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  1. CBD Soap 200mg, love this mold, soap fits in the hand nicely.
  2. That is very sad, and you hurt my feelings. I never said I cured anyone. I share to help others, not to brag on myself. I guess not appreciated how to use cannabis and other herbs naturally to heal. Very sad indeed, cannabis is more than a high, it is medicine.
  3. Have ingredients on there way, I am going to try my hand at making CBD soap
  4. I think he is bi-polar and maybe a bit paranoid psycho
  5. I put some chamomile in there too Chamomile is actually really good tasting, so added a bit more of it than the other herbs. I put one gram of cannabis oil in an ounce of that, you can use more and make it stronger.
  6. I hope it works for her I like this passionflower much better without the turmeric in it, the new recipe is better. Add a touch of flavor like mint, and you can actually hold it in your mouth without gagging. Poor kitty looks sad, makes me want to hold it lol.
  7. I bought that expensive sky one, well two, the first go around, this time I picked up a 4k Spider Farmer, so far so good, a lot less expensive. So you keep your rooms in the 80s too. I could not get them to flower out when the temp was in the 70s. I went to LED due to my rooms were too hot, when I went to LED, the temp dropped so much I had to put ballast from another room in there to heat it up enough to produce flower. I had to take them for 16 weeks! Talk about getting antsy lol.
  8. What's your room temp? 83f? I can't get mine to finish unless in 80s as well, odd they won't go amber on you.
  9. I am not sure who all makes cannabis oil, but if you do, you can do dual purpose, clean up the pan with coconut oil and turn it into a balm. I use a reclaimer for the alcohol, and leave a bit of alcohol in it, to remove it from the machine easier. I pour it into a pyrex dish and let it finish off, it is very clean. Instead of cleaning the pyrex container out with alcohol, I use coconut oil instead, then I add other things like emu oil, beeswax, and essential oils. Makes a really nice pain-relieving balm. Once you melt and clean the pyrex container with coconut oil (once heated easy to use a spatula to get oil off the container), then add emu oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, melt that in the oven in the dish, once melted, remove from oven, add essential oils. Once it hardens enough, you can whip it into body butter, which is like butter that just melts right into your skin. Adding beeswax keeps it from melting if left on the counter.
  10. I just got more feedback, patient normally sleeps 3 to 4, liquid Xanax used, is sleeping 6 to 8. Insomnia has been one of the harder things to treat, glad I finally found something that does actually work. One patient said it is helping his anxiety AND depression, very cool.
  11. SPW made me look at this thread again lol Guess I should update, the latest Liquid Xanax I made, much more palatable, no turmeric or pepper, just herbals infused in MCT oil, passionflower, scullcap, chamomile in MCT Oil, than I simply added a syringe of cannabis oil to an ounce of this. Really worked well for the patient's sleep and one who has an anxiety disorder. I added a touch of mint to this, so it can be used under the tongue, not gag ya lol, and kicks in quickly.
  12. My patients are NOT guinea pigs, and I take great offense to that. I do No harm ever, massive amounts of research, classes in herbals, I even have some of my "concoctions" approved by a doctor. I take great care to make the best natural medicines for people who are interested in getting off harmful pharmaceuticals. I know every pharmie meds my patients take, I know all their conditions, I research all before I recommend anything. All are recommendations and not forced down anyone's throat. I have treated cancer patients, who are still alive and walking among us today, when the doctors told them to go home we have nothing to treat you with. I have gotten people off Ambien, Xanax, Energy drinks, opioids, Methadone, Blood Pressure medicine, diabetic meds, the list is very long. I have treated many conditions from psoriasis to cancer. This is with natural herbs, supplements, and cannabis. I share these things in hope they will help others. There are people here who have taken my recommendations and now feel better and have better health. They have used my recipes to help others. If you Believe in cannabis and know the benefits it has shown you, go further, and look into other natural herbs to treat. You can get off quite a few different pharmie meds with herbals.
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