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  1. Today it was a really great day all things did fit like it was second nature the wife was WTF. Did make 2 sauce infuce with cannabis (Red hot / Sate). Mix up for one sauce. Time to lay down a bit.... Tri LTD.
  2. Sound epic that brownie recipe going to check it later this week did eat already a bit to must sweet stuff . We did have a party last night and there was a need for a breakfeast thing. I did make my best butter yesterday its is really strong but really strong but the color is like gold like my AHO. In the works.. What we came up on. No sleep and baked lol See you all at cluod9. Tri LTD.
  3. Butter in the works. Did make olive oil, Honey, butter, cocos all infuse and to test. The cocos is the favorite.
  4. Today was the moment i dare to say MASTER at WORK try beat the cat eyes style!!! I don`t vaporize, no dabs, no smoke only food right now... Best for me now. be well all.
  5. HEHEHE that was with wax a bit over the top but was fun. The cookie looks great. waiting on this book maybe it bring some new... Tri LTD
  6. @webeblzr We did the cannabis coconut oil and melt some and then use in the food you see above (Cocos + choco are great). The coconut oil work for me better to extract THC then the butter. @Darth Budder No i`am all self made self learn it`s all hobby. The only thing i get pay are some seeds . I did plan a trip this year to shot in the state (With the friends) but the depression did hit me hard. It my dream to become a cannabis shooter we keep trying and one day i will be one. Tri LTD.
  7. I can drop some thing how we do the sauce with or with out canna. We started after learning what was really in the processes food / cans and with my really heavy depression in need to look everywhere to fight it. And you more then welcome to dinner at our home. The strange part was he not even did use my best sprouting pic things happens. Did post it on all media + The wall of shame so his name is down the.... I promises i will keep shooting and posting pic
  8. thanks you @saxo @Darth Budder Just loving the herb like all of us. @gregster Thank you. @Hempyfan The tincture 85% is only for use with TCM and we only use some drops in tea. it was a 85% achole run (Wel ventiate) and i never use that for dabbing oil then i use 96% but i can not make that my self. For decarb i use two temp meters the oven never show it right. But that tool looks nice need some cash to get it lol. The reason i cook is i can not dab of vaporize right now. It make the bad feeling way streonger but when eating it a nice effect and really calm me down. Yesterday diner with friends. Tri LTD
  9. Sound like a good plan need to shake that freaking down time san /me give deep bow back the wife give a to all back to. Root of life. Tri LTD.
  10. After raping the bud porn topic it looks better to make a topic about it. (Sorry was way to proud on the lasted work) it will be a only photo topic and no recipe why? There is a user / forum lurker here on this site that steal work and try to use at other place (POTM) . He goes with the name DrFever . Proof. and here on this site form me. How many other photo did he steal and post at that forum. All new upload will be heavy with watermarks sorry but i pay all from my own pockets so stealing from a sick hobby dude is so low. Ok that was it we did already move on so now it time where this topic is all about. Inspired by Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It I did start with cannabis infuse cooking again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2Xd7cseGcE And with my illness vapping is not always that great and dabbing is a big no no now. ChocoHIGH of AppleSTONEDflappen from the bud topic. Mango ICe cream infuse with canna in the works. The 85% remove before we did other stuff. The 1 step. Loving this big time. Use it in the smoothies, coffee and hot chocomilk. Wake and back juice / smoothie. Now in the works Canna Infuse tomatoes sauce (Lol typo at the pic that retard cat). Soon to be update Tri
  11. I know a bit late but this cat like to say @san happy birthady
  12. Cannafood porn. don`t know where to post and its cannaporn for me. CannaFlappen met wat ChocoHIGH
  13. Some more old work reposting. Lemon Alien Dawg F2 Ice o lator Silver haze ice o lator. Dawg Walker BHO wax.
  14. We just party in the main time till the spammer drop...
  15. @starinhazy Think it the Pacific G13 where the hazelnut was from. Did get some feedback about that.
  16. More from the past don`t know if up but here some Double WhiteDawg p0rn. Tri
  17. @agreenpassion Thanks. I was really help full for me this strain. Here the write down of balloon 2. Could not write any more after the 2nd 220 balloon is really a hammer. You feel the tingling numbness in your head and then you feel that your muscles are warm and getting relaxed. Seems like a blanket of relief that getting put over you. No strengthening of feeling or thinking that it is very nice for the ADHD people. the effect also hold quite a long time and it take some time to get to the peak. Was a fine ride to enjoy. If you are looking for a pain killer i say NAW seeds. Tri.
  18. @Soi The Cat was mis threaten very bad and we toke here in see always does that when sleeping next to us. @100%pureResin Its a very nice one. @santero THanks for the heads up friend i getting old ... and I`am to long out of it ... @BeachBud Can not disagreed with that
  19. Strain: Green Manalishi Genetic: (Pacific G13 x HashPlant / G13) Gifted / Grower : NAW seeds Vapreport dumper: Tools use: De Verdamper. De looks: The Smell: A nice fresh tasting strain. Sweet with herbal and some nice hash taste. If take the smell for some time a deeper sour earthy hazelnut smell is noticeable. After grinding came a little Petroleum smell free. The Taste: Truly a delicious taste in the Verdamper. Vapor taste if the are angels shitting on you tongue but the heavenly style then A fresh herbal vapo is was you first notice. with a really nice sweet sour taste dripping in some hash. After taste here is a earth hazelnut do not notice the Petroleum which was released after the grinding. Delicious vapor weed is this The Feeling: A selfie after the first Vapor. The G13 / hash plant combo men oh men epic painkiller. Really unbelievable i have a very pain full left angle bone stick on the lower part (Close wound now) but after this i even forget we have angle`s. It grow a bit sneaky on you at first i did doubt about the vap but in mins it was .... BOM!!! Gong fill a second one. Selfie after Number 2. That second balloon on 220 did really chilling it all down. The effect is really medical and i really love the way it kill my pain in my left feet. Summary of the flavors, Strawberry [] Earth [] Ammonia [] Pineapple [] Banana [] Berry [] Floral / Flora [2] Blueberry [] Butter [] Bubblegum [] Cedar [1] Chocolate [] Citrus [] Pine [1] Drop [] Grape [] Mint [] Fruit [] Fuel [] Yeast [] Grass [] Grapefruit [] Hash [6] Haze [] nuts [1] Hay [1] Cheese [] maroon [] Cherry [] coffee [] Coconut [] herbs [4] Lemon [] Mango [] Melon [] Menthol [] Mint [] Musk [] Nutmeg [5] Notes [2] Orange [] Pepper [] Peach [] Petroleum [4] Sandalwood / licorice [] Mold [] Skunk [] Spar [2] Sour [2] Turpentine [] toffee [] Vanilla [] Sweet [5] Acid []. Summary of the effect, Anxiety relief [6] Audio perception [4] Communication [5] Consider process [5] Appetite [8] Humor experience [4] Ability to rest or sit [9] Paranoia relief [6] Pain relief [9] Sex drive [3] Sleep [8] Taste perception [5] Imagination / creativity [4] Visual observation [5]. Note: i am verry sorry of the bad englisch. Mr.
  20. Lemon Candy 2014. The one you did love San
  21. WHat a nice painkiller. Green Manalishi trichome view. So Many heady s there chasing me HELP!!!!!!
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