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  1. Good bracketing. The one in the front in this picture is the middle front SFF. SFF are the three on the front, with white markers placed. 3 DSR are up into the first scrog. These will be the most probable to turn male if in fact they do. At this point, either pheno difference or male looking to pollinate from above.
  2. Current summary: SFF is 7 days behind DSR. (Just a reminder.) The overall date will be +7 for DSR. I Anticipate a large growth spurt from the SFF, going from what I have read. We will see. SFF is bracketing up quite a bit for short plants. They look really nice. Expecting some top shelf stuff here. DSR is just an animal, it is a monster in growth. An outdoor Super Plant!!! Plants looking extremely happy. Variables fluctuations have been almost completely nonexistent. Heavy fresh air flow has very minor wind damage on a few of the lower leaves. That is a a plus. The fresh air makes them happy, those few leaves that have wind damage won’t care about that. The same light started them from seed through this stage. (600W MH). They will be happy about that as well. No light intensity change. When switching to vegetation in their final grow bag, the switch was to 14/10. They will be happy about that as well. Shooting for 7, 8, or 9 females from the DSR. Those numbers will be acceptable.
  3. Day 47 overall. Day 22 of vegetation. SFF individual pictures. One is still not proper form, but it will produce something. Overall picture of the run.
  4. SFF underside development. Front right. DSR underside development. Right side fourth then second back.
  5. Day 15 of vegetation. Day 40 overall. Individual pics of 3 SFF. Two shaping up very nicely. The third one is making a great effort to fall into structure. I am 80 percent confident in the third one now. Complete run. Double Scrog put in place.
  6. Deathstar hangs with you for awhile. Unga Bunga.
  7. I’ll follow this. Interested in seeing how your GSC do in growth
  8. Day 8 of vegetation. Day 33 overall. The 3 SFF individual pics. 2 of them are shaping up nicely. The other one is making a good effort, but has a long way to go. Picture of the entire run.
  9. Going to move forward at this point. The 3 SFF are right in the front with the white markers. Day 1 of vegetation. Day 26 overall. 1 gallon containers.
  10. Day 14 of seedling Day 25 overall. I see two of the three SFF are now showing structure and make me confident they will produce. The middle one, I don’t have confidence in it.
  11. DS will make you talk to yourself. Very very nice in the head. Buds cured very nice. Crack it open and the stickiness is abundant on the inside. Sticks to anything you put it on. The smell is captured inside as well. Taste is a sweet taste. A true pleasure.
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