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  1. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_740/gallery_1337_740_2316118.jpg Untopped clone.
  2. Creeps


    Some of the projects I have running now.
  3. The ones that I grew from seed in soil/4 gallon pots with a 6 week veg grew to 4ft. Those were topped. Very sturdy branches and a full thick canopy...lots of sweet Nuggz.
  4. The taste and potency are excellent as well. You will not be disappointed. They grow very well topped or untopped.
  5. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5381/gallery_1337_5381_574544.jpg I think I have the pic thing figured out...so here it is..the purple Madberry.
  6. Creeps


  7. Creeps


  8. FYI my fellow growers...currently running two Madberry from Sannie. One is a beautiful purple pheno and the other a green, both are outstanding. Still can't post pics or I would. Thanks again Sannie! Great Combination!
  9. Thanks Charliegreen! You have put a fretful mind at ease.
  10. Question on the Madberry.. Order has been made and shipped. I was thinking about putting a few of the Madberry in my next run instead of the Madscientist that I just recieved. My only concern is the potential for hermies. Is that a possibility with the Madberry?
  11. MadBerry works...order made. Looking forward to trying out this cross. Thanks again for all you do. Regards....Creeps
  12. All great advice I'm sure....bur here is the real deal. I use a producr called "Xxtra Clean". Google it, it works. Just follow the instructions to T. Don't improvise or anyrhing just follow the directions. They're cheap enough you can buy 2 and do a test run to be sure it will work for you. If you are over 200lbs there is one specifically designed for larger people. Check it out...it works.
  13. Thanks Esko Just dropped my order in the mail. And will be telling everyone the new line ups. Regards...Creeps
  14. Esko... Just a quick question on the Chocolate Cheese...what's the flower period looking like?
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