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  1. From the album: Old seeds sprouting pre *14

    © Vaporizing Cat

  2. Some Kush Berry From Bluebird Can`t wait to play with this toy
  3. I know no bud or nug but it all started with ? Seeds cracking Vaporizing Cat sTYLE...
  4. Some Amnesia to fight the nightmares.
  5. Lovely ice :) Here we on Vap vap Away.
  6. Thanks i did only take the pic Royal resin did all the work
  7. Freaky Jason can`t take it .... he run in thye wood...
  8. Ellen getting use for a stop motion still rendering the background of Adam street scene. Have some freddy`s to LOL cant wait for Neo and make a shooting nug stop motion matrix style
  9. Not the best to show but some Amnesia Haze coffeeshop nug Getting a Alien feeling with this (Cloud9) looks like Ellen ripley tested out of this world Some alien Breed? Better some then nothing Hope all Enjoying there days. Merry Christmas to all.
  10. White Wizard #3 Ukpowered Genetics: White FX x Blisfful Wizard. Breeder: F707seeds.
  11. Some great stuff coming from the UK brother frosty and SD making always fire BB Dawg Candy Genetics: Lemon Alien Dawg x Alien Rock Candy x Blueberry. Breeder: THC Development. By Frosty707uk
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