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  1. Intense flavor, strawberry, banana, and orange, makes your mouth water like a fountain 80mg
  2. TY, no they don't get you high, great for skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, itchy skin, really helps. I am all into the medicinal with this plant and try to utilize it for anything I can think of.
  3. How many animals do you actually have SPW? I am down to one cat, I don't want to bring another in might upset her too much. I am not sure if I want to invest my heart in another animal, this is a tough decision for me I have not come to terms with yet. I find that irritating as hell when folks let their cats mate like that, ignorant IMO.
  4. Couple more soaps, I am gifting this as Christmas Presents, the "bronze metal" one my guy likes and I put Oakmoss in that one, sexy manly smell to that one. Besides CBD added some shea butter in there.
  5. I had DJ's blueberry, wow was that a nice one that made my whole house smell like it. I got raided, was not arrested Thank God, but thought I was overcount and dumped some moms, DJ was one of them. When I calmed down I realized NO I was not overcount lol. I miss that one a lot, loved her smell and taste.
  6. Very nice, I saw it and looked and went Oh Boy, think I have heard something about all of them but no idea what to get, and no idea really what I have on hand lol but I do not have that blueberry and I did not even see it! TY cool beans you got
  7. For those who celebrate today HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
  8. Blessings you made it through. Just want to let you know I had several major strokes, mine came from blood clotting disorders. My memory was nontrackable, took me 6 months of rehab for the physical aspect, my last major one, but my brain was fried. CBD really corrected the damage. I guess CBG actually creates new neurons and CBD repairs them. So many odd symptoms you get from strokes docs don't warn you about. Big hugs, so glad you are OK.
  9. So good to see you growing and posting again, nice lineup.
  10. I am always willing to spend more on better equipment, I hate cheap shit.
  11. This one was with Mica paint for soap. A couple more, a bit different colors on the one and then the MJ leaf mold, that one came out pretty sweet, these have CBD in them.
  12. I got the soap painting down, this one I infused with THC.
  13. One thing I need to pick up, forgot what I had but it stopped working a few years back. That is a bit higher price tag, but that is a nice unit.
  14. New soap mold, I think I will have fun playing with this one.
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