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  1. Meanwhile, gonna break into harvest number two try out the second take.
  2. Day 73. The colas from left to right in the back. That was a lot of fun. Harvest number three gets a big grab. The lower buds get their finish on now.
  3. Day 72. The Purple Lady is down to her panties. She has that look in her eye.....horizon shot.
  4. Day 72. Meanwhile, Gonna break out another bud from the first harvest of this run.
  5. Day 71. Oh the time is growing near. But not yet my friend. Not yet. And the cactus is looking very fat. Uncommon size and density for the cactus. The sparkle and oil look of this plant has me very interested in burning.
  6. The ultra thin is what I use. See the blue pack on the catalog I use to roll on. I do get the sarcasm though.
  7. Day 71. The buds below the cut line are really frosting up on the purple lady.
  8. Day 70. The one I call the cactus, is getting pretty oily looking.
  9. Day 70. Gonna grab a piece off of this beauty and put it in a zig zag
  10. Day 68. Before the second harvest was taken. All three colas are still intact.
  11. Day 67. Smoke report. The green pheno takes the top of your skull off and pours in hot butter. Don’t plan on doing much more than sweeping the room........with a strong....... yet subtle glance.
  12. Day 66. Curing process is going great. Top scrog shot. Purple lady still gaining. Back left cola still working. Back right cola moving along. First two buds have reached final cure and ready to be smoked. Super sticky. Super smell and taste. Buzz is couch lock.
  13. Day 65. Buds below the cut are getting righteous. Purple lady still has more to give. Top scrog shot.
  14. Canopy shot. Purple lady shot. Back left cola followed by back right cola. Day 62
  15. Day 61 taking what’s ready. Total of three layers. Here is the bottom and the top.
  16. A shot of the purple cola and a shot at top scrog level. Day 61 of flower.
  17. Maria, I have not seen any bananas. And you are correct. That’s where they came from. There was about an 8 hour period during this run where temps were above where I wanted them. Trying to make the run as stress free as possible. Hoping I don’t screw it up. I’m very close to making a first cut. also, the purple pheno is certainly the star of the show to look at. Also the fastest finisher.
  18. Day 60 before the lights came on. Front left cola. Followed by a canopy bud shot from the rear center (purple colored pheno). Followed by a top scrog shot.
  19. In the mean time. Some lab tested at 22.91 percent total THC, Pure Kush. Along with a day 59 picture of the rear center cola tip.
  20. day 56. 3 phenos from the 5 seeds. Back left has a massive cola with like buds. Appears to be behind the rest on finishing. Back center, very purple in the buds. The other three are like phenos. Unless something changes. It appears as if all but the back left will start harvesting at nine weeks. This was an excellent surprise find in the medical marijuana ounce. I would certainly recommend Platinum OG. Taking guesses on final harvest quantity, which will take several weeks from start to finish, which is my traditional approach...... Using 400 watt HPS.
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