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  1. Have to see if there are any good images of the mothers and post them. Good idea, Whazzup. I guess we shall see in the next few months. I know they are going to be something special.
  2. Thanks guys, some good names there. Also have a few beans from NYCD F3 mother (the nicest one, called "Big Momma" because she made a trophy top bud) crossed with an El Monstre male. These beans are huge, very nice looking. Another cross completed is El Monstre mother pollinated with the Anesthesia father used in the NYCD cross. The El Monstre is an amazing strain, smells like sweet fruit, like Fruity Pebbles cereal or something. El Anesthesia would be a good name for that one. Peace
  3. Just harvested one NYCD F3 mother that was dusted with an Anesthesia F1 father and here are the beans. The best father was selected from 3 Anesthesia F1 males and put in separate room for pollen collection. Used an artist paint brush to dust pollen on two bud sites just under the main cola, saving the main cola for smoke! Can't wait to see what phenotypes come out in these twelve, special little beans. What should I name these babies when they sprout? AnnaDiesel?
  4. KillerKind

    NYCD x Anesthesia

    These beans should be very interesting.
  5. KillerKind

    NYCD x Anesthesia

    From the album: NYCD x Anesthesia

    NYCD Mother and her seeds from Anesthesia father.
  6. Newberry - 10 weeks flower, 2 week flush.
  7. KillerKind


    Soon to be Bayberry.
  8. Newberry. From an funky (not a keeper) pheno, lanky in stature and early to mature. This strain has a powerful, almost toxic, industrial strength odor with a strong skunk aroma trail. Carbon filter upgrade required. ~Killer
  9. Not certain. I believe they come from Reeferman Seeds and if so then details are sketchy. These are from a medicinal strain going around the local area from an unknown caregiver. Apparently, this caregiver released some meds with beans into the community and these found their way here. Every one that sprouted, 14 of 14, were female. It is some top notch medicine, that is for certain. Description found from google search: NewBerry is a top secret creation from the Reeferman Seeds lab that is soon to be legendary. No details will be released on the parentage except that she is mostly indica with just a hint of inspiring sativa. NewBerry is a vigorous F1 with excellent indoor growth characteristics such as high yield, extreme frost production, tight buds and low stretch when put into flowering. The strong berry aromas of Newberry will tickle the most fickle of bud connoisseurs. The high is strong and immediate, beyond what most would expect, a thin joint can leave up to 7 chronics fully satisfied. Warning: NewBerry can be addictive. Sativa/Indica: 15/85. ~Killer
  10. Pretty sure now that they got too much heat during the germination process. I'm sure Whazzup knew it was not his beans, yet he still decided to send another batch. So props to him for stepping up. Second round there are 9 of 10 and they all look similar to the image below, only 48 hours from start. The one that did survive the first round... ~Killer
  11. KillerKind

    Anesthesia F1 2010

    Anesthesia F1 from Whazzup.
  12. Whazzup, new Anesthesia beans started. Changed tactics this time and soaked them in water. Within 24 hours now of soak 9 of 10 have tap roots and have been placed in dirt. I like this method better than paper towel as it is easy to watch them come to life and carefully transfer each into soil. Will keep you posted. ~Killer
  13. Awesome customer service, thanks for everything whazzup and sannie. ~Killer
  14. Whazzup, only 2 of 10 pack of the Anesthesia F1 popped. Strange, never had problems with this strain in the past. Why such a low ratio? The seeds also looked like ones that should be thrown out if you ask me, very tiny. ~Killer
  15. That sucks, hope that's not the case. I hear some made it fine to the NE just a few days ago, only took 6 business days too.
  16. Why would he be "non-medical" when he could easily be certified? Don't count on legalization in the states until the WW2 generation has past on, still full of reefer madness and cling to fear mongering mentality, and the new generation has grown up. It will happen, just not as soon as we would wish.
  17. Crazy ass DEA with nothing else to do but save the world from synthetic THC, an utterly ridiculous waste of time and money.
  18. I find it interesting you mention pain patients as that is exactly the reason I am so fond of Anesthesia, being a chronic pain patient myself. I have been on strong opiates for years and find with Anesthesia the opiate dosage can be reduced considerably. Not completely eliminate, but anything that lowers opiate dosage and increases pain relief is extremely valuable for the chronic pain patient. Anyway, looking forward to your updates. ~Killer
  19. So the news strain, with the US mother, is this Afghani cross or something completely different? What are the genetics behind the mother? ~Killer
  20. Funny, that little guy is wasted!
  21. Just ordered some more of your fabulous strain, whazzup. Looking forward to some of the best medicine around. ~Killer
  22. Good for you. I'm waiting 16 days now and nothing got to sannie. Gonna have to go elsewhere I suppose.
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