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  1. It actually does look a lot better!
  2. I was going to say that wouldn't hurt since I'm going to end up tossing the used whip now anyway so there's no risk, but I guess that it could release some sort of chemicals or toxins from the vodka if I soaked it too long? Not sure how that works, but it seems like it's easier and safer to just cough up the $6.99 when I need to.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! That's pretty much what I figured since my vaporizer came with two whips, but I try to waste as little as possible when I can. Looks like it's time to move onto whip #2. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Hi, guys, I just got a tabletop vaporizer and have been using it a lot. I clean the glass religiously, but I haven't cleaned the whip yet. It's starting to build up some residue though, so I think it's time to give it a clean. It's food and medical grade tubing, but I'm pretty sure dropping it in alcohol will ruin it but will rinsing it or soaking it in water help at all? This is probably a silly question but I'm pretty new to using vaporizers. *Hopefully this is an okay place to post this question - I couldn't really find any other sections that seemed to fit.
  5. Only been to Austin once and only for about a week but I saw the bats flying out from under the bridge one evening... I think it was in March or April. Sooooo many bats. Crazy sight.
  6. Wow, never knew all of that about guano. Sad to think about people harvesting it without regards for the bats; I'd never have guessed they were that sensitive. Thanks for spreading awareness and doing the work you do toward sustainability!
  7. Sounds like a great mix - looking forward to giving this a go. Thanks for sharing! Some people are so secretive about their ingredients so I really appreciate you sharing the love.
  8. Yeah, I'm not a vegan either and I totally hear what you're saying. I've seen the topic of veganic growing thrown around with pretty much a similar reaction as water curing: some people swear by it, others think its BS, others straight up loathe it. I was curious as to how it effects yields and quality of the bud, if at all. I'm really inexperienced when it comes to growing so I think it would be too advanced for me either way, but I was curious if it was something I should aspire to try someday or if it would just yield poor results.
  9. This article on veganic marijuana was how I heard about it but it doesn't talk a lot about technique or result. I figured maybe someone here had tried it and could either sing its praises or tell me not to waste my time LOL
  10. Anyone here tried veganic growing? I think it's still a bit too advanced for me but I'm curious if the results are worth pursuing it.
  11. Thanks, Hempyfan! If you find it, please share!
  12. All good points that I hadn't fully considered. It would be cool to augment the process with the oxygenating plants though if you could make it work.
  13. Yeah, it almost sounds therapeutic if you can find a rhythm to it!
  14. Yeah, I found the (nearly) closed-system element appealing too. It could be a challenging juggling process depending on the type of fish, I guess, but as you mentioned with the tilapia, there are probably easier breeds to care for. Thanks!
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