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  1. Alright you guys have given great advice and i'm gonna go for it and take it. Thank you very much.
  2. Hey, again glad I found this forum. Alright so pretty much the last month I have had my eyes set on an Ebb & Flow system growing Northern Lights in my 5x5 Gorilla Grow tent under 1000Watt lights. My budget isn't too wide and I feel like Hydroponics may cause me some problems that I wont be able to fix. Now I understand Hydro is better yield and faster grow, but honestly will growing in soil hinder my yield that drastically? Tell me if this is unrealistic in soil, 3 oz per plant? What do you suggest, the good old fashion organic soil grow, and ill make sure to flush it properly and not over water and to get the nutrients just right. As a first time grower, should i stick with soil and move on to the more advanced hydroponics later ? Thank you.
  3. Hey, I'm Farmer John, glad I found this forum, hoping to get a lot of my questions answered. Mostly technical things, in terms of ratio for nutrients in my reservoir, and different lighting for the vegetative, flowering stages. I currently live in Southern Ontario, Canada, and want to start growing for my personal self. Been thinking about it for four years and now i finally have the resources and time to put into the cultivation of this plant. Thanks for letting me into the community.
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