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  1. NAW Test Center

    looks tasty Bro
  2. NAW Test Center

  3. LBH's Autoflowering SSSDH

    they do great outdoor (beter outdoor becorse they selected more for outdoor) right on frond LBH autflower geurilla back LBH's semi-auto's peace LBH
  4. LBH's Autoflowering SSSDH

    flowering time 10 weeks great smoke the auto SSSDH is more Super Silver Dominant i think with lilte bit exstra Sour Diesel bit . they smell realy great now in few weeks update
  5. LBH's Autoflowering SSSDH

    LBH's Autoflowering SSSDH 3 and a hafe weeks of flowering Led under 24 hour light a F4 Cross of mine proven Autoflowering Sour Diesel Haze with the SSSDH (Ojd Cut) Reservoir Seed the cup winner in a autoflowering form .
  6. NAW's Christmas party

    merry christmas and a happy new year NAW and opengrow Peace LBH
  7. NAW Test Center

    looks great G39#17 .. RhinoCBD what dith we smoke together yesterday? also G39#17? great medicinal effect we smoked Peace L:BH
  8. NAW Test Center

    wow the hash look great guy's
  9. NAW Test Center

    RhinoCBD keep those CBD test gowing guy's
  10. NAW Test Center

    here a niceCBD link for you guy's https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=60763 i got more landraces in mine LBH lines/strains and poldergrower is flowering LBH, Highland Uzebkie ..meabey you can test this one to on medicinaal
  11. NAW Test Center

    im so happy i share mine angola red seeds with you guy's so you guy's can help the people in need!! i realy hoop this cross you maked work agains the pain she have |!!\ keep us updated Bro. Peace LBH
  12. NAW Test Center

    we (ozzoes poldergrower RhinoGBD )where together last friday and i told them that that i find the G39 a bit burnd rubber/plastic smell to it ..in some phenos also poldergrower and i smoke test a bud year ago that have this smell also burnd rubber in one of the pheno's i think al thise are crosses from manalishi Rhino tel us how is the Angola-39! smoke!!