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  1. Small T5 closet grow (approx 150w/12,000lm), I like to spread canopy with topping/LST resulting in many smaller buds in an attempt not to lose so much light intensity over the squared distance, since fluoros dont penetrate well. So that's to say that my buds dry quickly, like 3-4 days... It's been like 10 days now, been curing in a jar with boveda 62 and the stems (even thin ones) still don't snap, they just bend. Like the fibers are more elastic, idk... Second harvest only, noticed the same on the first. Could it be the silica? I have used it lightly... first time was soil, second time coco hempy buckets with GH Flora Series I'm not looking for any answer like "dont worry, the stem shouldn't the only parameter in drying", and I think I'd rather send the nugs a little earlier to the jar than too late. It's just for curiosity about the numerous effects of silica... Thanks
  2. Jet, that's cool! You go until harvest without adding anything? My tapwater is around PH 8.5, would that be a problem? What about myco on the beginning and transplant... (Since I have some Great White and molasses here...) Also another question, I see people use myco in hydro, how does that even work? Are also micro life in the water, at least as abundanlty as you'd expect in soil? I really liked the idea of the passive hydro, had never heard of them before. Could myco be useful growing in only perlite/vermiculite? Thank you all...
  3. No, dude. The brush thing was regarding the old discussion "can I spray on flowering or will it cause bud mold?"... I just wanted to make it clear that here it's not like you get a receipt for everything (from soil to setups) in a forum and just go to the nearest "Home depot" to buy everything for 100 dollars or go to nearest growshop and find whichever nutrient that's gonna save your life... it's a shame... everything is ridiculously more expensive and less available Many thanks to Hempyfan for the help. I will definitely have to rethink and redesign the growing process next time, hopefully with some nice strains to grow. I'm very precise and good with numbers and small changes and that stuff, so it's horrible not nowing exactly what was on soil, what to give, what was deficiency, what was lockout, whatever was happening... I did now the ratio between all the stuff that go into it which I'll list below. So I even thought about saving some money for meters and storage solutions and all that stuff and trying hydro, that seems more complicated in one hand, but on the other hand, easier... But then I'm afraid of power cuts that could fuck me up and also that would mean more noise with the bubbler on 24/7... The mixture ratio I got from a VERY experienced grower that hasnt grown any in the last 3 years... He even said that the soil packs could have changed during this time... Soil mix: Seedling 40% vermiculite 40% biomix soil (it has peat, bark chips, "organic soil mix", vermiculite and mineral additives. Ph is 6.2, EC is 0.5mS) 5% cow manure 5% coco coir 10% soiless mix (it's kind hard to translate sometimes) veg 10% vermiculite 50% biomix 20% soiless mix 10% cow manure 5% worm castings 5% coco bloom 5% vermiculite 5% coco 15% cow manure 5% worm castings 40% biomix 30% soiless mix Then the girls were happy seedlings, with about 5 nodes, very tight distanced, started showing yellow leaves, I gave them some regular 10-10-10 fertilizer with 1/5 of the strenght... they burnt tips... and then I never really got back to normal, just chaos...topped them twice... I got to the point where I had like 18 budsites on each, but some were very small and I cut them off... The 2 were pretty much the same, but the one closer to the fans, coincidence or not, was burning less, and then I gave them Rhino Skin (I know AN is super over priced, but its the only silica I could find), I ended up giving this one more than the other... Now it has nice buds and all, I've already stopped giving it silica... Dont know if it was a coincidence or not... Did not notice any special thickering of the branches or anything directly... But the one that's fucked up is all burnt, yellow soon-to-fall leaves, flushing didnt seem to help... Not much to do, and I wont mind if it doesnt finish. I smoke little, this harvest will hold me for sometime, then I could always make a little sacrifice next time, as I currently am.For someone who would smoke 1 thin joint everyday (of that fucking brick weed), I haven't bought any since december... just smoking ocassionally with friends... I miss it, it's good for me, but it's for a good cause! Thx again!
  4. Grow Teacher, thanks for the help. I didnt want it to be a long post so I chose not to write all about this grow... In Brazil it is just a horrible place to be a weed smoker. You either buy shit (just, PLEASE, search for "maconha prensada" on google and see that shit...) or you decide do grow, like I did. But then you face another really challenging problem which is: here it's just everything hard to find, all from nutrients to grow tents or even rockwool cubes... everything is poorly available and, when and if available, extremely pricey. Other than being forbidden to grow and smoke... So this is my first grow, from random bagseeds (which you find crushed and dry in the middle of those little weed bricks... probably from Paraguay)... But I'd say I've been doing a good job with what I have. Had only 3 seeds germinate, all turned to be females, which is probably a good sign about the enviroment... I understand it's luck and genetics and everything, but I've been told that is a plant doesn't enjoy its enviroment in the early stages it has evolutionary reasons to be a male that can take its polen miles away from that bad enviroment... Well my closet setup is actually pretty decent (as a design student and former mechanical engineering graduate). I have the carbon filter.. Temps are as good as it's possible in Brazil (and as possible as regarding the amount of noise that I can afford living in an apartment...), being as hot as 95°F... I'm running a T5 reflector (8x14)=112W + 32W of leds, in a total of about 12,500 lm for an area of 3 sqft. Not much, but I guess already doable. Actually from the buds in one of them I can alread tell it's doing its job. Been keeping a very even canopy, 2 plants are less than 20cm tall (from dirt to top of the buds) and have 12 and 15 buds each... I guessed since I was running t5, I'd rather have many smaller buds, thus preventing the law of the squared distance to fuck me up as they would with a few very tall buds with low light penetration of the T5's... A HPS would be impossible in my bedroom where I sleep... Like I said, it's all a continuous experience in learning and I've learned so much many months before even starting... Been very dedicated to the girls, I really care for them... But soil has been a problem since the beginning. I dont have a digital ph meter nor EC meter, I have only that drop kit for ph. And I just cant buy any because of money.. They've always showed N deficiency which I could never really get rid of. Been buying mineral water bottles for them with ph around 6... I mixed some dolomite lime when I transplanted to the 2g pots they're in... No matter how much I read it's just very difficult to find out exactly whats happening. Anyway, thanks again. Will see what happens. This looks like it could have anothe 2 weeks to go. The other 2 plants will definitely take longer if they survive. But soon enough I'll have some friends bring some quality strains seeds from Amsterdam, it will be good to know the strain I'm growing ...
  5. The title pretty much says it all... Could I try and brush the fan leaves with some epsom salts with a drop of dish soap to avoid the risk of the bud mold? Of course it wont be as effective as the multitude of smaller drops of water a spray would provide, but... anyone ever done that? my soil seems pretty messed up by now, 7 complete weeks of flower. I had been feeding only molasses and some mycorrizhae... Did I flush with like 3x the pot size earlier this week, to try to achieve a better soil, plant was showing signs of N and Mg deficiecies... Plant is now showing severe mag deficiency and I have only fan leaves growing out the the buds (very even canopy with lst) nothing lives below the last fan leave of the buds... so I cant spray the leaves witout basically spraying everything... The buds are well developed, beautiful and frosty, despite being small (low wattage t5 arrange, first grow, bagseed...) in a second wave of white pistils showing... Thanks for any help
  6. I^ve just realized this post is 8 years old so I hardly expect in answered by Beeka anymore. Nevermind
  7. Beekaa, this topic is my reference to believe I could also grow some good stuff. Amazing grow, hope I get there someday! I'm currently on week 5 of flower, my first grow. I have a very nice homemade reflector that holds 8x14W T5s, with a pc fan for each 2 lamps. My closet is 0.45m x 0.7m, so very similar to yours. My question is about your lamps being angled. Is that just for the pictures or permanently angled? If yes, the buds on the back are much closer to the lights than the ones on the front, but from the pictures I couldn't notice any difference between them. Did you? I'm still wondering what the best distance is. I have a total of 10 000 lumens here and I can have the top of the buds as close as 1inch or 2cm from the bulbs without burning or bleaching. And that's what I have been doing... (I have a very even and leveled canopy, all at the same height done with LST). Thinking about the law of the inverse square of the distance, it's best to place them as close as possible. But on the other hand, if I move the lights higher, the light from more lamps will be reaching the plants. So there must be a distance in which the total amount of light is balanced regarding the distance and the angle of lights coming... Now seeing that your buds were relatively far from the light at the front of your closet, I'm wondering if I should try it for a week to see if I notice any difference... Thanks a lot
  8. You must have misunderstood. The label says you have to make a solution with this concentration: 1tsp for 2 gallons of water. Now you have your feeding solution. If you have huge pots, lets say 50gallon outdoors, ok, go on and feed all of it. But if you have smaller pots, then they give another table to refer to. Now that you have that 2 gallon solution, how much do you need to add to a pot depending on its size: 4"__________3oz 1gallon______5oz 3gallon_____16oz 5gallon_____32oz Note that: 2 gallon solution = 256oz Is that clear now? That means you should again mix with this new value with the total water required. In my case I like to give them 1liter of water to account with some extra runoff. My pot is 2g, so it's the mean value between 5oz and 16oz. Lets say 10oz which is 0.3liter, thats the amount of solution I need to get from those previously 2gallon I mixed. Then I add another 0.7liter to have my feeding bucket complete. Maybe I could use a little more of the solution to account for the losses with runoff. Let's say half a liter. Anyways, you get the idea But I'll just keep on trying to mix really small quantities instead of storing it I fed them this some 5 days before switching to flower, fed them also some molasses. They haven't yet reached 2 complete weeks of flower... Will Rhino Skin (silica supplement) kill those myco? I'm only planning on using molasses and rhino from now on in a good mix of soil. In Brazil nutrients are SO EXPENSIVE AND HARD TO GET. (That's also why I bought the overpriced AN's Rhino, I had no other option...) The Great White alone cost me the equivalent of U$35 just for 1oz. Fucking Brazil, fucking taxes. Thx guys
  9. Hello guys. I've recently acquired the Great White myco powder. The label provides the following instructions: For Soil and potted plants: Solution: 1tsp per 2 gallons of water. Feeding: Container Size / Amount of solution: 4"__________3oz 1gallon______5oz 3gallon_____16oz 5gallon_____32oz Since I have only two small plants (pot size 2gallons), the amount of solution required for me is very small, it makes it even difficult to make working with small fractions of a teaspoon. If I mixed the mentioned 1tsp to make a 2gallon solution, it would be enough for approx. 25 doses, which they advise to be repeat every 2-3 weeks. So it would last forever in my case. So finally the question is: can I make the solution and store it? (maybe in the fridge or even frozen) Or will the myco just die in the water? Thanks a lot
  10. Allright guys, thanks a lot. So these super tiny things I'm seeing are probably just these new shootings emerging and not early pre flowers as I thought they could be. I had to clear this doubt, now will just wait and see!
  11. I'm either dumb or I don't know haha... Your answer was nice, but still didn't clear my doubt. We all agree that a plant, if left untouched (no topping whatsoever) will have the vertical main stem. From the main stem, in each node, a total of 4 branches will grow, first a pair of fan leaves, and some time later, a pair of secondary shoots will rise. But if we now look just at the secondary shoots, what will come from each node? Just 2 branches forming a pair of leaves? Or will it also have +2 new shootings from that same node some weeks later? (In pink on the new sketch) See the new, less sloppy sketch I've made. Thanks
  12. blu


  13. Thanks for the replies, but my question is a little different. I tried sketching some drawing o explain. Should I expect the 2 new main tops to have fan leaves and then later secondary shoots of their own? Or not? See the image, which will happen, the situation on the left or the right? If the answer is the one on the left, is it naturally gonna happen or only if I top each one again? Thanks again and sorry if this is a stupid question... Ps: little mistake in the drawing, the 2 main stems were actually secondary shoots of the upper pair of fan leaves, which I haven't drawn...
  14. It's probably kind of a stupid question but here it goes: When you top a plant right above certain node that has one set of fan leaves and one set of secondary shoots, those secondary shoots become two new main stems, right? And then they'll supposedly act as main shoots, which means they grow sets of fan leaves first, from which later will form new pairs of secondary shoots? These would be in a sense "terciary shoots"... Does it happen? Or does it only happen if I top each one again, hence looking for 4 main stems? Is my question clear? It's my first grow, 2 plants from bagseed, almost 4 weeks old now, topped above the 5th nodes. I'm asking because these 2 new main stains after the topping already have 3 pairs of leaves, and I can see some super tiny things at the nodes of these new set of leaves and I'm wondering if they are these new shoots or signs of pre flowering... They are very very small and I have no decent magnifying lens, but I can only guess I see two tiny spikes on each side in between the two pairs of stipules... Much appreciated if someone answers me. Thanks a lot
  15. Just tell me, as a advanced growers. Is it possible? I like studying all of this. I'll keep my feet on the ground. Thanks again
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