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  1. A close view of that Scullcap UKpowerd Karma rules always love the ones. Inside my Brain
  2. Strain: Captain’s Cake. Genetic: Girl Scout Cookies x White Fire x Fire Alien Kush Breeder: The Captain’s Connection. Gifted by: frosty707uk & SD710uk. Report writer: Mr. Black Cat. Testing zone tools: De Verdamper @195 & The Vulcano @ 205 / 220. The looks, 4/5. Nice dense nug with some great sugar resin covering. Very frosty and great bag appeal. The Smell, 3/5 Dominant smell is earthy, Citrus, Mint. Sweet with a very light Citrus on the background. some earthy woody mint pass by. Nutmeg mix with some champions. Its a very deep smell from this strain. The taste, 3/5 Dominant taste is Citrus, Mint Some minty citrus dropping by. The earth taste is more on the background at a 185 temp. Loving the mold / nutmeg taste that follow. The taste stay long in the vaporizer that means its very potent. There more you rip the more you like it. The Feeling, 4/5 Dominant feeling is high, uprush, no stress After the first rip you shoot like a freaking human rocked some where in space. Total high with some downwards pulling. Really nice against the stress and the pain. You notice a fight between stoned / high but both are there in a great way. Forehead feels like it floating on cloud9. Summary of the flavors, Strawberry [] Earth [8] Ammonia [] Pineapple [] Banana [] Berry [] Floral / Flora [3] Blueberry [] Butter [1] Bubblegum [] Cedar [] Chocolate [] Citrus [5] Pine [] Drop [] Grape [] Fruit [] Fuel [] Yeast [3] Grass [4] Grapefruit [] Hash [] Haze [] nuts [] Hay [3] Cheese [] Maroon [] Cherry []coffee [] Coconut [] herbs [] Lemon [] licorice [] Lime [] Mango [] Melon [] Menthol [] Mint [5] Musk [] Nutmeg [5]Orange [] paint [] Pepper [] Peach [] Petroleum [] Sandalwood [] Mold [] orange []Skunk [] Spar [] Sour [] Turpentine [] Toffee [] Vanilla [] Sweet [] Acid [] Wood [4]. Summary of the effect, Anxiety relief [7] Audio perception [6] Communication [6] Consider process [5] Appetite [8] Humor experience [7] Ability to rest or sit [5] Paranoia relief [7] Pain relief [7] Sex drive [6] Sleep [6] Taste perception [4] Imagination / creativity [5] Visual observation [4]
  3. Big jungle of epic names you have. Love some good GSC UKgrow
  4. Sorry HUFFnPUFF 1200 more to go douglasfurtrapper We where lucky that we photograph for some uk Growers. We did the 7,8 and 9 and have crosses with them from the Brother F707seeds I have vapo report on them all can post them. Very tasty and nice happy effect gregsterr A big favorite is the Poontang Pie (Tropicanna X Grape Pie F x Papaya F) and after Vietnam we going to do Poontang Cake )Poontang Pie x Captain's Cake) (F707seeds) the nug is from UK. Love the Cake UKpowerd. Uk extract and grow to living in the wrong side LOL all gifted by Frosty707uk / SD710uk.
  5. Nope sorry we from near Amsterdam.
  6. Strain: Skullcap. Genetics: Sour Headstash x Biker. Kind: Flower. Breeder: Karma Genetics. Grower: Frost707uk. Report writer: Mr. Black Cat. Way of smoking: Vaporizer. The looks, 9.5/10 The Smell, 8.3/10 A very sour sweet OG mental smell. loving the sour kicking the earthy OG. The Taste, 9.1/10 A mental sour OG with some lemon earthy after taste. the some on the background we can not yet place. The Feeling, 8.8/10 Very strong great head banger with a crash down later in the ride. Happy feelings kick in and some pain is gone. Mussle getting chill and the head works slow but on point. Summary of the flavors, Acid[] Ammonia[] Banana[] Berry[] Blueberry[] Butter[] Bubblegum[] Cedar[] Cheese[] Cherry[] Chocolate[] Citrus[2] Coconut[] Coffee[] Diesel[] Drop[] Earth[6] Floral / Flora[] Fruit[] Fuel[] Grape[] Grass[] Grapefruit[] Hash[] Hay[] Haze[] Herbs[] Lemon[6] Licorice[] Lime[] Mango[] Maroon[] Melon[] Menthol[] Mint[] Mold[] Musk[] Nutmeg[] Nuts[] Orange[] Paint[] Pepper[] Peach[] Petroleum[] Pineapple[] Pine[] Strawberry[] Sandalwood[] Tangerine[] Skunk[] Spar[] Sour[8] Sweet[7] Turpentine[] Toffee[] Vanilla[] Yeast[] Summary of the effect, Anxiety relief[7] Audio perception[5] Communication[7] Consider process[6] Appetite[6] Humor experience[7] Ability to rest or sit[7] Paranoia relief[8] Pain relief[8] Sex drive[4] Sleep[7] Taste perception[4] Imagination / creativity[5] Visual observation[5]
  7. Great we collecting KF and Asian Cinema for a very long time. And We now watching Lady Snowblood
  8. Yes i use a canon 180mm macro with a Fujifilm X-H1 i need to use a adapter to use and when going bigger we use tubes. Fuji is wel know to bring the best colors
  9. Proud owner of almost all Shaw brothers ever release movies (We need to digtal) video, vcd, DVD, Blurays Still one of the best for me Mad monkey Kun Fu (R.I.P) Chia-Liang Liu (1936–2013) he was one of the best
  10. The first time i did see long trichome was in the White. But i don`t know why all white crosses have those long ones. The lose of heady is by sending.
  11. Hunting trichome shot still the main focus but 420stop motion and 420 2d / 3d animation getting more focus to.
  12. Merry Xmas thats awesome 1. Airborne Jack x Airborne Jack 2. Mexican Haze x Airborne Jack 3. G39 Pineapple x Airborne Jack
  13. A strong one it is.... A nice one from Karma UKgrow.
  14. From the album: Flowers

    © Mr. Black Cat

  15. Trichohisme LTD


    Flower love
  16. Blowing it to a level. Soldiersof420photography4life
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