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  2. Good morning. I never knew I had account on here. So that's quite handy. Back on the 15th July. I germed a good seeds, A few weeks later after transplanting into their final pots I decided I would stick the smallest one outside.i would then check on her every Friday after my work... The first 2 Fridays I was blown away by her growth.. But I definitely left it a bit late for being outside as now we are into autumn. And lately with the horrendous weather.. It's cold outside and it's just constantly raining.. I decided I would put a plan into action and rescue her. Now that she is home. I can't help but think that this plant could be turning into a hermie. I just need some expertise to determine if this plant is f#@ked. I'll go away now and figure out how to post some pictures. It's an Auto white widow by pyramid seeds. Annoying how 3 seeds out of 7 popped the others just turned black.
  3. Cheesus... I didn't know I had an account here let alone this thread. I don't even remember this grow haha.
  4. Hi everyone... I've already introduced myself so here goes my 2nd post. How do I start. Well for something. I went on a tolerance break earlier in the week an have been straight for a good 5 days now. Rewarded myself today with a nice G of some og kush . I doubt it's what the local punks suggest it is. But it's mighty fine. Other than that it's my tolerance. Okay so I have 3 fast bud ladies auto's of course. I love sweet seeds. I had what I think was a nitrogen deficiency. Yellowing of leaves. I'm a desperate kind of dude. An will try anything once. I took a piddle in a bottle. There was about a quarter of a pint of pee pee. I added, 4 pints of tap water. I gave each plant 500ml. Then a few days later I fed them tomorite 2ml in 5 litres of water, I wanted a weak solution as I've read that. That tomo stuff is strong shit. Days later I'm noticing yellow spots appearing on fan leaves. Getting rusty. I thought magnesium. So Epsom salts I administered. A spray. Taking the plants out of the tent. Away from the 250w hp. An hour later I put them back in the tent. I then put 2 tablespoons of the salts in 1 gallon of ashbeck mineral water. Ph'ed at 6.2. And fed. A litre each. I got an extra fan blowing on them from outside the tent as one of its doors are zipped open. I had temperature problems. But that will be spoken for when I list my setup below. I don't have a laptop. So I'm finding it difficult uploading pictures. I don't usually feed nutrients at all. I am so inpatient I usually harvest as soon as I see buds. This is going to be my first grow to the end. Adding a proper cure also. 10 litres pots Westlands multi purpose compost with added JI. Perlite I started off using tap water. Which I will never use again. Asbeck mineral water. PH 6.2 run off is usually 6.8 I think that's not a worry. Using tomorite as I've had good results with it 2ml up to 5ml per gallon.. Black strap molasses.. Which I will add soon. My light to start off the seedlings was a 15w led light in ved spectrum. After the first set of tiny jagged leaves appeared. I went onto a 30w clf for 12days then onto my newly purchased 250hps with digital ballast. It's a great light... Not a deal noticeable on electricity. I'm growing in a black orchid 1m x 1m x2m tent. No carbon filter. I love the smell drafting through my private let. Fuck the neighbours an landlord. Silly though. One day I will get a filter. I need some sort of fan to suck out that stale air. An replace it with fresh.. I'm using a mixture of yeast n sugar an warm water. To create co2...i don't know if it works but I've always done this. As I have not got fresh air going into the tent. I think that's the end of my 2nd post. I'm on my phone an this is taking too long. I initially wanted advice on my situation but I think I've sorted it. But maybe not. Hopefully I can get pictures up. As a post without pics in my predicament is pointless. I think it's time to go I'm feeling like I might have a whitey....this posts is riddled with mistakes an what not that I will correct later. That I would have created once I'm finished compiling my post... I need to lie now. Thanks everyone and enjoy your Saturday night. X
  5. Greetings everyone from under the stars in a location in rural Aberdeenshire I've had opengrow set in my bookmarks for just over a year now. An feel that it's time to register myself an account an benefit from some useful advice regarding my 8th Auto grow that I can't seem to sort. I've always in the past harvested early and wasted the prospect of a good smoke on my greedy habit. I'm hoping now that I manage to secure myself this grow to the very end and do things properly without cutting corners. Thanks ev1 and maybe I will catch most of you on my second post which I will look forward to submitting later on tomorrow.
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