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  1. Marry Chrismas! old thread, wish I was still growing, I had a nice seed bank I would have loved to have grown. I think I enjoyed growing it a tiny bit over smoking it Wish I could get the seeds Oxirous never used back Someday maybe
  2. Times up, what ya girls turn out to do for you? In and out... Outlaw God
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  4. Violation of the TOU * Edited
  5. (edit) You should be handling stuff like this in private.
  6. Come to think of it the smoothness has improved, glass jars, vacuumed really helps keep her in suspended animation too
  7. Hey Joker, thanks for your concern I've been moving around, now in Cally, moved the gear successfully twice with no problems I sold my place in the Midwest and having a new grow as indefinite for now All my gear are in Kerr glass oz vacuumed and kept in a cool place away from light. A little less then when this picture was taken though, to many friends Thanks again OG -------- Sanne Jack top cola I'm sampling today
  8. You too! Not growing now but I have plenty of smoke for 2 more years, loved growing and have some killer generics that are vacuumed bag for another day..... I hope
  9. Wow, long time since I've been here on OG, Hello I pulled a 11 month cured Sanne Jack out of hibernation and Shit! this bud was so sticky and smoked better then when I last reported it, nice head high with a "as if you where wearing a tight hat on your head feeling" Lots of smoke for one plant and a "come back and smoke me I won't wear off type of bud" Peppery flower aroma, crazy nice smell and taste Hello again!
  10. Try to get things dryer too, gnats like moisture, fungus, I learned from a bartender in Maui to put a cup of cider vinegar a little bit away from the plants. They would jump into the tourist drinks and they would comp them for it. They think it's something fomenting and touch it and drown
  11. Here's some of the "The One" side, hope it helps
  12. Outlaw God

    Bubba Kush

    Thanks for detail info, I want another Canon 1D and the 100mm 2.8 Marco get crazy sharp Here's one with that set up with the 100mm macro
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