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  1. Hi there Dsj.. I have looked through the posts in that section before posting here and am asking these questions because I could not find the answers that I needed there. I will be posting a design plan and details with pics etc as I progress but need information to finalise my design.
  2. Hello everyone. I am currently designing a small cabinet to grow in. I am asking a few obvious questions but I dont want to waste money and materials due to incorrect calculations. On the intake I am planning to fit a HEPA filter but no intake fan and I am wondering how much this will affect my grow? Want to use a exhaust fan large enough to compensate for no intake fan. I have calculated the airflow requirements as below and just need to know whether it is accurate and sufficient. Interior dimensions as follows: L: 650 mm (25 1/2") W: 450 mm ( 17 2/3") H: 1060mm ( 41 2/3") Total volume = 0.31 m3 (10.95 ft3) At one airchange a minute that gives me a minimum Fan requirement of 0.31 m3 X 60 = 18.6m3 per hr lets round it off to 19 m3 (671cft) Then I add 35% (6.65m3)[235cft] to allow for the use of a carbon filter Also adding 20% (3.8m3)[ 134cft] to compensate for not having an intake fan And lastly adding another 35% (6.65m3) [235cf] to compensate for the HEPA filter on the intake... This gives me a total of 36.1m3 (1274cft) for the fan to move in an hour in order to change out the air once every minute. Am I then correct in assuming that thusly I would need a fan with a rating of at least 36.1m3/hr OR 1274cft per hour /60 minutes = 21.3cfm ?? I will be using one 150W CFL growlight and will not grow more than two plants in a DWC-LP -aeroponic hybrid system.I may possibly upgrade to another 150W CFL in future. I have grown outdoors but am new to indoor growing and want to have a small cabinet to sustain me during winter. I have the following questions: > Will I have sufficient airflow with the fan calculations as above to skip a circulation fan as my space is limited? >How do I calculate the size of the intake? > Can I adjust the intake/ extraction hole size ratio in order to compensate for the lack of a circulating fan? Any help or advice is appreciated.
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