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  1. Everyone seems to be on the same page, I'm looking forward to see that riri99 and amnesia99 aswell! Especially the riri tbh.. Check out this riri x BB and you'll see why:
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! Saxo and Indican, I remember u guys, good to see you around still! GODDAMN Carper, I can see why that's a winner! I've been thinking about crossing a riri 99 to an Amnesia 99 if I find nice phenos to work with.. But I'm waiting to see what e$ko thinks about that one
  3. Hi gents, Been away for way too long.. I'm glad to see this community still standing strong and I even see some familiar "faces" after all these years. I hope everyone has been doing well I have been thinking about starting up again.. I've been hoarding lots of esko seeds throughout the years and I narrowed my next potential line-up down to the following: Riri SD x C99 AH x C99 Santa Maria x C99 Shiva x C99 What do you guys think? Who's in for the show?
  4. You sir, are a cloning pioneer! Never seen this technique before, let alone on marijuana plants.. A new word has been born today, robocloning.
  5. Have you grown it? Please share your experiences with me! The search for the perfect plant for my latitude led me to this strain and I've been trying to get some seeds ever since.. But if I put all this effort into getting them and having to deal with shady seedbanks. I wanna know for sure if its the diggity-dank! So, if you have grown or smoked the Freezeland, tell me how it was
  6. This is going to be something special!! Definately keeping a close eye on how the amnesia x jalisco project will evolve! Im a big time fan of the Mexican Haze (even though I haven't smoked any since I moved from the dam) it has a heavenly well rounded taste and a very impressive high!! Thick smoke and not the common ''sharp'' taste hazeys often have, gotta love it! I tried the Mexican Haze by Kiwi Seeds and it was nothing like the mexican haze I used to toke on.. hoping e$ko is spot on with his! So if there are any beans left I would love to testdrive the shit out of them!
  7. Smelliest strain I have ever grown is Exodus Cheese x Roadkill Skunk. Hands down.. funked up the whole crib instantly every time I had to feed em..
  8. You just made my day! Did you see any C99 x Amnesia Haze by chance? Guess I'll have to visit the shop tomorrow as they don't offer them in the webshop (yet).
  9. Oi Running Water!! Saw u sent me a pm a while back... now u have the answer to your question. But I will definately try my best to get you some if you're still looking for em.. let me know!
  10. Goddamn!! I got serious respect for your commitment and patience.. true sativa breatha Good luck with the last ''few'' weeks broseph! Definately following this one..
  11. Thanks for having me We'll chat thru pm!
  12. Thanks for the promocode! Just ordered the Ghost train haze #5 & #8, Tangerine Trainwreck Haze, Moonshine Haze and Longs Peak Blue.
  13. It's good to be home, seeing some old/new faces My appartement burned down thanks to my neighbour.. so yeah, all my beans got fried. Some will never return but others are still out there in gardens so I am not even that upset by it.. Atleast nobody in the building got injured, that is all that matters! Thank god for insurance though..
  14. Thanks for the tips guys Choc' Rain and KF are definately on my restocking list! I see I am not the only one excited about esko's c99 (and other) releases.. gotta pop something asap though. Have a nice night/day/trip
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