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  1. I ponder things like why does Adam and Eve have belly buttons? lol. If Zombies were to eat part of me, would they get really stoned, and be so mellow, they would not want to eat the rest of me? lol If you use oil everyday, if you give blood, could someone get high from your blood?
  2. I like the pic of the thumb with hair Baq, that is just awesome, so crisp and clear, looked like you have ape hair ha ha ha j/k, sweet pic to me
  3. I love that, made me laugh, but you might have something there Glad you are feeling better, didnt' realize you were so sick. It usually only takes me one or maybe two bottles to get the electrolytes back in sync.
  4. Glad you are doing Gatorade, I was going to mention electrolytes Gatorade is actually on the gastro diet, but I use pedialyte when that bad off.
  5. I have no doubt you can, I pulled 19 off the Deathstar. One of my friends, she on a regular basis pulls 12 to a pound. Love the Ocotpots
  6. Your pics are just too good, no one can take a pic like you. Man that is stunning. Your next run sounds very interesting.
  7. hahaha I looked it up, thought it was a strain, I am like OK another new one to me ha ha ha, That is some hairy weed now ha ha ha
  8. Hydro man is doing Soil! Well pick me up off the floor! When you do this! They look really good.
  9. Burn em with diesel should do that lol Masochist huh, hehehe
  10. If you want to go to the dark side, Use Forbid by Bayer, kills those lil freakers dead. You only have to spray the tops of the leaves and stems. Forbid
  11. I use them too! And for cheap humidity domes, for cleaning pipe bowls, stirring gum product, love em and inexpensive.
  12. If you are ever constipated, just drink a bunch of Apple Cider, but watch it, cause you end up peeing out of two holes if you drink too much lol
  13. @Mr Goodfellow tried to message you, you are Full Up full ha ha. Anyway, the oil can dehydrate you. I can't remember if I told you to drink more water when using it, if not I do apologize. I would suggest water with fresh lemon.
  14. Oh Lord, dehydration can make you feel like you are dying. Pain levels go up, your body functions go out of wack, muscle cramps from hell and you will get constipated. Sounds like you need to double down on water.
  15. That sounds like some sort of blockage I will be doing a run sometime in the next month, friends plants aren't quite done.
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