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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Bulksupplements-Boswellia-Serrata-Extract-Kilogram/dp/B01LVU10EE?th=1 I use .25 ounces per ounce of MCT oil. I mix all and cook over a double boiler, or I will put it in a Ball jar in temp controlled water bath for a day. I have not used this one yet, just put an order through, the last I bought is very expensive, so trying this one to see if as good of quality. I tried a patient on everything for digestive issues, when I added in Lions mane, for Alzheimer, it worked for the digestive issues. Mushrooms have a lot of medicinal properties. Ginger and black pepper both bump the bio-availability of many things, besides being medicinal.
  2. My new patients are having good results, they are both losing weight, which they wanted too. I am going to try something new and give caps with turmeric and black pepper, boswellia acid, and ginger, to sub out for ibuprofen. I know the CBD tincture I make with these in it works quite well, but with cannabis being expensive, want to bump up anti inflammatory properties with the other herbs., that way able to use more, without added expense of cannabis. I'll let you know if it works.
  3. Think our Gov is going to announce stay at home until June 9th tomorrow.
  4. What is this bizarre event, what is that hanging from the ceiling?
  5. Someone asked me how long been growing in these, heck I still can't find start date lol, but it was right after Chris put them out.
  6. Maybe peroxide would do the trick
  7. Interesting, so you put them in the dark, and that speeds up showing sex? Looking good, cool you got to do this outdoors, still kind of nasty weather here.
  8. When I saw it stays on your shoes up to 5 days, all patients forewarned, curb side service here, ran some out to a patient yesterday. Everyone can come in their jammies if they want, they don't have to get out of the car lol I Had to pay for and preorder soil, they are going to do curbside Pick up tomorrow.
  9. Remember I had PM come through my vents upstairs to the flower room, this should keep that from happening. Should kill bugs too. Bought it for preventative, hoping it helps mine and the cat's allergies too.
  10. Think it was Diesel that told me about those UV Lights for furnace and duct work. I ordered them, went to check hours on the bulb, Holy moses, they raised the price, I got the double for 170, they are now 299!
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