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  1. gardenartus

    Ghetto grow 2018

    You have been a very busy man, your excitement is showing Raspberries make really good freezer jam, strawberries are my fav, but oh nummy nummy freezer jam is so nummy. Your plants look very healthy
  2. gardenartus

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Alrighty then, that I have to pop! Wow you make that sound so sexy. Indican what ya think on that one?
  3. gardenartus

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    I think I have that one I did not know it was strawberry!
  4. gardenartus

    autum/winter grow 2017

    Strawberry cream pie sounds nummy
  5. gardenartus

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Holy Shit I just read what was said, I Just ignore this kind of thing when it goes so far. ha ha ha OMG I only belong here and another one I just joined ha ha ha I think this goes to the Detective Office, mistaken Identity ha ha ha WTF! Someone is paranoid. lol Papalag
  6. gardenartus

    My secret garden

    Ohhh bummer, looks like you have a cluster of them, can't tell from pic for sure, looks like I can see a few and closed, one I can't tell, but none have opened. Take a Big Bag, Bag it and get it out of the room. Then I would inspect your other plants. Keep an eye out.
  7. gardenartus

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    His seeds produce larger yields, good smoke, important for me stable and put out repeatable performance. I've only grown one out, but been watching him for years, not just here. I would pop his seeds without hesitation, I Just can't get to some I Have yet. Selene cross keeps whispering.
  8. gardenartus

    Happy Father's Day

    Hope all you father's have a Wonderful day Those missing theirs, my heart goes out to you, celebrate that life that was, big hugs.
  9. gardenartus

    Distiller for reclaiming alcohol

    They have a few updated types, like that one you had looked at. This type has been out for awhile. There might be something out there really cool and affordable.
  10. gardenartus

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    This is just too funny not to share, warning It is Aliens ha ha ha
  11. gardenartus

    Distiller for reclaiming alcohol

    I dont' always remember to include things in my write up lol some are just things I come up with and don't think of, so forget to share I kind of figured you did JC, couple others have asked me.
  12. gardenartus

    Paps 2018 run

    I can still crawl, just can't reach lol. Yea that GE can be a monster. I have an issue in my rooms, too small have to be careful how big I put them in , or my skinny rear can't even fit in there, and I can't use my arm to reach over. LOL Put fert pellets in to shoot out on the garden lol Boy we could get real lazy, and have fun with it lol
  13. gardenartus

    Paps 2018 run

    I think you will be pleased, this is a very cool thread Think you are gonna have a nice yield off this. That LA I canopied, lollipopped the heck out of her, she was all tops, she ended up think it was 9 1/2 dry? There was no popcorn bud.
  14. gardenartus

    My garden

    LOL cute gardener in the making.
  15. gardenartus

    Distiller for reclaiming alcohol

    I am reclaiming today and wanted to mention to those who said something about not being able to see in the machine, how do you know when it is done. You mark your jar of cannabis tincture, you do not take it till it pulls to the line, depending on what size jar you are using, you want to stop the machine about a couple inches below for gallon jars, probably 3 for half gallon jars. Then you can pour it out of the container and purge off final alcohol on hot plate, with a candle, or oven if not much alcohol. Or you can reduce the temp on the machine, take the lid off, and finish off in the machine. I don't do that because it is deep and a bit hard to clean out all the oil. But others do it that way.