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  1. @santero We still have some T gear was hard to choose. Did love the sound of Do Si Hoe / (Dosido x White Fighter ) x Tahoe OG) to. T did have some EWOK from Medusa Left (R.I.P Medusa thank you all what you did we never forget). The Fire Alien Kush F2 I was lucky to get. Next time will be FEM or sannie Silverfields or Jaffalato v3 Mean Beans or LVPK x Chiquita Banana Hammerhead. Same i did miss out on Sugar Punch Did lose most but still alot of fire we did get back lucky back cat here.
  2. Some Girl Scout cookies auto close up from Fastbud
  3. Some Kush Berry From Bluebird Can`t wait to play with this toy
  4. I know no bud or nug but it all started with ? Seeds cracking Vaporizing Cat sTYLE...
  5. Some Amnesia to fight the nightmares.
  6. Lovely ice :) Here we on Vap vap Away.
  7. Thanks i did only take the pic Royal resin did all the work
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