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  1. Paps 2018 run

    Blue Moon, that is the one I got males from and no females lol That is so cool looking, that is what the Girl Scout Cookies does, not all the time though lol Black. So cool looking Paps.
  2. Moon Rock 420

    Might be full, I just cleared out messages but got more lol I need to clear out more. What ya need to know? I'll clear some messages out.
  3. Moon Rock 420

    I finally made a moon rock! IT came out great
  4. Grape Earth

    By Sinister Seeds, grown by Gardenartus
  5. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    My head is going, I think I know what you mean
  6. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    LOL so you want me to try and see if they yell at me instead of being nice? ha ha ha j/k Happy Birthday Mr. Goodfellow, what a day for a B-day, I am a fractional 420 gal lol.
  7. Thai Stick, modern style

    What intrigued me is this last for a bit? Folks here do funny things with cannabis lol j/k. Actually think it is cool how folks experiment, this states it last for days, those guys that do camping trips, thought might have done something along these lines before
  8. Thai Stick, modern style

    Anyone tried this before? Modern day Thai Stick No opium of course, just our good ole cannabis. Thai Stick: How to make them at home
  9. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    IF you call your cat a Pussy for bugging you, does that make them a pussy?
  10. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    OH I do not ever email Sannie, I am talking right on the board and he is right there with us. I did contact through the contact us, several times over the years. Wonder if there is a better way to get questions answered then going through the contact us? I don't ask silly questions, they were important. I had asked someone else this last time to check on somethings for me, so I am good, but we should be able to contact someone here and get a response.
  11. G-39, HoD

    That is cool as all get out, we will have more medicinal to enjoy in the future, very nice indeed.
  12. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I am curious if support here actually answers any emails? I have given several, to me they were important questions, I have never received one email in return, I end up having to ask members and at times they don't know the answer.
  13. Smokeshack Photodump

    Yep exactly, I dont' want to trip out, hell I might freak now, not as crazy as when young lol. just a nice little trip I love that I eat this, I stay permanently stoned lol but I never have to worry about where to find a light, if I have papers or a pipe, and where can I light up. I even make chewing gum ha ha ha one of my patients cracked me up, downtown walking, a cop ends up being beside her, she is Chewing her Gum like mad, Says High ha ha chewing her medicine the whole while. Oh Yea I love me some good medibles
  14. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Would be cool as all get out to own one of those sub cool freezers, cant' think of the name, but that would make all our lives a bit easier when making stuff like this. I get a really low return on my oil, but it is so potent, you use less, so I guess in the end it works out about the same.
  15. Smokeshack Photodump

    Freaking cool there, wow neat a bit of purple and a lot of trichs