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  1. White Fuel ((G6 jet fuel x Alien Rock Candy) x white male) (THC Development). For the vaporize write down.
  2. Loving that maroc oil honey in full effect. And some more White Fuel ((G6 jet fuel x Alien Rock Candy) x white male) (THC Development).
  3. We did vap and dab from 11:30 till 05:00 in the night. There where 3 balloons with 3 different naw strains, but sorry with 1 balloon is impossible to test it when see how many other baloons from other strain did get blow up.. Maybe next time and thank for all.
  4. "White Forest (cabin fever seeds) & White Afghani (THC development)" Now the view =
  5. We need more DOF. So here one with more DOF.
  6. infuse pesto is great i really like infuse olive oil with add taste like Basil. Lasted work. the drink was apple with orange and some raw cannabis leafs.
  7. Loving trichome land big time Amsterdam view after Dancing on cola, LSD and XTC. Tri LTD..
  8. Trying to get the amber in view epic fail again. Dreaming trichome land.
  9. Yes i did use infuse olive oil + some part infuse hot sauce mix in the sauce. new read
  10. I don`t find it on the ENG site but something like this http://www.kenwoodworld.com/uk/products/food-mixers/chef-major/km336-classic-chef-0wkm336001 It a real great tool i loving it.
  11. Very simple dish but with a 2 time canna infuse (Olive oil / hotsauce). where we work. Always 140% effort in our work Easy food but it pack a big klapbom!! Tri LTD
  12. Just wait and watch this in a sec #Amsterdamfinest at work. Canna waffles in the works. Canna Caramel drips in the works. Canna Choco frosting in the works. Canna olive oil in the works. And for tomorrow Canna spaghetti tomato sous.
  13. We did home made chip / patat. with the sate. The red suace is use to dip the chicken. Some easy food on sunday (The sauce did take the complete day lol). Will be a long ride to the highste feeling lol. Be well all. Make it you own and make with love. Tri LTD.
  14. Trichohisme LTD


    the cat
  15. Today it was a really great day all things did fit like it was second nature the wife was WTF. Did make 2 sauce infuce with cannabis (Red hot / Sate). Mix up for one sauce. Time to lay down a bit.... Tri LTD.
  16. Sound epic that brownie recipe going to check it later this week did eat already a bit to must sweet stuff . We did have a party last night and there was a need for a breakfeast thing. I did make my best butter yesterday its is really strong but really strong but the color is like gold like my AHO. In the works.. What we came up on. No sleep and baked lol See you all at cluod9. Tri LTD.
  17. Butter in the works. Did make olive oil, Honey, butter, cocos all infuse and to test. The cocos is the favorite.
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