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  1. @Mr Goodfellow the killing fields i did have where more earthy and sweet will check if i can dig up a old photo. I like the silverflieds but my fav are still the EWOK, SA and LAD. Will make a some report in some weeks when it cure a bit.
  2. Other silverflieds pheno. Shame the photo can not be post in the real format it so big this vertical macro pano. Make this for printing very big bigger then my self A small and dense silverflied pheno. My favorite pheno.
  3. Can`t go wrong with the silverflieds the high is so epic have one i really forget what i do.
  4. the favorite pheno almost look like a sugar punch pheno we like.
  5. Other Pheno this one smell like sweet Grape sour haze.
  6. @ZenShade i did have 3 pheno`s this one the plant was nice and big nugs i did have a fast dense but small pheno darker hairs and darker green and i did have a bit between it. The one on the photo really smell sweet silver haze. This one bring and great high very happy and chill. I will post the other pheno here to when dry in some days.
  7. fighting PTSD so we have up and down big time... will try to reply but it can take times some times sorry.

  8. @gardenartus First sorry for the late reply fighting PTSD there did found out after 29 years still in battle but moving forward. With every tool you can take a pic with just make it bigger on the screen. I never did like those cheap microscope there only show so a small part of it. It was a hard battle now drying dutch`s outdoor 2019. Next UP silver fields back to the ........... style
  9. @santero We still have some T gear was hard to choose. Did love the sound of Do Si Hoe / (Dosido x White Fighter ) x Tahoe OG) to. T did have some EWOK from Medusa Left (R.I.P Medusa thank you all what you did we never forget). The Fire Alien Kush F2 I was lucky to get. Next time will be FEM or sannie Silverfields or Jaffalato v3 Mean Beans or LVPK x Chiquita Banana Hammerhead. Same i did miss out on Sugar Punch Did lose most but still alot of fire we did get back lucky back cat here.
  10. Some Girl Scout cookies auto close up from Fastbud
  11. From the album: Old seeds sprouting pre *14

    © Vaporizing Cat

  12. Some Kush Berry From Bluebird Can`t wait to play with this toy
  13. I know no bud or nug but it all started with ? Seeds cracking Vaporizing Cat sTYLE...
  14. Some Amnesia to fight the nightmares.
  15. Lovely ice :) Here we on Vap vap Away.
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