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  1. This is what the DSR will look like. It’s a real hum dinger. Good time to break one out from storage.
  2. It’s unfortunate the travel was just too harsh. Ambient temps now in triple digits in places. So elevated temps in enclosures, bad recipe. I do believe I will dust this survivor. Netherlands genetics, mixed with some Appalachian seed, possible great genetics.
  3. Day 8 of seedling day 19 overall DSR coming along good. SFF, looks like one of them wants to grow right. It’s still small, but the leaves are starting to show structure. Crossing my fingers for that one. The other two……
  4. The more I think about it, the more I think temperature is the issue. The possibility for excessive heat in transit is extremely high right now. I’m most likely gonna give those a little time, if nothing changes I will most likely scratch those and just end this SFF grow report.
  5. I am starting to wonder whether some temp issue has affected the SFF during transit. I don’t know enough about that to do anything other than just brainstorm. Only 30 percent germination and the seedlings look deformed. They look like Dr Frankenstein is running the show. Maybe it’s me, but the same variables for both SFF and DSR. I’m wishing now I didn’t throw out some good looking DSR to make room for these. Maybe they will come out of it, but it don’t look like it.
  6. Day 7 of seedling. Day 18 overall Transplanted 4 DSR to 1 gallon breathable bags.
  7. This truly tastes like blueberries. Smells like blueberries. Thick Indica buds. A real treat. Purple and green. Both the same in effect, smell, taste. Only color difference. The high is a very deep thought high. You can solve the world’s problems on this bud. Not for the casual smoker. Flash off/on
  8. Moving forward with the viable seeds. Day 1 of seedling. Day 12 overall. Switched light cycle to 14/10. 3 Silverfields Feminized by Sannie (SFF from here on out). These have the white markers in the cups. 9 Deathstar Regular landrace seed from Ohio passed down to me (DSR from here on out).
  9. Very interesting. The landrace strain stalk is green. The strain from Holland has a velvety purple looking stalk. Very interested in seeing those two, and hopefully more, play out.
  10. 1 week of germination. I have narrowed the field down to: 8 SFF germinating 2 SFF seedlings 9 Deathstar F3 seedlings
  11. Two more signs of life. So the only ones that haven’t shown any sign of life are the six that I dropped in the water. All four that were put straight into the paper towel on a paper plate in a gallon zip lock bag and moistened sprouted within a couple days.
  12. Front to back. Silverfields Feminized in first tray. Death Star regular in the back two.
  13. Now several hours later. Second sign of life.
  14. All of the shells opened up in one day using the old school method. (First method I was taught 24 years ago). Of these. 1 sprouted a tap root. So we have signs of life in 1 of them. I transplanted that into a peat pot. I kept four seeds back from the initial try so as to have room for alternate methods for germinating. I like to run trials, so I figure out what specific strains like, and what they don’t like. All future Sannie Seeds runs will be started in this manner for me. C’est la vie. Live and learn.
  15. No signs of life yet. Not as vigorous as the indigenous seeds. Taking the one from the glass that hasn’t cracked open plus the last of the untouched seeds, and germinating the rest of them in the old school way. Putting my eggs in two different baskets now. 5 in peat pots after soaking in water. 1 in paper towel that originally soaked in glass. 4 in paper towels that have been untouched, joining the one that soaked. The darkest one, by itself, is the one that soaked. day 5 of germination
  16. You won’t be able to find this one at a seed bank. The original seeds are from Ohio. Circa early 90’s, they were traded for by my Dad with some local outdoor growers that had friends there. It was all outdoors at that time, so it has plenty of outdoor vigor. He called that the first generation. Seeds are always ready to show life. Quickly…….. But enough about that. I’ve had five SFF shells open and I put those in peat pots. Still no signs of life. One seed still in the glass without an opened shell.
  17. Dropped 6 in a glass of tap water. Germination Day 1/Overall Day 1
  18. Ok. Enough small talk. Plan B is scrapped. Throwing those out. They started well and continues my faith in them. However. This is a Silverfields Femanized thread. So let’s begin.
  19. If you are looking to pick any of this up. Better do so quickly. Prices are about to double on this shit in my opinion. It’s a rare animal. Green pheno is almost psychedelic……..Purple. Which is the vast majority of it, better plan on smoking it when you want to sleep. I guess I call myself a heavy smoker, but I don’t really know if 2 ounces per week qualifies as heavy smoker but that’s how much I smoke. And I’m sure some smoke more and some smoke less.
  20. The purple has a completely different effect. It put me to sleep. I was watching a Tigers game. Woke up four innings later. Smoked half a joint. I’m a heavy smoker. This shit is all over the place. High with the green. Good night with the purple.
  21. Figure out how it works with my schedule and my needs.
  22. Best I’ve found locally. The way they do it is, at first introduction the price comes in low. Then demand changes their prices. Gotta get it at introduction pricing…….Colorado is cheapest I’ve found.
  23. So the Candy Store offers me a self femmed seed. I’ll add this to my collection. Hopefully I can get another three or four seeds from this ounce and I’ll do a run of it in the future. This shit is top fucking shelf!
  24. Candy Store is a monster. Serious high. Feel it in the top of my head. LIke there’s balloons in there trying to lift me up.
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