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  1. Trichohisme LTD

    Post your hash stash

  2. Trichohisme LTD

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Freaky Jason can`t take it .... he run in thye wood...
  3. Trichohisme LTD

    Post your hash stash

  4. Trichohisme LTD

    Post your hash stash

  5. Trichohisme LTD

    Post your hash stash

  6. Trichohisme LTD

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Ellen getting use for a stop motion still rendering the background of Adam street scene. Have some freddy`s to LOL cant wait for Neo and make a shooting nug stop motion matrix style
  7. Trichohisme LTD

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Not the best to show but some Amnesia Haze coffeeshop nug Getting a Alien feeling with this (Cloud9) looks like Ellen ripley tested out of this world Some alien Breed? Better some then nothing Hope all Enjoying there days. Merry Christmas to all.
  8. Trichohisme LTD

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    White Wizard #3 Ukpowered Genetics: White FX x Blisfful Wizard. Breeder: F707seeds.
  9. Trichohisme LTD

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Some great stuff coming from the UK brother frosty and SD making always fire BB Dawg Candy Genetics: Lemon Alien Dawg x Alien Rock Candy x Blueberry. Breeder: THC Development. By Frosty707uk
  10. Trichohisme LTD

    Post your hash stash

    We just a hardcore hash sifu with some epic skills Every watching from a melt head LOL....
  11. Trichohisme LTD

    Vap Report - White Wizard #2

    Strain: White Wizard 2. Genetics: WhiteFx x Bwiz. Breeder: F707seeds. Kind: Flower. Grower: Frosty707uk. Gifted: Frosty707uk. Way of smoking: Verdamper. The looks, 9/10. Very dense and great bag appeal. Love the purple glow in the back looking forward the Bwiz. The Smell, 8,8/10. Sweet lemon sour OG cake Very nice rain forest fresh minty Candy. The Taste, 9,2/10. Sweet melon sour candy. Sweet OG lemon Pie with some fresh sour rain forest taste. It so smooth it almost if you vapo a sweet sour candy store after taste is epic OG lemon sour roadhouse sweet. The Feeling, 8,9/10. Start with a great head buzz dropping inspiration and make you mood very chill and happy. The behind the eyes high you know that floating effect and the lost of time. After some time it move to more head hammer and slower make you eyes heavy. It kills the pain in the back very good but you still want to do things. The depression even get mellow and give me some room to pic up the camera again. Summary of the flavors, Acid[] Ammonia[] Banana[] Berry[] Blueberry[] Butter[] Bubblegum[4] Cedar[] Cheese[] Cherry[] Chocolate[] Citrus[] Coconut[] Coffee[] Diesel[] Drop[] Earth[] Floral / Flora[7] Fruit[3] Fuel[] Grape[] Grass[] Grapefruit[] Hash[] Hay[] Haze[] Herbs[] Lemon[5] Licorice[] Lime[3] Mango[] Maroon[] Melon[3] Menthol[] Mint[8] Mold[] Musk[] Nutmeg[] Nuts[] Orange[] Paint[2] Pepper[] Peach[] Petroleum[] Pineapple[] Pine[8] Strawberry[] Sandalwood[1] Tangerine[] Skunk[] Spar[] Sour[7] Sweet[6] Turpentine[] Toffee[] Vanilla[] Yeast[] Summary of the effect, Anxiety relief[7] Audio perception[5] Communication[6] Consider process[8] Appetite[7] Humor experience[5] Ability to rest or sit[5] Paranoia relief[8] Pain relief[8] Sex drive[6] Sleep[6] Taste perception[6] Imagination / creativity[8] Visual observation[7]
  12. Trichohisme LTD

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    UKstyle ... and powered
  13. Trichohisme LTD

    Open Grow @ the movies

    Time to get sleep .... Or better watching the next serie
  14. Trichohisme LTD

    SANta's back !! (xmas giveaway)

  15. Trichohisme LTD

    Post your hash stash

    Was a great hashish very tasteful and strong