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  1. Have to ask, how ya been doing? Have you seen Bigun around?
  2. Damn thinking on this, I could make that medicated! Ohh doggies, bet that would be a hit!
  3. I do not get you Toker, Fool is sharing something cool, and getting along with others, then you have to pull your shit show in the middle of it. SMH, this was time for the Olive branch, not thorns.
  4. Be Nice Toker FOTH peppers are gorgeous, I am loving the show.
  5. It is good stuff I am telling you now lol It is hard, starts to get soft, them boom, melts with caramel and corn taste.
  6. Hippy Crack Caramel Corn, this could get me in trouble now lol 100mg a cup.
  7. Nice report, you are too funny lol That Leroy I just harvested, has a citrus smell and taste, it is light, but even I can smell it ha!
  8. You have some nice strains going. Ace of spades is one, not the cross, that will finish up in the Octopots in 6 weeks. Lovely plants
  9. Welcome, your plants are lovely. A couple of us are disabled here, Love this plant, changed my life.
  10. I do shit different I wait till I get 7 nodes, clone it, make sure it is rooted, then I sex them
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