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  1. Lol, pretty much. My buddy welds things like this together as a hobby. He gave me this one a while back and just came up with the pic idea. He makes a cool drum set and a motorcycle that I've seen too. Because IG doesn't let me save, screenshots are the best I can do... I'll post in a minute, can't find the option to link a pic on phone
  2. Posted on my instagram (link in sig), but like it so much I wanted to share .
  3. Today is your day! http://www.sanniesshop.com/kolossus-feminized.html .
  4. Thank you! And I'm definitely always happy to answer any questions. Anyone should feel free to pm me anytime. I may lag to answer, but I'll answer. AA#12 smells like fruity, deiselly OG funk. Not sure on the cured flavor yet. Uncured, she isn't as tasty as the sour kosher. But two weeks of cure is long enough to bring forth some serious change! so, we will see
  5. Just droppin in to finish this one off. Alien Apparition - All females put out ridiculous amounts of balls and nanners, in the beginning. Once stripped of the bare stuff, there wasn't too much of an issue. My best pheno looks amazing and put out the least amount of balls of the bunch (tied with one other for the best-in-loser category). It only had about a half dozen balls. AA#12 is my choice, btw. And here are some pics of my favorite plant overall, the Sour Kosher! Best smell and flavor of this entire run. The calyx are super dense balls, they feel like there is a seed in them, but when you look inside it is just a super cluster fuck of hairs and the tiny calyx. Same plant, but had a more rounded top .
  6. Just peeking in real fast - wanted to share the results. I got a total of 278 fully mature seeds. Not too much considering there were 4 tiny females, but more than what I was aiming for to begin with. Lots of immature seeds, but I chucked those already... mature seeds: STARBUD X CHEMK'D (MRGG*) 38 SOUR STRAWBERRY X CHEMK'D (MRGG*) 57 CHEMK'D F2 (MRGG*) 108 TANGERINE POWER X CHEMK'D (MRGG*) 75 .
  7. Just chiming in at random to give an important observation with these plants. So far I have 8 female, 3 male, and one unknown. The problem (and really, I'm not mad or anything) is that all but one of the females have dropped major balls. Some more than others, but two of the plants had more than a dozen balls after the first 3 weeks. I have run many'a'genetics to date, and I have never seen balls of this magnitude, LOL. Lots of balls in this tent. Again, I'm not sweatin it. I just picked the balls, lollied them to the top nugs and will just keep an eye on them. The tent is full since I got so many females. And they smell great. AA#1 even is literally covered in trichs on most of the upper fan leaves already (and the entire stem from about 4 or 5 nodes down). I may still make F2's and store them for when I feel like revisiting the genetics. I'm farming pollen from 2 of the males right now, and I may try to get some of the third male's pollen and probably just store it for time being. I have some nice, stable plants I want to cross those males with and see what I can work from there. I'd bet these would pair nicely with my Tangerine Power or my Starbud (boysenberry pheno). Oh well. I may throw something more visually exciting up once I hear more about my local laws. Until then... good luck everyone! .
  8. Might that be a whorl?! - warning - this link goes to an entirely different forum. Great members, but the forum admin (Logic) is a douche - I'm smiling while I write this, but he really is. LINK This guy breeds specifically for whorls. Might be a fun read for ya. Here is the term I would use to google search: phyllotaxy whorl or just phyllotaxy Your plant looks like a Tricussate imo, the most common that I have seen, especially in hot peppers... But, it is rare enough any way you look at it. And that one is very 'true'. ...
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