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  1. i don't mean that pre europe skunk, but the early europe skunks. there where a lot of great ones some sweet, some pungent top44, shivaskunk and superskunk where good ones and the orangebud at funnypeople in amsterdam was some stinky and strong herb. but all strains i tried now where not like back then...most skunk strains now are really like hemp with sero potency... also grew chems and ogs buts thats really not what i'm looking for. i only did try regular seeds so far, maybe thats the reason...regs seem to die out...sad
  2. hey guys, hope you are fine. I'm still hunting for this and that and i'm looking for a good skunk for years, tried many but did not find that skunk, that goid old skunk. skunk#1 from sensi and dutch p. where just hemp, no smell no resin and some hermies on top of that. shit from mns did also hermie, but this did have the skunk"shit"smell but low yields and not very potent. firstlady and superskunk also where a disapointment. tried some others too i do not remember yet. in general it looks like a lot of the old strains are lost and there is only og, gelato, sherbet and cookies genetic left... also tried some mns supersilverhaze for a bit fresh haze funk.... but puuh what to say... no super... no silver... no haze... glad i still have the amnesia and sour lemon haze. to each his own but i want that old dank. what are your experiences with the old strains these days? is there something i could try? or did it all went to shit? greetz silas
  3. Hey guys! long time no see, hope you are all fine! Chem#4 x Og (Iced Apple x Ortega) x Lady Cane Amnesia x Chocolate Rain peace
  4. hi the Strawberry Cream Pie is a special phenotype of chocolate rain we used for our "version" its the more fruity type with a great resin development...no chcocolate to find in this f2. we have another cut of chocolate rain we selected first which is the white chocolate pheno as we call it but i did not find the right male to fuck it now...selected a new male last run from my last 5 seeds looks promising! Strawberry Cream Pie and others will be restocked end of the month at MCP! greetz silas CBSC
  5. Hey OG`s! Arctic Sun #1 Arctic Sun #5 Dutchmens Royal Orange Sour Candy Amnesia #1 Sour Candy Amnesia #6 it was not the best grow, i had not the time it would have needed to finish a mixed seedrun properly. The "keepers" are already for a second run in the box! stay safe guys all the best silas
  6. Silas&Jamal

    Mixed Buds

  7. hey sorry for the late response thank ya all very much guys! @mindless no mh! we only use ndl/hps. i never liked how they grow under mh. lumatek 600w osram nav-t and adjustawing is our way to grow n flower! @ifish the first mix was very nice...with a little bit more complete organics mixed in or topdressing like i did the guanokalong/biogrow is top notch! but then i mixed in some soil to the coco and all went bad. maybe i should have used more lime but i dont know for sure what happend...was also faster dry maybe that was a bad thing with more soil mixed in. for a new mix i would use a 1/2 kg more guano black and about the same complete organics more too. maybe some more lime but not much 2-3 spoons. the mix was very good and worked! but a little bit more still possible, so less top dressing would be needed. offtopic next grow is planned to be done with rockwoolslaps ebb n flow with nutrient salts... bio was good but i like to try some things here and there lol greetz silas cannabellaclub
  8. Arctic Sun Bright Moments aka Grape Stomper OG Pineapple Gold
  9. Hey guys! Chocolate Rain F1 #13 (blackcurrant/cherry) Pakistani Chitral Kush #2 (purpleiceteakush) Pakistani Chitral Kush #1 (mintykush)
  10. nightshift sux, one more....>weekend XD

  11. santero you let me look like a asshole. people who know me know i am not. i share everything. i would never be mad if someone would work with my strains and selling them they have bought it they can work with it. like i do. like others do. i would be honored if he would sell it for more...does that not mean its more worth to him then what it was sold for? asking money for a reproduction is what the seedbuisness is build on and many lines would be lost if it would not happen all the time. i made my selection to my preferences and i think its worth it. i tested it. and its like I wanted it to be...so is it not my work? i thought at opengrow the name is what counts... sadly some people here like to stir shit up a rip off would be bying cheap seeds from others and selling them for more...(thats happens a lot) but opinions are like ... take care guys i'm out
  12. @santero: i dont think this belongs in a open discussion but ok. i did not speak with eskobar about it. i never spoke to him. in my opinion this my strain your strain thing is shit. if you sell something its no longer in your hands. but if he is not ok with it he could have said something... i have no problem sharing my mother and father of this strain with him. i love his strains...chocolate rain is one of my all time favorites...and he has my biggest respect for his breeds. we dont make real cash with selling seeds, for the work we put in, it would never be worth it, its enough to buy some seeds, nutes or other stuff to grow but no more...we do it because we love it and we like to share our strains/breedings with others who love cannabis so we choose my.cannapot to give everyone the chance to grow what we love. i know this is a theme everyone has a other opinion on. if i breed a strain its not the same as the same strain breed by a other breeder...other selection creteria etc. i give my strains other names as the original and i give the original lineage to seedfinder so its free to see whats it other dont do. if its not ok for him than i will give the seeds away as freeseeds but i think then they reach to much people who probably not grow it... greetings Silas
  13. Hey OG´s! I love this Guanokalong and GKorganics stuff! Some more in coco organic mix Chocolate Rain Amnesia Diamondhaze And some more in plagron and composana soil...with topdressing only...very nice very easy to figure out what they need...its like auto pilot when you know what to do
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