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  1. The issue is, he is a mad man, and he wants to recreate the Soviet Union, if not stopped, doubt it would only be Ukraine.
  2. MIni Pound cakes and I have the sweetest packaging for them. 70mg
  3. I let anyone know that goes to dispensaries about this, thankfully I only know a few, others are my patients or grow their own. Someone is going to get sick off this, hope it is no one we know,
  4. Octopots are the bomb, I am pretty sure I have seen folks use coco with them.
  5. Yea if you open up the article, there is a list of them. This is such BS, oh yea we won't even mark which was recalled, we will just let you play Russian Roulette. I hope they get sued. In the timeline that is in the article. Dec. 2, 2021 The MRA states during a Court of Claims hearing that 18 people have filed health complaints attributed to the recalled marijuana. AND THEY ALLOWED IT BACK ON THE MARKET.
  6. This is some Straight OUT BS!!!!!! So much for safe, tested products in dispensaries. This is the state the corporates who sell this contaminated weed, this is not medical cannabis, is trying to push Caregivers out the door. Not One Caregiver Product in the State of Michigan ever faced a recall or a complaint from a patient stated the agency over seeing the cannabis programs here, this was stated by the head of it, Andrew Brisbo a few years ago. Yet they want to get rid of caregivers so they can only be the ones to supply. They forget everyone over the age of 21 can grow, it is not caregivers supplying the black market, we are working with patients, legally. But we are their threat they believe. It is disgusting, money over patients, and every state ends up doing this once they legalize rec. Money is more important than people's health. Outright disgusted. Legalizing is not what folks had wished for. More than 500 ounces of potentially contaminated marijuana — including some that tested positive for a fungus that can lead to lung infections or death — was quietly returned to store shelves in Michigan late last year, an MLive investigation revealed. The action was the latest in a chain of events set in motion by a November 2021 recall of nearly 64,000 pounds of marijuana deemed potentially unsafe by the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA). The recall was prompted by a lack of faith in results from Viridis, a Michigan-based laboratory with two locations. Retests following the recall found some of cannabis contained higher than allowable levels of yeast and mold, and in some cases, the potentially dangerous banned pathogenic fungus, aspergillus, which can cause lung infections leading to death. However, when a state judge reversed parts of the recall, state regulators said they had few options but to release the marijuana that failed retesting for possible sale. In fact, emails obtained by MLive via the Freedom of Information Act, show at least nine growers or retailers pressured the state to release their product from holds, despite the fact that it failed retesting. MRA spokesman David Harns told MLive on Jan. 13 that nearly 32 pounds -- that’s 513 ounces of marijuana -- failed safety testing, yet made it to store shelves with no clear indicator on packaging notifying customers of potential danger. “This product has been sold” or “is currently available for sale,” Harns said. There were 2,475 other individual products -- items not sold as loose flower, potentially pre-rolled joints -- that also failed testing and were cleared for sale. Harns said the figure doesn’t include an additional unidentified amount of failed marijuana remaining at processing or grow facilities that had yet to ship to retail stores. Michigan marijuana recall reversal let businesses sell contaminated cannabis
  7. I need to make some of that I know too many that could use it
  8. I have gone through so much crap with my grows, some I Just consider learning curves, others I am just damn dumb lol.
  9. I think it looks really good in there. Unless I get PM or bud rot, it is all useable IMO.
  10. My gastro kicked in and started puking, sorry TMI, or they would be gone lol. I put the pic up on FB and immediately had a patient order some ha! I love them being so buttery without quite as much sugar as other cookies have. Thank God I am a skinny person, with all this I make I could be fat lol,
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