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  1. Have I ever said I love working with this strain?
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  3. damn detectives for sure!..I didnt notice the date of the first post..I know I posted that same day so maybe i will wait a extra 2 weeks...I dont know if some heads will amber or not..I know some sativa dominate strains will not produce amber glands at all.. I really need to start labeling pots to know when it started to flower..The room is in perpetual and there are plants in all different phases of flowering..
  4. Well I should of waited till tonight to post this,,I got my replacements and SANNIE made it right....Just took awhile
  5. Well this is how it turned out,,took clones of it of course...Starting to foxtail and it will be pulled it a week or so... I am still waiting on more anna beans..been a month and emailed sannie last week about what the hell... I never recieved a customs snag letter so I am like WTF I would of already placed a order for something else but now Im like.hmmm..
  6. She about half done and has one branch hit with anna pollen and one with white rhino pollen.. I have another that has a very odd structure from this seed pack..Its a upsidedown christmas tree structure.It took forever to start to flower though...
  7. Shadow first you have to think about all these good old school strains have been feminised in the past and it can always rear its head.... Dry that boy and save him for your bubble bag hash run...Rune those whole plants after you manicure the buds...Lots of leaf gives nice hash from what you would throw away...
  8. I had one out of 5 that hermied,,dont think just pluck and kill....
  9. I would recomend anna if you want decent yields from 40"...It wont stretch much
  10. Damn I was throwing 1200 ppms every other day at them and not even a tip burn...They like it,,,nice and dark green.....Got 8 seeds from my shorty girl and 2 packs of f1's coming to see if any other phenos pop up to capture... Staring at the large indica structure of that lady cane and feel so tempted to cross more frosty anna indica into it...That might be one hell of a crystally yielder!..Getting big flowers with very few leaves.... Maybe in the future...One branch was hit with white rhino and another with Bluestreak (auto blueberry)...We will see if that vial sealed tight...forgot I had it!
  11. I found citric acid is not good for hydro..It encourages bacteria blooms...works great for soil..It does leave a citrus aftertaste!..I knew the dif in hcl and sulfuric..Just didnt know the chemistry why it would make the tds meter swing all over {possible metal ions?}.. Got a quart of battery acid and a few drops does the trick for a few gallons...I use the citric and limon extract for soil only...
  12. A urinal(yournal?) so wheres the pink puck to aim at?
  13. So why run a stinky strain..If you can breed for low smell???? You can affect the taste by citric acid, Limon or lemon extract or molasses water? Why engourage a security risk for ppl High smell means greater chance of detection... Just my train of thought...I only ended up with eight seeds by brushing..I see that I need to run the phototron with the male and the female together to get full seed runs...Must of got some humidity in the pollen.. I have decided I am not crossing anna at all though and going to work on that new high yield cash crop for low space thats cloneable.... I am crossing and locking in that lady cane structure with the up high between her and the white rhino(glad I found the the extreme sativa pheno...
  14. I am kicking myself for not revegging my boy..but oh well makes the excuse to run my beans and buy some more to see what else is in the F1 seeds
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