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  1. @ZenShade i did have 3 pheno`s this one the plant was nice and big nugs i did have a fast dense  but small pheno darker hairs and darker green and i did have a bit between it.

    The one on the photo really smell sweet silver haze.
    This one bring and great high very happy and chill.

    I will post the other pheno here to when dry in some days.

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  2. @gardenartus

    First sorry for the late reply fighting PTSD there did found out after 29 years still in battle but moving forward.

    With every tool you can take a pic with just make it bigger on the screen.

    I never did like those cheap microscope there only show so a small part of it.


    It was a hard battle now drying dutch`s outdoor 2019.



    Next UP silver fields back to the ........... style

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  3. @santero We still have some T gear was hard to choose.

    Did love the sound of Do Si Hoe / (Dosido x White Fighter ) x Tahoe OG)  to.

    T did have some EWOK from Medusa Left (R.I.P Medusa thank you all what you did :) we never forget).

    The Fire Alien Kush F2 I was lucky to get.

    Next time will be FEM or sannie Silverfields or Jaffalato v3 Mean Beans or LVPK x Chiquita Banana Hammerhead.

    Same i did miss out on Sugar Punch

    Did lose most but still alot of fire we did get back lucky back cat here.


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