but to me yes. Ive used them for 2 years now, every grow ive done has finished earlier than previously with strains i know well & much stronger than before. Im finishing strains 10-14 days quicker than hps. Hazy
  14. Hey OG, things are rapidly nearing finish, Im probably looking at about Tuesday chop with probably up to 15% amber trichs, ive kept the food so low they dont really need much of a flush. Smell wise they are still complex, lighter than coco grows, lacking earthy scents. Top notes of fizzy sweet candy mango Heart notes of floral incense Base notes of funky sour lemon; the sour element to base note is new. Hazy
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