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  1. Deathstar See entry on previous page as well.
  2. Final Harvest 17. This is Silverfields. Deathstar on the next page. 160 total days. 107 days of flower. 45 days during harvest. 17 total harvests. This is what I refer to as my long run. I prefer this when timing allows. As always, to each their own. When you read this, my 40’ RV will be on the road and on a 3 year mission to travel the country. I won’t cross any state lines with marijuana, but I will spend most of my time in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Spending my dollars there, mostly. Peace out, as with legalization on the horizon, this may be my final grow, as traveling is on my agenda.
  3. Day 102 of flower. Lights bumped up from 600W to 1000W to make the final push.
  4. Harvest 11. The reason for the thread. Silverfields. I have a female friend who just recently starting smoking bc she is spending time with me. She went from smoking none to smoking like she needs it to breathe. This doesn’t have the uplifting effect for her. She tapped out at half a joint and went to sleep. I finished the rest. Uplifting for me. All I need is to roll another one.
  5. There are 2 green phenos of the DSR. This is the one that has the higher number of leaves in bud than the other and grows with bigger girth.
  6. Harvest 10. Beautiful fox tails at the top. Bud is as tall as the book of papers opened up.
  7. Puts me out like drinking a bottle of NyQuil
  8. Harvest #15. Top scrog is complete. Some fox tailing on the close up.
  9. Harvest 14 Worth pointing out again. The stems are the handles. Buds never get touched until they get broken up to smoke. All that goodness stays where it should, on the buds.
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