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  1. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Nah you are an ass to me half the time, would prefer if you didn't even talk to me, but as you say this is a public forum. You;ve come at me a few times, acting like an ass. just ignore me, I do you, until you come at me.
  2. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    There Will be No Areas allowed to do it by a patient or caregiver. There are no licenses to buy to make me legal to do so. To be a processor, you can not be a legal patient nor caregiver. This is very complicated, there is not an easy answer. And This Includes Water. We already ran the game of illegalities of helping cancer and pediatric patients here. We fought and won the right to make and use resin products again. Now they are doing this with such huge jail terms. Folks will Drop OUT of helping any cancer patient, many are too sick to even grow, much less process their medicine. I wont' be able to help, my PTSD would not allow me to do something with the threat of these jail terms hanging. If I were to get a Felony, I could no longer help Any patient, much less a cancer patient.
  3. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    We will just drop this whole thing, would take me too long to make anyone understand how bizarre this is. Cancer patients, some need 5 grams a day, Lets make rosin in the quantity, lets have them drink infused coconut oil, or butter products to the extent of that many mg needed. I did not expect to get my head ripped off, but that is nothing new from BS, cause he almost always says BS to me.
  4. Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Sorry that happened, I knocked a plug out of the Octopots not long ago, got busy making oil and didn't check one day, the poor plants were all droughted out. Nice you have seed back up
  5. Cannabis a natural preservative?

    I am very curious, I believe it is, I know medibles I make last for months longer then "normal" food does. I make fruit roll ups, and 4 months later were still good, yet normal ones would be less then a month. I have been monitoring this CBD tincture, there is still no mold. I stored it in the fridge, took it out to see if mold would grow if on the counter. There is still no mold. Is cannabis a natural preservative?
  6. Grape Earth

    By Sinister Seeds, grown by Gardenartus
  7. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    We won't even have the chance to be licensed as caregivers nor patients. No one will except for the big producers. It is not a matter of putting my finger in the air, this gives us no options, we can not be licensed. Even if I had the money to buy a Co2 Extractor, I would not be allowed to use it. There is no way for a patient or caregiver to do this if the bills pass, no matter how we process it. Water is a Chemical. This would not just outlaw Alcohol extraction, this would get away with bubble hash, Co2, Steam distillation. And I am not going to even honor that BS with a reply.
  8. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    #1, the license is for selling to the public, I am a caregiver with 5 patients under me, I do not sale to the public. #2, The license you must have 300k, then you must fill out a 48 page app, you must have a Fed background check, and fingerprints taken and held on file, you are open for inspection at Anytime, if you are found to have anything out of line it is a 10k fine. #3, Your municipality has to Opt in to the new MMFLA program, or you can not participate, half the cities here have opted out, the city I live in has opted out, Even if I had that kind of money, I would need to move to actually qualify There has not been any issues with alcohol, it has always been butane, there is a law in place for butane. This will effect all who use Oil, Cancer patients as well. We were allowed to do this, and the only Reason why they are making Caregivers and Patients not being allowed to do this at home, is they want it all Sold through The dispensaries and taxed. The story is very long here and what we have fought for. We just won back the right to use and make concentrates. This is NOT needed, There is already a Law in place for Butane. No one had blown their house up with alcohol here. We don't use stills and make bofunk Moonshine out here, we use quality organic alcohol. I am extremely careful when I make this, this is my home, I sure do not want to destroy it, I use this, I would not make it from something that would harm me nor others. Those who speak to support the gov to me sound like propaganda. This has Not One thing to do with Public Safety, this is all about gov control and wanting To TAX.
  9. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    This IS MY Medicine, and is No Joke for me. I would hate to end up having to be a refugee and move to another state, I have tried all forms and the oil is what works for me. If they take my right away to make my own, then I will have no choice but to move, or to go back on pharmie meds. This is not a joke to me.
  10. jwb's grow

    I need a Love button, Whoa that is lovely, just outright lovely sir I do not know how I have missed this thread, you have some gorgeous plants
  11. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    This makes even Steam illegal, Co2 would be out, it is also a chemical. Water is a chemical for God's Sake, these people are idiots. It is to force us to buy it through a dispensary and be taxed, they can claim public safety all they want, the reality is Money, power, control. Butane I am whole hearted in agreement for not allowing except by expert processors, too many blow up their homes and can kill folks. We dont' blow up our homes when using alcohol. I called my rep, and I am spreading the word and asking others to call theirs, that is the best I can do at this point. Imagine all the cancer patients out here, no one could make medicine for them, they would have to buy it through a dispensary, which is way too expensive. 25 (6) A PERSON SHALL NOT KNOWINGLY EXTRACT RESIN FROM MARIHUANA 26 BY CHEMICAL EXTRACTION UNLESS THE PERSON HOLDS A PROCESSOR LICENSE. 27 (7) AN INDIVIDUAL SHALL NOT KNOWINGLY EXTRACT RESIN FROM 1 MARIHUANA BY CHEMICAL EXTRACTION UNLESS HE OR SHE IS EMPLOYED BY A 2 PERSON THAT HOLDS A PROCESSOR LICENSE AND PERFORMS THE EXTRACTION 3 IN THE COURSE OF HIS OR HER EMPLOYMENT. AN INDIVIDUAL WHO EXTRACTS 4 RESIN FROM MARIHUANA BY CHEMICAL EXTRACTION IN THE COURSE OF HIS OR 5 HER EMPLOYMENT AND WHO REASONABLY BELIEVES HIS OR HER EMPLOYER 6 HOLDS A PROCESSOR LICENSE IS NOT IN VIOLATION OF THIS SUBSECTION. 7 (8) A PERSON THAT VIOLATES SUBSECTION (6) OR (7) IS GUILTY OF 8 A FELONY PUNISHABLE AS FOLLOWS: 9 (A) EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN SUBDIVISIONS (B) AND (C), 10 IMPRISONMENT FOR NOT MORE THAN 5 YEARS OR A FINE OF NOT MORE THAN 11 $5,000.00, OR BOTH. 12 (B) IF THE VIOLATION CAUSES SERIOUS INJURY TO ANOTHER PERSON, 13 IMPRISONMENT FOR NOT MORE THAN 10 YEARS OR A FINE OR NOT MORE THAN 14 $5,000.00, OR BOTH. AS USED IN THIS SUBDIVISION, "SERIOUS INJURY" 15 MEANS A PHYSICAL INJURY THAT IS NOT NECESSARILY PERMANENT, BUT THAT 16 CONSTITUTES SERIOUS BODILY DISFIGUREMENT OR THAT SERIOUSLY IMPAIRS 17 THE FUNCTIONING OF A BODY ORGAN OR LIMB. SERIOUS INJURY INCLUDES, 18 BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, 1 OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING: 19 (i) LOSS OF A LIMB OR USE OF A LIMB. 20 (ii) LOSS OF A HAND, FOOT, FINGER, OR THUMB OR USE OF A HAND, 21 FOOT, FINGER, OR THUMB. 22 (iii) LOSS OF AN EYE OR EAR OR USE OF AN EYE OR EAR. 23 (iv) LOSS OR SUBSTANTIAL IMPAIRMENT OF A BODILY FUNCTION. 24 (v) SERIOUS VISIBLE DISFIGUREMENT. 25 (vi) A COMATOSE STATE THAT LASTS FOR MORE THAN 3 DAYS. 26 (vii) MEASURABLE BRAIN DAMAGE OR MENTAL IMPAIRMENT. 27 (viii) A SKULL FRACTURE OR OTHER SERIOUS BONE FRACTURE. 1 (ix) SUBDURAL HEMORRHAGE OR HEMATOMA. 2 (C) IF THE VIOLATION CAUSES THE DEATH OF ANOTHER PERSON, 3 IMPRISONMENT FOR NOT MORE THAN 20 YEARS OR A FINE OF NOT MORE THAN 4 $5,000.00, OR BOTH. Adds a 5 year felony for extracting marijuana resin without a processor license. Adds a 10 year felony for extracting marijuana resin if it causes severe injury. Adds a 20 year felony for extracting marihuana resin if it causes death. I'll shut up about this now, but of course this is All I can think about at the moment. This is MY Medicine they are going to take away from me if it goes through, I can not afford to buy it.
  12. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Yea I am trying to get folks to call their reps to tell them to vote no. We have to be ever diligent on watching them, they pull sneaky shit in this gov.
  13. Alaska for mothers

    That is a thought Hill Billy, my promix comes with bugs naturally I think lol no they store it wrong, but that is a thought right there, Freeze dry em to death lol Wonder if that would work, course I would need a really big freezer. lol
  14. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    This is What Legal looks like. They are trying to put through three bills here that would outlaw making concentrates at home by Any Chemical Extraction. Stupid asshats, Water is a chemical. We have a rule here now that states a Plant is a cutting in growing medium, it does not need roots to be counted as a plant. Water is a growing medium, all plants in a cloner or rockwool are counted, does not matter no roots. You can see the writing on the wall, we have a new program written up for dispensaries and large grows. They want to make it where no one can make concentrates at home and must buy them from the TAXED dispensaries. They are claiming this is for public safety, but they already put a law into effect of no Butane extraction, they did not need to go further. Any of us who help cancer patients, any of us who make oil, any of us who use concentrates for our own health and make our own, will be doing so against the law, the first jail term is 5 years, longer then any other MJ charges. Then it gets real scary jail terms as if you committed murder if you harm someone, that is pretty much a given under common law, now they stuck it on this as well. A cancer patient would have to buy all their medicine through a dispensary as well as I. We can not afford a gram a day, some cancer patients use even more then that, if having to buy from a dispensary. We have to fight to keep these bills from going through, Every time we turn around they are pulling BS here. This would even make bubble hash illegal, Co2 illegal. That is the face of legal.
  15. QWISO Making it from Fresh herb

    If it is eaten, I decarb it. I decarb the cannabis oil in the liquid state, not dry. After I reclaim the alcohol, I then finish purging and I decarb at that point. It keeps the oil more fluid.