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  1. Itook 3 fever males and crossed it with Gorilla glue 4, animal cookies and Larry's og...and was forced to take the females outside...so i am stoked to see it finished
  2. I have always had tons of grower and smoker friends....I just moved and I feel ya. ...I got lots of good smoke all to myself
  3. Thanks fellas......I will put up some pics of the hash from MY outdoor......should be even better
  4. Here we go.......First you need Bubble bags I use Boldt Bags they last a long time I choose to use the cones because they drain faster when using the machines these are the large cones from Boldt....4 years old and still working Now getting a machine......small ones I like the little blue and white ones (maybe bubblenow or something I forgot the name brand) they are pretty gentle as for larger ones I love the koblenz super simple on or off.....no built in pump I have a new one because a friend borrowed and broke my koblenz It think it is a Large Bubblenow with pump (i tore off the sticker so I did not just scream "I am a hash machine").......I love the pump but cleaning it is harder than my old one this one does have gentle and regular cycle...... another feature I like ......just hard to clean Now you need a garbage can to hold the bags and collect the water I use a 5 gal bucket with a hole in the bottom...the top of 5 gal bucket is a bit smaller than the Boldt bag top ring so they cant fall thru placed on top of a Garbage can with a hole in the lid big enough for 5 gal As for wash bags the ones that go in the machine ....again Boldt .....the other brands fall apart I have tried them all........Boldt bags are strongest...hands down so next is Ice lots and lots of Ice I put ice in the machine ...maybe 15-20 Lbs then put 5 Lbs of ice in large wash bag......then 6 duoble hand fulls of trim...maybe a pound- pound and half trim then add 5-10 pouds of ice ....then place in machine.......add water and more ice Let it sit for 10 min to get super cold.......Then run machine for 2-5 min......drain into cones this will be your full melt ........then fill machine back up with water add some ice if needed wait 10 min for super cold then run for 15 min ......this will still be great hash once it goes into the cones i shake the bags to speed up the draining process then get the hash to the corner of the cone ...if it gives you trouble dip it into super cold water it will get off the sides of cone then with a cold hand I squeeze out the water....... then turn the ball out onto a pool skimmer...I have used collanders and screens....I like the skimmer the best and rub the hash ball thru the screen into a nonstick baking pan that is cold as well this takes the hash from big ball to small sand like texture.....from there i dry on paper plates I like the paper plates with designs on them ....the regular all white ones the hash sticks to them when it dries usually dries over night when spread over a plate.....at least in a dry climate thats what it looks like dried.......then I like to take some and double ziplock it and put it in my shoe for a couple hours and you get this that lump there bubbles for sure.....it was made from outdoor.....and the trim was sorta shitty ......not stored right if it had been frozen from the day it was trimmed.....it would have been a whole lot better here is a shot of some dry and pressed ......this was around 400 pounds of ice to make this load since these pictures I have used well over 1500 pound of ice.....so the hash pile just keeps on growing I plan on making some hash pucks ......I have a Jack Puck press from trimpro......pucks are cool and fun to make I will just add the puck making to this thread time to smoke some bubble
  5. welcome ......lots of info and cool people here
  6. Boldt Bags ... still the best
  7. My best friend lives in Thailand.......is there a certain area of thai you are looking for Griot
  8. I grew up smoking the Cough in Colorado.......great memories here is how she looks in the Southern California sunshine.......couple weeks left
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