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  1. While researching for cancer, I found some great info on CBG, it actually repairs nerves, gives an appetite, is anti-nausea, better than CBD, no info if it keeps cancer from metastasizing so could not sub out CBG for CBD for cancer treatment, but could be added to it. But not at the same time, should be given a few hours apart because it can negate some of the benefits of CBD. I had known a few of these things, but had never read about how well it heals nerves. I have never found anything to treat neuropathy pain, I think mine is a bit more complex due to MS and diabetes, but cannabis so far has not touched it. CBG is supposed to treat it really well. Got to talking to a friend here, and I told him like CBD used to be so hard to find so is CBG. He came up with 30 pounds of it for me to process! I am hoping it does actually work for neuropathy, nerve pain is the most difficult to treat, we might have a new line of defense in the cannabis world.
  2. You seriously need to write a book and have your forum set up to bleed off the book. The knowledge you have is amazing.
  3. I am going to say a political then shut my mouth. I love America and what I see happening is very alarming, I am scared we are losing our democracy. The Russians have infiltrated us with their bots, and we think we are fighting with fellow Americans, they came to conquer and divide us and that is what they have done. We are too dumb to wake up and realize we are going to lose our democracy. The same thing is happening here, the little guys can not make this place great without some moderation going on, and it might just be too late.
  4. A mention here and there is not bad, but when we start arguing or being offended by what folks say about politics, time to shut it down, we don't need to fight over that crap.
  5. Available as of today at covidtests.gov 4 free Covid tests
  6. How's that one smoke, had Sunshine dream, very potent, does this taste or smell like chocolate? you have nice-looking buds.
  7. I Need this in my life, beautiful.
  8. LOL it does take good genetics to make good oil
  9. I had some that smelled and tasted like cooked carrots, so yea there are some smells not so good. It was named 24 Karot, but I don't think that is what they had in mind, supposed to be gold-colored, nasty, nasty.
  10. Have you ever tried cannabis oil?
  11. Hmm, let's see what will I choose today, oh that peed-on apple sounds good ha!
  12. I misunderstood huh Good on you, drugs are hard to get off, but methadone is as well. Cannabis is amazing, so many have gotten off alcohol and hard drugs.
  13. TY SPW< can't afford beans right now, sounds good.
  14. The hulkberry-first time I've grown her, not sure what the high is like. She has a diesel smell with a very slight berry smell.
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