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  1. I wish I knew what she was, she came out with like little hams for colas lol, fat, chunky ones.
  2. Oh boy, not good, how is he doing? This is no joke. I had it, and still feeling fatigued and really bad brain fog, it has put me out of commission. I upped my CBD, and of course, I use a gram of THC oil a day, I Think that is why I made it through, with diabetes and 5 autoimmune diseases I was ordered to stay home. I went to the docs is all, but one time I had to buy a new stove, everyone had masks on, but must have caught it from the store. This is Really Serious folks, please social distance and wear a mask. I pray he pulls through OK Bigun. Might slip him some oil This is in my town, this is very serious, Please, Please, social distance and wear a mask. Monday was a record-breaker in a bad way for Spectrum Health as West Michigan’s largest hospital system reported the highest number of COVID-9 patients ever. Spectrum Health had 151 inpatients with COVID-19 as of Monday, nearly 80% higher than the previous record set in the spring.
  3. This one was not marked, came out with all over very large colas, no popcorn bud, gonna call her Mystic
  4. The World Food Programme has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger.
  5. Some will know what I mean Every woman has at least once wanted to say "I am Speaking"
  6. They are beautiful, they do look like Easter eggs.
  7. What is Olive Eggers @Toker Oh I would love to see a blue or pink one. Amazing I never knew this ha!
  8. I don't believe I have ever seen a green egg before, is that very common?
  9. Put about half a gallon on top, and fill the res up.
  10. LOL I am going blind olives ha ha ha are oranges
  11. I am pretty sure I had Covid in July. I am suffering from what I assume is what they call long haulers, I can hardly do anything, always tired, slight pressure in the head. I am exhausted as if in a MS flare with fatigue from hell. Body aches and fatigue, brain fog. My cat is still sick as well. I literally have about 2 hours a day I can do and that is about it. I have no clue how long this is going to last or what to do about it. Just resting and going with what my body tells me. Will you please tell him and if you see goodfellow I said Hi and miss them, tell them to pop over here and say hi, a few are missed. TY for the update, sure am glad you are still here Pap.
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