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  1. Sorry,edited my posts. Thought I was giving too much information after thinking about it.
  2. Good shit there. Interesting to see how the outdoors varies and how you have to adapt and overcome to grow according to what areas you live in.
  3. I was wondering about sugar punch outdoors as well. Looks like they finish up third week of October. Thanks for the pics. They helped tremendously.
  4. Good deal, I was looking for some outdoor pics of herijuana. Still had more to go though. When did the first bud come off and what latitude are you at?
  5. If you grow alone, it becomes far more difficult without a drop. You must devise a plan that can put you in the spots without anyone having a clue, and you must be in even better physical condition.
  6. Scout your spots, if you have a partner, go through your drops over and over. Look for high traffic spots during the day, so thieves can't find it. Get to know habits of who you are growing on. Study them. For example, I've grown ten feet from people's houses before, because the house guarded it, but they had a jungle yard and were old. Didn't go outside and never had visitors. Spot was great for years until they died. I would wait on their porch when I finished until dad picked me up. Have many stories, be a ninja if you don't live in forest type areas.
  7. Try to use no light at all, but if the moon cycle is very dark, cup your hand over the end of the flashlight and bearly spread your fingers. Do this at the lowest point to the ground that you will need to see. Use a very small flashlight also. Click on and spread fingers to get minimum needed light then click off and use your minds eye.
  8. Good character letting everyone know of the wife's mishap.
  9. Have a question about the herijuana, k.o. kush and kolossus seeds. What is the most aggressive light anyone has used to germinate these. I use some strains that start strong under 150watt MH at a four foot distance and they thrive from the start, and some that will wilt under that intensity. Looking for input from people with experience with these strains.
  10. Ok, currently in the patches.....diesel, New Holland diesel, blue dream, og kush, bubba kush, white widow, chem dawg, death star, woody haze, g13.....none of these have come directly from a seed bank....everything has been traded through local growers and we have done several crosses to fit into our growing cycle. We kept original name on most. The new Holland diesel is one that we crossed our diesel with a big bud plant and it produces about 1 to 2 pounds per plant. With amazing thc content, rock hard. Everything we do is predominantly indica to meet our growing cycle. All rock hard in finish. Start putting outside after last frost in May and going through second week of July. Starting the harvest at the start of October and finishing out whenever frost comes. Never taking whole plants, only ready buds, which puts the plants into finish mode and double to triples the yield. All the "WE'S" can be replaced with "I", because I do it by myself now.
  11. Desertgrown.. My pics will be listed under guerrilla...it's not called that around these parts, just call it outdoors. When I post pictures it will be listed there. Most of my patches, pictures won't be possible due to camera flashes would give up my patches, extreme covert operation. I will be able to get a few though.
  12. can't wait to get this strain. Like the looks of this baby
  13. My first job was pollinating corn for a seed company at the age of 14. Learned a lot about chute bagging the nodes and harnessing thepollen. It has been a huge help. Thanks for the picture instructions. I may put some of my outdoor crop pictures up as they progress.
  14. My first job was when I was 14. Working for a corn genetics company. I learned how to pollinate corn. Learned a lot from them. It has paid dividends.
  15. 18th year in the game. Dad got me in the game, he started mid 70's. He passed two years ago. Been running his strains for a long time. Decided to give a seedbank/breeder a shot to change things up a bit. Looking forward to trying the herijuana, no kush, and kolossus when they get here. Along with whatever freebie comes along if they make it. Ko kush I meant
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