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  1. I hate the expense added if it says it is for cannabis. I love the Urban Farms Fert lineup, very inexpensive and super easy to use.
  2. Can I steal your dog lol so darn cute, cuddlebugs
  3. That is just a crazy amount for clones, but there are some that went for 1k and more here, and folks bought them. I have always been the mindset to trade and barter.
  4. You know with me, I have been fast-tracking how to make the best medicine, that has been my forte I will leave it up to the pros to make seeds for now. I am pretty much an expert now when it comes to medibles. So might be in the next few years I try that out, I get bored lol so might be I will experminet all I want with topicals and medibles and move on to breeding.
  5. I thought the same thing, but his grow is very lush with nitrogen, so thinking nute burn.
  6. I make chewing gum too and Altoids One of my patients a few years back, before rec went through, downtown think it was the Art Fair, cop comes up beside her walking, gives him a big grin, howdy, while she chewed her medicated gum.
  7. I hear ya, just I am not experienced enough to feel confident not to seed out a whole room. One day
  8. One day I will try, I am still a baby wha wha
  9. OMG that is an expensive clone! I have no suggestions for you, have not grown her out. Wow, I can't imagine having to pay that much, I was just gifted a Sour D clone, actually two. Damn SMH I Know we can ship em, cause I got some from someone. But I have never shipped one before.
  10. She is a pretty nice smoke, was hoping she would put out the lovely show as she did indoors.
  11. I hate to hear this, I have no clue what happened, but I love ya Wish you would stay.
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