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  1. And yes. My rolling tray always has that stickiness to it. I can roll it up into a snake and lace the joint with it.
  2. This is Candy Store from a recreational dispensary in Ann Arbor called Information Entropy. I got an ounce of this to sample. This will be my first sample of it.
  3. Still waiting on the Silverfields Femanized. Meanwhile, continuing on with plan B just in case plan A don’t work out. 14 out of 14 popped in the glass and have been transplanted to peat pots. Some are sprouting already. I will take the top 11 out of this group to grow and ditch the other 3 unless the SFF shows up, then I ditch them all. 18/6 600W MH
  4. Plan B. Moving forward with these and will throw them out if the Silverfields Femanized show up before long. This is Death Star F3. Left over from my late father’s collection. Dropped in this glass of tap water yesterday. They are eager to go!!! This is one to smoke when you are ready to sink into the couch.
  5. Checking back in while I wait. This is Apple Fritter. Be prepared to be high for about 3 hours.
  6. I’ve never done autoflower. But I’m certainly gaining more interest as I see yield continues to increase in various strains. Is Sannie working on anything autoflower?
  7. While I’m killing time awaiting the magic seed fairy to arrive (he sent a little bird to my window recently and said the seeds will soon be under my pillow). Plan is: 600 Watt MH to start 600 Watt HPS to finish 4 plants 3 gals fabric containers Oceangrow soil 16 ft2 grow area Double scrog
  8. Thank you my friend. I actually have two threads for this. I must have been high. Putting my grow on Sannie Seed grow 2021, when the magic fairy delivers them under my pillow.
  9. I was at about 12.2k there. The cool air, the breeze, the weather seen below you. The difference in the air is amazing. Almost an eerie feeling to be honest. Thanks for your share.
  10. Tip of my ball cap in the lower left hand corner. Cropped my ugly face out. Getting to the top of one of the snow capped mountains in the Rockies. A top shelf level excitement and experience. Traveling through rain, which turns to snow, which turns too above the tree line. Just another reason to enjoy Colorado.
  11. Meanwhile. Gelato. With a cup of Sumatra coffee. Has a great taste and a very nice high. Buds are thick and break up big. Seeds also came from a visit to Colorado.
  12. This will be my first run of it. We will see together where I succeed and where I could make adjustments.
  13. Meanwhile as seeds are in process. The GSC is very sticky.
  14. Thanks Santero. I will use this thread then. Seeds ordered. Silverfields Femanized. Meanwhile, Another GSC bud with a cup of coffee. I’ll check back when I have seeds to show.
  15. Going to do a Silverfields Femanized. This will be my incipient run of SF. Order>Receive>Grow>Harvest>Smoke>Report Order process started today.
  16. Actually this should go in the grow reports section. I will start it there when the seeds arrive. It will be feminized Silverfields.
  17. I haven’t put a grow on for awhile. I just finished one up and will do this next run on OG. I don’t have the seeds yet. I will start an open discussion, decide, order, receive, grow. No delivery trade secrets will be revealed. Now what to grow??? meanwhile. Smoking the Girl Scout Cookies recently cured and ready to smoke. Seeds from a personal visit to Colorado.
  18. Smoke report. Gonna be smoking on this for awhile. Very couch lock. Still super sticky when I break it apart. Buds are thick as a brick. Smell is like a skunk sprayed pine scent on its piss sack. Taste is very good on the tip of the tongue. Smoke expands the lungs. Good luck with a deep toke. Highly recommend.
  19. Day 79. After 40 hours of darkness. The final take. It’s been fun. Thanks for watching.
  20. If you notice in the picture, I have found my first seed. Two and a half ounces in, I strike gold. The circle of life. Life will find a way.
  21. Day 78. The final dark period begins.....it will be an awesome extended darkness......These five will see the light nevermore.........as the raven waits to smoke evermore.......how about another taste of the second harvest.
  22. Day 77. Another harvest number 2 bud. Very sticky, Burns well. The buzz is very couch lock.
  23. Day 76. Meanwhile, a little snack from the second harvest.
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