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  1. The malawi one looks lovely , has it dried and been smoked yet or still in process of drying? Looks like some tasty tripy stuff, whats the smell like on it ?
  2. Hey BallzaSteel sorry I can’t comment on the site you’ve been looking at for the seeds unfortunately , have never heard of it . I’ve only ever used one site, which i won’t name as isn’t a site sponsor. Also Sannie seems to have his own site for seeds anyway. Im thinking of buying a pack of seeds from Sannies’ when i get some soil amendments really like the look of a couple the strains on there. I have also been checking out buying a pack of Subcools Brian berry cough - Kyle Kushman cut x roman x c99 . ATB of luck with whatever you chose to go with, no doubt we all get to see some killer pictures in the near future Crook
  3. ps. Yes i know i have odd socks on .
  4. The nets are really starting to fill out now bro , be tuning into this one i can foresee some great results from the look of plants health and vigour so far. Keep up the great work ps. i used to run a coco RTW grow and i personaly found i had problems with salt build up when i used Hesi, hopefully was just a problem i experienced but when i swapped back to Vita link i had no more issues. Nothing bad to say about the nutes except that, just though of it when read you were using Hesi. Atb crook
  5. Whats cracking good people of OG, hope you all have had as nicer weather as we have been getting here I moving the plants to their final grow space tonight, probably going to be a late night for me tonight especially if decide to pot them all up tonight as well but that can easily wait a few days is no biggie. I have taken them all out of the small 60x60 and really happy at how their looking waiting for the nosey neighbours to go to bed and then its ninja time. I took a picture as was really happy at their progress once could see them spread out more like they will be in their final space. The strains are still set out in picture same as always have been throughout the diary but just to recap for anyone just joining us; Jack skel (x3) - Dairy queen (x 3) - g13xlemon skunk (x3) - blueberry crumble (x3) The front four are still mystery to me but the others in those rows are as labeled here. Was really only a quick update for tonight as will take some pictures to do a proper one once everything done and dusted tonight , can’t wait not long now until i can start flowering .I’ll do the update in a next couple of days with everything up and running ,potted into their finals hopefully and then only really 10 days or so away from being flipped and the fun beginning . Wish me luck as this is going to be crunch time wether i give it anything except a pot up nute wise to see it through the stretch with enough nitrogen guess i suck it and see, or get some fish powder to top dress in next couple of days? Hope the plants like the bat mix won’t be long until can take a set of clones now for my mini mother cupboard. keep all four incase i like any of the 3 new ones. I have quite a collection of seeds so I’m probably going to pop a few beans too pretty soon see if i can start looking for a dad make my own hacks for a bit of fun in the 60x60 , would be nice as I’m moving to spain early next year and i would be happy to take the genetics i have here with me when i go in seed form. atb crook
  6. thecrook

    Back to growing june 2015

    g13xlemonskunk, jack skelington, dairy queen and blueberry crumble
  7. @Poldergrower Thank you for the tips, ill give that a go after this run. I’m planning on buying some more for the next run then i can just alternate between the two batches. There will be 10-12 weeks in between each crop so i am sure the soil be fine by then, have seen some people using it as soon as a month after starting to re compost the soil. So 2-3 months I’m hoping will be ample. @ Greenpassion Yeah it sounds really good growing method, I’m not going to try the no till method just yet but i have ordered the revs book. When it gets here and had a good old read through that and teaming with nutrients I’m sure ill be jumping on the bandwagon. In principle it’s such a great way to grow all the best if you have a diary or anything on the no till send me a link so can check it out. atb crook
  8. Thanks for including me in the potm poll was so many good pictures must of scraped in by skin of my teeth. This month I’m voting for Ballzasteels Jilly Bean atb crook
  9. welcome to open grow , it seems like is the new thing to do move house so your not harassed over growing . Im leaving to go to Spain in January so i know the feeling. Don’t think green should be sold but each to their own. Ditch the dealer not become one . atb Crook
  10. thecrook


    Thanks for sharing StrainHazy, they really took off with them that close together could of almost ran less plants, hopefully next year they don’t try to move in to your house lol. Must say the idea of spreading them out definitely sounds like the plan for next year. Im hoping to get a outside garden setup soon but i moving to spain in January next year so i probably wait until then , ill be on open grow giving you all giggles with pictures of my orange and lemon trees. Be nice though as be able to have some autos running pretty much all year in the garden as well as my setup inside when i can afford the Ac bill. atb crook
  11. Welcome to the OG forums , Nice little grow you have there my friend All the best , Crook P.s. May be glitch with forum home latest threads bar but it appears you may of posted this twice
  12. Looking good bro decided to pop in and see how you are getting on. Absolutely love the Scrog net top notch work and glad to see every things looking very nice and healthy, don’t know what you were going on about might die and not make it they looking healthier than my girls! I wish you the best of luck ill grab a bean bag and see if theres space over in the corner
  13. That is definitely the right attitude Rhino, glad to see in a lot of your posts your amazing attitude towards others as a caring human being .
  14. I wanted to keep my answer vague as the general research behind what the different cannaboids, terpenoids, falavanoids, amino acids, essential oils, fats etc roles to play in medical cannabis are only just really starting to have the surface scratched as such. I didn’t want to post actual ratios of thc/cbd that someone would be looking for as there is so much more to take into consideration, such as the persons tolerance to the effects of thc such a anxiety etc. Cbd is effective in modulating the effects of thc so what works and is suitable for one person may not be right for another, Also cbd isn’t very effective in binding with the cb1 and cb2 receptors but is effective in binding with 5-HT1a receptor which can also combat certain neurological pains. But i do tend to agree that high thc strains are very suitable for pain relief it seems, even though there is over 60 other cannabinoids and an array of 400+ other components of cannabis to take into consideration. I know i read in your thread that you had a terrible car accident, which I’m awfully sorry to hear about, i’m sure you know a lot more on the subject of pain relief than i do as you’ve experienced it first hand. I agree the same as you, a high cbd without thc and the other cannabinoids etc, the medicine would be pretty useless for pain relief, unless you wanted a nearly non psychotropic medicine. Crook
  15. Indeed bro Thats what i was trying to get at ,they plants for kids and he should be looking for something with mix of all cannabinoids.
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