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  1. Good to "see": you back lol Lemon, num num
  2. They have Way too much hair lol
  3. Him forgot his white sneakers lol
  4. They making fun of your shoes! ha ha ha I must be old, hipster cause he has on white sneakers SMH I must be really old lol
  5. No mon, no no no, you have not seen the magic. I was lucky if I got 4 off a plant, These have changed my world.
  6. A friend invited us, oh heck no way could eat it all lol we brought some home.
  7. The sauces they use Like the horseradish sauce, the coconut shrimp sauce, you could make medicated cocktail sauce. You can make a rub for meat, infuse sugar and salt. You can marinate meats and medicate that way. Make shrimp scampi with infused butter. There are a few ways. They put a pic of the second course, Chicken with a special Hawaiian sauce. Greens with bacon and onions.
  8. Happy Easter all. We don't celebrate holidays here much, no kiddos
  9. I knew 420 was more then well 420 lol Late Happy Birthday Mr G Looks very healthy
  10. The event I went to was boring lol but OMG the food! They served us in courses First coconut shrimp, then a special chicken dish, then prime rib, then a fancy banana dessert. I was so full had to undo my pants lol we had to bring food home. They gave us a little baggy of medibles, and had a joint ready for us at the table, thought that was pretty cool. That food was like gourmet! OMG it was good. But I did not feel a thing, lol, I am used to 50 to 100mg treats lol I didn't feel a thing
  11. Whoa, no kidding! You be in stock for just a little bit lol
  12. Bath Township Police Dept Posted this lol Weed be lying if we said we didn't know what today is, so doobie careful with your decisions in how you celebrate the day. Hash out a sober driver and make sure they don't go blazin over the speed limit. We wouldn't want them to go smokin off the road and mess up the grass in front of Mary Jane's house. (Sorry to be so blunt about it)
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