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  1. Smoke report. Gonna be smoking on this for awhile. Very couch lock. Still super sticky when I break it apart. Buds are thick as a brick. Smell is like a skunk sprayed pine scent on its piss sack. Taste is very good on the tip of the tongue. Smoke expands the lungs. Good luck with a deep toke. Highly recommend.
  2. Day 79. After 40 hours of darkness. The final take. It’s been fun. Thanks for watching.
  3. If you notice in the picture, I have found my first seed. Two and a half ounces in, I strike gold. The circle of life. Life will find a way.
  4. Day 78. The final dark period begins.....it will be an awesome extended darkness......These five will see the light nevermore.........as the raven waits to smoke evermore.......how about another taste of the second harvest.
  5. Day 77. Another harvest number 2 bud. Very sticky, Burns well. The buzz is very couch lock.
  6. Day 76. Meanwhile, a little snack from the second harvest.
  7. Meanwhile, gonna break into harvest number two try out the second take.
  8. Day 73. The colas from left to right in the back. That was a lot of fun. Harvest number three gets a big grab. The lower buds get their finish on now.
  9. Day 72. The Purple Lady is down to her panties. She has that look in her eye.....horizon shot.
  10. Day 72. Meanwhile, Gonna break out another bud from the first harvest of this run.
  11. Day 71. Oh the time is growing near. But not yet my friend. Not yet. And the cactus is looking very fat. Uncommon size and density for the cactus. The sparkle and oil look of this plant has me very interested in burning.
  12. The ultra thin is what I use. See the blue pack on the catalog I use to roll on. I do get the sarcasm though.
  13. Day 71. The buds below the cut line are really frosting up on the purple lady.
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