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  1. You all are so sweet, don't worry about me, all you guys left and I had no one I knew to talk too lol Plus I was a bit addicted to this place and had to break the habit lol Love you guys
  2. Some folks spout some fine BS, with those 4 fingers pointing back at em. You can't distance yourself from the same damn shit you do, and down others for doing the same. Hypocrite at his finest.
  3. So funny a friend tried it out, and he moved with the pipe ha ha ha He bent way down, then he bent way back ha ha ha I laughed for 10 minutes lol
  4. @Papalag You need to PM me your addy Merry Christmas
  5. I got this for him, and he got me a really cool foot and leg massager, I have to laugh you want one of these, two folks ordered one of the massagers after they tried it out lol. This is a really cool pipe, would be great for parties, if I trusted folks not to drop it lol
  6. It is so cool, No Lips needed ha ha ha Love it, and wow is the smoke smooth
  7. Love the new candy bar mold, easy to break into sections.
  8. Sorry I've just been popping in, drop a pic, and leaving lol
  9. That is cool, I use geranium in my face oils and body balms.
  10. Infused chocolate, Raspberry, Orange zest, and Mint
  11. Banana cream bon bons, these I made with CBD as well as THC, great pain meds Kind of like eating a chocolate dipped nanner lol
  12. Well aren't you clever, yep an incubator lol Very cool
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well Beach. Is that like an incubator up there? Nice strong looking plants.
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