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  1. Gavita 1000 Watt double ended 400 Volt output

    Great testing room Sannie. It's seems those plants are gonna give massive buds. Nice little setup as well !! A perfect little growroom so to enjoy a great hobby. Looking forward seeing those beauties. The magician PS: i've got some Killing Field in here (Thanks to Hupla, Sannie and POTM) and i can't wait hanging a Gavita unit to test those beans.
  2. Leo's outdoor adventures

    Very nice outdoor plants!!! Well done.
  3. I'm loving it

    my plant
  4. My outdoor

    Sorry for your lost. Lots of outdoor grow end up like this...or discover by the police!!! I hope you didn't rely on this plant to stash some weed for the winter. Despite all the trouble, have a good day.
  5. TorstiĀ“s next round: 28 x S5 onder 540 watt T5

    A great pleasur to watch your fluo grow. Those next weeks will be fun!!! Thanks to share Torsti.
  6. Silent's Sagarmatha Double Bubbleberry Organic. 3rd Grow.

    Nice pics O_S, enjoy smoking those beauties!! Sorry SilentBob, I've been smoking to much tonight...Time to go in my bed Very nice pics mate!!! Sorry SilentBob, I've been smoking to much tonight...Time to go in my bed Very nice pics mate!!!
  7. Just got busted, 2 Felonies and a misdee

    That' the kinf of story we don't like to read about... Sending positive vibes your way FlaT. Let's all hope someday we could just enjoy our hobby without worries of being "criminal". Go ahead and don't let depression put you down. Greetz The magician
  8. KTM his little fanclub

    Nice one Middelstonerismitis... Another one posted some times ago. I hope you like it. By the way Whazzup i don't know what's the matter with KeesTheMad here, and the meaning of taking the piss.... From what i saw of him he's a kind guy allways willing to help other. The community is not that big so why not to forget and be friends again. Let's all have a think about it. Peace The Magician
  9. Apollo 13 BX Grow and breeding lab

    Hi FlaTransplant. No harms done...Your english is fine. Good luck with the new grow.
  10. The Great Outdoors

    Hi FOTH, That's a longtime without update. I hope your monsters are doing well...so are you!!! Looking forward reading from you. Greetings
  11. My outdoor

    Hi Nathalie, A little kiss just passing by. How is the weather down in the south? Up here the weather is just horrible as it has allways be. I would have like to be born where the sunshine. It'll be in another life Greetz
  12. K-Chunk, Killing Chunk!

    Good luck with the new grow. I'll take a seat and enjoy the show. Peace
  13. My new Killing Fields.

    Those are pretty. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. Greetz
  14. Extra

    other shoots

    Thanks Saxo & Hiwatt. The thread was here to be found : Kush freebee About the lineage, it's very hard to say wich of the crosses it was between the 5 contained in the mixed kush: Killa kush/sannie's jack Killa Kush/G13 (eskobar) Killa Kush/Blue kronic Kranial Kush/K.O Kush (knutsel) Star Kush/K.O Kush (knutsel) During the first week of her life the plant showed real Kush caracters, then she swaped. I strongly believe it's the eskobar cross with the G13 because the way the flower are developping, the smell and specially the color of the leaves which are deeply green colored. Mr Nice said :"The two distinctive features that the G13 plant brings with it are a serrated edged leaf trait and an unusually healthy (almost glossy) green in the growing plant". I asked for the breeders help at this time bue unfortenately get no replies. Hopefully we will have to discuss it in here. Greetz The magician