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  1. I think the younger dude is more experienced then he professes lol That guy on the right is pretty cool, I like him
  2. YAY< finally gonna sex the GDP, I am so excited for this one
  3. I have spiders Everywhere this year! Little ones and those daddy long legs. I am letting them live in the flower room lol. But man they are starting to creep me out, never seen so many spiders as this year.
  4. Make a new club. Purple People Haters lol
  5. Can you imagine a newb coming to a forum like this? LOL What is SD, what is LOS, what is blah, blah, blah. You would be totally lost and go WTF, this is a crazy place then add in Jet's fert numbers, should blow their minds lol
  6. LOL go to your profile pic, then click on albums, it gives you a link to upload photos
  7. Bottles of cannabis oils are now stocked up and ready to go in Thailand’s state hospitals. The medical institutions received 4,500 bottles of marijuana extract--each filled with 5 milliliters of the substance--on Aug. 7 and have started to distribute them, announced Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister Anutin Chanvirakul on Friday, according Coconuts. Thailand has been working on rolling out medical marijuana for a while. The country made history in December last year when it became the first in Asia to legalise cannabis for medical purposes. Under the new law, cannabis (locally known as ganja) and kratom, a local plant with opioid properties, can be used for medical purposes. All licenses, including production and sale, will be regulated by the government. Marijuana also becomes an “essential drug” under the law. Thai State Hospitals Have Started Distributing Cannabis Oils
  8. hahaha I was like Wow, that is Wonder plant now ha ha ha
  9. Wow, for real, it tore a hole in your tent?
  10. OMG< you gave me a headache lol That looks like when I try to figure out recipes and the medibles lol
  11. To keep things half way organized over here I store the herb I am using for medibles in the freezer I will decarb first, takes less room to store it once decarbed, just smush it down in a gallon zip lock, then add another one over that to keep it from getting frost bite. I make ghee out of the butter first, makes it healthier for us, if you use no water, shelf life is 6 months, and a year in the freezer, It also makes it where those who are lactate intolerant can use it. It also increases the fat content, by removing milk fat solids, sounds crazy and a bit backwards but it does by I think 6%? Have to check the figures on that.
  12. Did you tell him they must make a pretty good formula for us fools who used it all the way through? LOL Cause our gardens are no joke son lol
  13. I wondered when you switched from TTF to the bloom one, TY For that, did not find anything on the site. Cool, if they make a better formula, hell yea! I am excited to hear that, it is so easy for Dummies like me to use lol
  14. Well dear now that I have a room I am not running perpetual in, I will try the Eden formula for flower this next run, see if it make a difference. I am not into mixing all this shit and maybe messing it up, I will just go straight to the Garden of Eden. I don't have faith I would not mess a formula up lol
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