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  1. Why cant I type in 24 size?All I wanna do is type really huge so I can see it and so other people with bad eyesight can read.Is that too much.hahaha just bababababababa baked and if it aint forum worthy than either are forums about tomatoes.Anyways on my 6th bonghit since about 11 am cali time and my munchies have subsided for the moment,we'll see how long before I need another hersheys chocolate bar,fingers dancing on numbers on buttons weeeeeee ok anyways,at what point do I just smoke so much that my lungs hurt and ive eatn everything in the house???hahaha oh my lotus larry og thank you Bodhi seed master.....can ya sound anymore baked when typing through broken consciousness.deep shit right there. have a nice day kids
  2. Yer going to love those.Im waiting for the kali Snapple to finish but she's gonna be chunky.worthy of a run imo.
  3. how long does it take you to get all those tops ?
  4. <div> <div> </div><div> </div> <div>the firs oneis the kali Snapple x ssh f3 and the secnd is the kli Snapple.The shf3 finished in under 55 days. thik the spider is motheed by te ssh f3.Looking good.keep th airflow good cuz they get ticks you can see.</div> <div> </div> <div>keep up the good work</div> </div> <p> </p>
  5. The first round I did of the pf I got mites and was unable to finish,this time I staved them off long enough to finish.I was going to trash it because it looked spindly....not the case at all.The Pineapple Fields is absolutely BOMB and i'll be working towards cloning for a full tub after the next run.Lotus Larry,Kali ssh f3...not ssd I made a mistake on the name,but also the kali Snapple ,the blue heron and the cookie fam GSC will be my keepers.The Oregon Huck was a little finicky with the food,so ill run the two phenos again and see if I can do better.The O huck still had 6 donkey dicks despite the mess up so I have high hopes I wont burn all the leaves off next time.DOH!
  6. so the gallerydoubelled the pics woops.pretty stokedon the run through and this tie the pieapple fields and he lotus larry as well a th kal and snpples cross .chunky greasy nuggets of blis.
  7. So these are the days of our buds.coming along nicely kids.
  8. cck if yer still looking.http://dankteam.com/products/dynasty-cc-10-pack
  9. so I just figured out that I had 2 kali Snapple phenos going but bakehead me forgets that one of them was crossed with the ssd f3 and is a beast.cuts taken late,but got,because as far as I can see the ssd cross is a monster and dripping with white gold.Now im not sure which one for sure except that ive grown haze before and they always do a hazy thang with the intense smells of skunky fruit.so I wouldn't bet the farm,but .....pics coming.
  10. So im on greenpoints web site im texting my friend with assbergers who always bugs me for cbd strains,i sais we got 20 minutes with the time clock aaaaaand ticking by fast.He texts back,yup,im like yup ya wanna get some???yup.ok so ill buy them and you pay then ill growm and yer first ounce is free?yup.I look back after all this .....UGH.TIME OUT.....Charlottes web GONE Colorado Cherries GONE. but right there in the middle.....Colorado Cherries x Charlottes web X Wifey 15-24% cbd's AVAILABLE!!!!!!..........CLICK.email from GU pay me.paid.boom!!!!!!!greenpoint frequent flyer points only need to share on fb and give my age and im looking at some FREEEEE Skypilot. http://greenpointseedsmerchant.com/collections/wild-west-series/products/skypilot http://greenpointseedsmerchant.com/collections/tree-of-life-series/products/cherry-wine Anyways aint it ust damn nea like getting the golen ticket?!?!!? ok nowwewait.thought I'd share.im sure this happens ALL thetme. PEES!!!!!! Db
  11. man I would be so down for some of those if you were ever to share...
  12. @Beachbud ~ I will attempt to contact you when I do the trip,might be pushed til june so hopefully the pnw rain drys up long enough for a fatty.Smoke one in name of of our lost loved ones and one for weed growers comorodary(sp). @Saxo I you read this,I lik theyellow leaf theory,will se it with a hungry Blue Heron. @Blue ha yeah seaside whorehouses!!!!!!
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