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  1. A friendly hello to India :D

  2. Sounds like Durbanghani x Black Afghani as freebie. Awesome.
  3. Good question yesum. It doesn't hurt to have it in your vault though.
  4. Wow Sannie thanks for looking into the issue. You're taking customer support to a whole new level.
  5. Here is another quote from the Sannie's shop: As you can notice this is not the old version of Coljam but rather the new version. And this "body stone" could be the narcotic influence of the Colombian parent. So yeah this could very well be the backcrossed version and not the original F1 cross.
  6. I'm not an expert on USC gear but AFAIK this isn't the F1 cross between Jamaican Lambsbread x Colombian Gold but rather an F2 backcross to the Colombian parent. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And I also don't think that they used the Colombian Gold '1972 for this project but rather a Colombian Gold '1960 or similar. I saw satva talk about this over at icmag a couple of months back. He's a big fan of the ColJam.
  7. Hello my friend are you there? I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope everything is OK. Bye take care.

  8. Did anyone pop some of the Double Zamals lately?
  9. I recently took like 5 cuts of the same organically grown female. 4 stayed female while 1 transformed itself into a full-blown male. Don't ask me why. Same conditions for all. Was it genetic? Light leak? Spidermite induced stress? I don't know. Genetics came from a very famous Spanish seedbank which I always had great experiences with, so I don't blame them.
  10. That sounds like Durbanghani x Black Afghan
  11. Quick question for Cristalin and/or JGL : The Zamal Mafate 1980 in Double Zamal is this the same as the one from the GN collection? Thanks.
  12. Guys. It's happening! The site should be updated any moment now. Good luck grabbing whatever your heart desires!
  13. Got some pics of the leaf shape? I love Mexican genetics. Can't wait for Eskobar to offer his Oaxacan regular.
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