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  1. Coool, so wat is its purpose? Is it just a blunt holder with character? :o


    Lol, pretty much. My buddy welds things like this together as a hobby. He gave me this one a while back and just came up with the pic idea. He makes a cool drum set and a motorcycle that I've seen too.


    Because IG doesn't let me save, screenshots are the best I can do...


    I'll post in a minute, can't find the option to link a pic on phone

  2. Much respect for the pics.. we all learn a lot from ur posts.

    and Im happy in PMs we can ask and u stay with us!


    Thank you! And I'm definitely always happy to answer any questions. Anyone should feel free to pm me anytime. I may lag to answer, but I'll answer.




    nice results,mrgg* :icecream:yummy nuggs...especialy the AA :dribble:


    AA#12 smells like fruity, deiselly OG funk. Not sure on the cured flavor yet. Uncured, she isn't as tasty as the sour kosher. But two weeks of cure is long enough to bring forth some serious change! :) so, we will see

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  3. Just droppin in to finish this one off.


    Alien Apparition - All females put out ridiculous amounts of balls and nanners, in the beginning. Once stripped of the bare stuff, there wasn't too much of an issue. My best pheno looks amazing and put out the least amount of balls of the bunch (tied with one other for the best-in-loser category). It only had about a half dozen balls. AA#12 is my choice, btw.





    And here are some pics of my favorite plant overall, the Sour Kosher! Best smell and flavor of this entire run. The calyx are super dense balls, they feel like there is a seed in them, but when you look inside it is just a super cluster fuck of hairs and the tiny calyx.






    Same plant, but had a more rounded top




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  4. Just peeking in real fast - wanted to share the results.


    I got a total of 278 fully mature seeds. Not too much considering there were 4 tiny females, but more than what I was aiming for to begin with. Lots of immature seeds, but I chucked those already...



    mature seeds:




    CHEMK'D F2 (MRGG*) 108





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  5. Just chiming in at random to give an important observation with these plants.


    So far I have 8 female, 3 male, and one unknown. The problem (and really, I'm not mad or anything) is that all but one of the females have dropped major balls. Some more than others, but two of the plants had more than a dozen balls after the first 3 weeks. I have run many'a'genetics to date, and I have never seen balls of this magnitude, LOL. Lots of balls in this tent. Again, I'm not sweatin it. I just picked the balls, lollied them to the top nugs and will just keep an eye on them. The tent is full since I got so many females. And they smell great. AA#1 even is literally covered in trichs on most of the upper fan leaves already (and the entire stem from about 4 or 5 nodes down).


    I may still make F2's and store them for when I feel like revisiting the genetics. I'm farming pollen from 2 of the males right now, and I may try to get some of the third male's pollen and probably just store it for time being. I have some nice, stable plants I want to cross those males with and see what I can work from there. I'd bet these would pair nicely with my Tangerine Power or my Starbud (boysenberry pheno).


    Oh well. I may throw something more visually exciting up once I hear more about my local laws. Until then... good luck everyone!




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  6. here is a strange looking plant. I can't remember ever having one such as this.gallery_10751_5314_456461.jpg




    Might that be a whorl?!



    - warning - this link goes to an entirely different forum. Great members, but the forum admin (Logic) is a douche - I'm smiling while I write this, but he really is.

    LINK This guy breeds specifically for whorls. Might be a fun read for ya.


    Here is the term I would use to google search: phyllotaxy whorl or just phyllotaxy


    Your plant looks like a Tricussate imo, the most common that I have seen, especially in hot peppers... But, it is rare enough any way you look at it. And that one is very 'true'.




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  7. Oh, for sure! Thanks guys!


    I really LOVE growing, so unless I'm forced not to, well... just gotta keep it on the DL for a while.


    Good news... this forced me to buy a new scrubber! LOL, I was going on a year and a half on the current one. I'm starting to be able to pick up faint scents outside, so it is definitely time.



    About this particular thread, I don't plan to hold out completely, just going to be delayed... I'm sure. I have good expectations from these genetics, too. I'll let you know how it goes/went.






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  8. I have high hopes that the counsel will vote for regulating it instead of banning it after the new State law kicks in. It will likely be a simple matter of time. And when it does, I will have a lot of good pics to post. I take them regularly anyways, saved on my hard drive. I was thinking about doing a single running thread instead of logging individual grows. When I get back to posting, I will definitely post a lot of bud porn! Oh, and I definitely understand Bigun's post too. Five or six years ago, I would definitely not give a shit about whether the city cared or not. I just posted a big-ass post because I wanted people (anyone that cares) to at least know as many possibilities as I can recall and convey. Also, I like to think that I am very strong willed, and wouldn't just fold easily :) I shoulda put a happy face on the bottom of that big post.





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  9. u new guys amaze me. first sign of a little heat and u fold up like lawn chairs..lol

    thisis a secure site.


    LOL, well let me tell you a few things.


    I do feel a little bit insulted by the "lawn chairs" remark. Only because it sound like you're saying I'm too pussy to stand up for myself. The fact is that I have already taken small actions, but in doing so I'm keeping my anonymity. I really don't want any government (local or not) attention on me and my life. Who in their right mind would?!


    This is a general personal requirement, and because the choices I make (and allow people to know about) are not just mine. If I do something, or get into trouble, even a little bit, it is not just me, but my family that could suffer. On top of that, my career could be jeopardized if I have any infractions with cannabis. As it is, I do [did] everything legally by basis of my medical needs, but our city is putting a stop to even that. One of my neighbors is a lawyer, and I don't know the rest of them on a personal level, so I can't say I trust any of them to not say anything. All they would need is to smell something that seems funny and report it. From there the attention is brought upon me. And furthermore, maybe nothing happens, maybe it does, but I calculate risks, and whether or not I take them is then recalculated to consider the consequences. In this case, since the consequences are shared and not just mine, I'm not willing to take any risks more than what has already been done. But I cannot change the past, but moving forward is within my control.


    I really only meant that I won't be posting any pictures. Because, no matter how you look at it, pictures are damning evidence. I could keep posting what is happening by describing it, but what would be the point in just telling you guys what happens to the plants (something just in writing can be easily argued, whereas pictures cannot - I currently work with a bunch of lawyers and have a pretty good grasp on many legalities). So I figure, I will just get back to it as Ifish says, once "things cool down a bit." Right now, this is brand new news and with our city being relatively small, I'm sure my neighbors know about the decision as well. I'm pushing for the counsel to just impart strict regulations instead of getting rid of it altogether.




    This is the important part for all those that think this site is secure (and most other sites for that matter), you should at least know, imho:


    This has to do with any situation, not just cannabis related...


    The chances of any site actually being secure are incredibly slim. Unless you browse with Torbrowser AND have turned off ALL java script permissions in the settings (there are many) AND have modified the root permissions AND run a background VPN then you are not 100% secure. Without doing all that, no website is secure, unless if the server is located in a country that is unwilling to trade information with the US. Which, there are very few countries that would not cooperate.


    A lot of people think that even just running a VPN is enough, but in fact even if the VPN companies claim to not keep logs, they usually still do. And a government agency can simply ask to see them (with a warrant of course). Also, one scheme that the government does (that almost no one knows about) is they add their malware to java scripts that work to bypass ALL securities and expose your real IP address.


    So, if you have the ability to watch a streaming video at all, then you are not 100% secure. If you are not using TorBrowser, you are not 100% secure, if you do not run a VPN, well, the torbrowser would actually take care of it, but I like the added security. If you get popup adds, you are far from being 100% secure. If anything in your browser allows you to be located (like weedmaps, google, etc) then you are not 100% secure.





    Now, all that being said, the chances of anyone knocking on my door for any reason related to cannabis is significantly low (right next to zero). But my will to protect my family's interest is greater than some people's, apparently. Also, the level of investigation required to go as far as I mentioned above would require more funds than the outcome would be worth, but again, I'm not taking that risk with others involved.



    PS: Nothing in my browser is telling me that this website is even the tiniest bit secure. Every single post is stamped with at the very least, an IP address. And that IP address is just a breadcrumb. Not saying that an average Joe would be able to do anything, but it is still a security hole that can lead straight to your door if pursued by government agencies or any person with a great IQ and computer skills.


    PPS: just for extra info (not specific to the above post): The government is working with Microsoft so that any picture or video can be be made to be recognized by the viewing program (microsoft based such as: Windows Media Player or image view) and once recognized, that viewing program connects you directly to the FBI server, exposing many things, not just your real IP location. All they would need is a picture/video that you posted, tag it, and wait.


    PPSS: If anyone has an email attached to their profile (all of us, btw) then there is a security risk there as well. Unless you perform all the necessary steps briefly mentioned above every time you sign into that email account (your IP is recorded every time you log in).






    City? City ordinances normally result in fines.


    Very true! And that's why I'm not overly worried about what I have ALREADY posted. But again, any amount of trouble can result in more than just the fine when considering many professions. So, I simply decided to hold off for a while.






    This is all WAY above and beyond ordinary means/worries. But a lot of people are ignorant of the possibilities, which can hinder accurate calculation of risk. And the more you know, the better! Knowledge really is power.




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  10. With the new law starting in March, a lot of cities are banning everything cannabis related. Because if they don't, in March the city Statutes would revert back to state law, which allows home grows,deliveries, and dispensaries.


    So people in my city can't get medicine even if they need it. Of course they could venture out of the city anger bring it back, but not everyone has the means.


    I've already sent an email and formal letter to the city counsel letting them know they are non-compassionate monsters with a stigma best described as antiquated!


    I basically called them, old dogs, in a Not too mean way.

  11. Hello all,


    I bring bad news, not about the plants they are great, but my city Voted and banned cultivation entirely. So, I will be keeping a much lower profile. I'm not going to drop off the grid completely, but I'm not going to post my work so publicly until things change.


    I will, however, send pics, give status updates, or answer any questions That come my way. Just send me a PM.


    My other grow, the AK-47 crosses, is pretty much done anyways. But the alien apparition grow and my male isolation chamber grows will be Put on hold until further notice.


    So, if you want pics or a Special update, just pm me.


    Best of luck to you all! And one day the old people with old stigmas will pass away and the new generation of compassion and understanding will prevail. Until then...


    Lots of love!




    Ps:thanks a lot, city counsel!

  12. Hello all,


    I bring bad news, not about the plants they are great, but my city Voted and banned cultivation entirely. So, I will be keeping a much lower profile. I'm not going to drop off the grid completely, but I'm not going to post my work so publicly until things change.


    I will, however, send pics, give status updates, or answer any questions That come my way. Just send me a PM.


    My other grow, the AK-47 crosses, is pretty much done anyways. But the alien apparition grow and my male isolation chamber grows will be Put on hold until further notice.


    So, if you want pics or a Special update, just pm me.


    Best of luck to you all! And one day the old people with old stigmas will pass away and the new generation of compassion and understanding will prevail. Until then...


    Lots of love!


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  13. AA#1 and AA#7 are going into the tent. AA#1 is the right size, whereas AA#7 is 1-2" shorter. But AA#7 was super stretchy in veg and was one of the shortest ones after cloning, but grew to be one of the tallest ones again. So she is a very fast/stretchy grower, for sure. AA#1 was way more branched too, but I took those for the cuttings mentioned above.


    Still not sure what sex AA#1 is yet. I I took a handful of backup cuttings in case the clone from round 2 doesn't take root.


    Nice broad leaves on both of these plants... me likey








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  14. That's a great tweak to the system ........ two for the price of one ( sort of ) and tucked up out of the way ..... Nice : )

    I would have to adapt it further as I'm in a tent with no solid walls , but deffo doable

    Hard to beat that I recon

    Noble prize contender there : )

    How is the best way to collect the pollen ?

    And how long does it stay active ?

    Can it be frozen forever ?


    My tent walls actually pull in due to the negative pressure from the exhaust fan. But, I ran a back support that holds the tent out. I thought I might have a problem with the walls pulling in too, but the back on the stand does a pretty good job holding it off the pods. I zip tied the sides to the poles, so it holds the loose part of the tent pretty rigidly.


    As far as I'm concerned, the best way to collect pollen is whatever works for you. I have done research on how long the pollen lasts, also. But that was well over a year ago. I know it lasts for a decently long time if kept well. I keep some in my computer desk drawer, close to a bunch of silicon pouches, and I just used pollen that was collected 10 months ago and the seeds seem to be setting. Not sure about freezing it. I don't know if there is a bunch of moisture or not in each pollen grain. If it were possible, it would probably be best to dry out that moisture. I think I remember people saying they freeze it too, but I know with seeds, at least, that freezing can deteriorate the seeds germ %, so I imagine it would be best to keep the sperm in a semi-cool, dark, dry place. But, if anyone plans to actually store pollen, I would suggest reading a few people's experiences, if keeping it as long as possible is important to you.


    It's going to be interesting when the boys hit the roof and are forced to bend over. Actually, it should help the pollen to collect on the platforms I made since my stem holes are pretty large.







  15. Oh, for sure! Only trusted people know I grow and far fewer know where that is.


    Those pods save me a lot of space and I can collect pollen from more than one clone at a time. Plus, I run clones to sex plants anyways, I might as well save the pollen from each of the males before I toss them. Plus, if I save the pollen only, I don't have to house any studs. Unless I found one that was extra special...





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  16. good looking nugs there.

    i like the lower buds. they are ost of the time the frostiest of all.

    have fun and enjoy your grow.



    Thanks, sir! They are usually very tasty, too! I'm actually excited that these ones are as matured as they are...







    By the way, I'm only posting it on one thread, but I encourage you to check this post out... It's a sneak peek to how I plan to start collecting pollen now. :)






  17. So this is a sneak peek into how I think I am evolving my seeding style... yet again.


    This was an idea which I concocted, designed, and built in one day. I had all the spare parts laying around. I only had to buy clear totes. So far I've only invested $12 on 4 pods (only 3 made yet). At the moment, I can collect pollen from up to three small cloned males.


    I call them Male Isolation Pods





    Best part is they are minimally invasive in my limited area.




    Next isolation chamber run, I might try putting 4-5 females into the MIC1.0 with a baggy full of pollen and dust the girls all at one time (maybe around 2.5-3 weeks into flower). We will see how this pollen harvesting goes first.



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