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  1. No I sure haven't Shoeless LOL funny, they don't know the difference between hemp and cannabis I am sure they don't know they difference between a dosing syringe and one with a needle lol
  2. I use fruit juices and zest in there. Man I have a hard time staying out of the orange, taste like orange juice Have to slap my hands ha ha
  3. Being so little, it is nice, you can eat a lot before you get too toasty. Some folks would like regular along with medicated, cause they eat too many ha ha ha this kind of solves that issue.
  4. Gummie bits Yes bits, not bites ha! Perfect for micro dosing, 10mg each.
  5. I got a really good deal on the 1ml, they had a special of 120 for 10 bucks with caps. My friend needed and I had picked up several packages, she traded me the more expensive 5ml for these, I made out quite well with that trade, she was just tickled I had some 1ml on hand so did an even swap although I said mine did cost less lol, cool! Every inch of me is aching lol I am exhausted but so darn happy about this I do not care lol
  6. I at times end up bending them, which works out nice, only issue is I can't not get in the room lol but it does produce more large colas when I have to bend. I need bigger rooms period.
  7. I posted in the wrong thread lol Tattoed Freak, once again apologies. I ended up with 485 grams, this is half of it. So gosh darn pleased. Best return I have gotten, probably all that wonderful kief in there.
  8. OMG, my extreme apologies to Tattoed Freak, I posted in the wrong one lol, meant to post in Stoned Ramblings, must have been checking your thread out lol I do apologize, now I am gonna post it in the right one lol.
  9. hahaha that's some funny shit now
  10. Hempy is the pot Guru lol always gives the best explanations, and really knows his stuff
  11. Mindless needs my address lol Got part of the oil done, 2 more small containers to purge, I think I am going to get about 400 grams! That bowl is 2 1/2" deep.
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