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  1. Seems like mr C been having health issues for about 2 years from reading thru this thread, if you already know this, and that people are having long waits on getting orders why are you still sending money? Just a general question not directed at anyone in particular.
  2. Well it says he's coming back with the same prices as when he left and that's $50.00, not much of a money grab compared to plenty of others without half the rep, personally i'm looking forward to his NL which i missed first time around.
  3. just switched to 12/12 2 weeks ago, strains are afghan/mango haze original haze/double strawberry diesal sour turbo northern lights #5/haze pre98 bubba/89 sk#1 lemonfreeze/uv1 double hawaiian sativa c99 will be taking pics of certain girls soon, and getting rid of runts, in the male cab i have blueberry sativa double koosh, my last bean cheese bx/89 sk#1 purple chem
  4. ok, lets try this again,2011 indoor
  5. gotta go pick up my kids,i'll fix it when i get back.
  6. 2011 indoorVisit My Website messed this up will figure it out later.
  7. What really has me pissed is that for a couple of weeks people have been asking questions and getting posts and threads deleted. finally a mod comes on a certain site and says when we know you'll know. You could have said the same lame shit weeks ago instead of just deleteing shit and not saying anything !
  8. Good to see you on the boards again Mota, hope your health is holding up and the family is well, was curious as to if the Lemon thai would be made available in Sannie's.
  9. sorry, but for security reasons, i don't post pictures of my grows. I found two distinct phenos from the beans i got from Mota and took 3 females that appeared to be from the kush side of the strain, and 1 female that appeared to be from the skunk or more sativa side. I took 1 male that appeared to also be from the skunk side and kept them in a seperate flower cabinet and let them do their thing. The kush ones looked just like the ones above but a little heavier on the yield. I let the kush ones go 10 weeks and the skunk 1 twelve. The kush ones had a better taste but the're both keepers if you like skunks and kushs. I only did the kush ones out doors and i took them down last week . Out of 12 plants i got 8 females in 15 gal growbags and pulled 4 lbs dried , but i watered heavy every week. Not the heaviest yielders but top notch smoke.
  10. about a year ago i recieved 15 beans of this strain from Mota, he asked me to make f2's if i found good parents which i did. I sent back about 200 - 250 beans which he gave out. I just finished an outdoor grow and now have plenty of f3's. If someone from the Mota miltia would pm me i would be glad to send them beans and they can gift as they see fit as Mota wanted these to be given freely. Anyone in the miltia can verify this with Mota himself. Hope everyone had a good summer grow.
  11. These girls need to go at least 12 weeks, i've run them twice. Anything less than 12 and it hasn't reached it's potential. They get real big , so if you're doing them inside start 12/12. If you do them outside start them inside first and put them out early so they finish on time. no mold problems with this one. Only put two outside this year and got two males. Did a cross of this with Federations Hawaiian sativa that is a real keeper.
  12. thanks for the answers, i just ordered some
  13. Did anyone here recieve any of these beans from Mota and if you did what were your results?
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