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  1. Medicated Mint Mouth Spray sugar free, alcohol free. I think this would be great for micro-dosing and for those not wanting sugar or alcohol. Need a touch of meds, use a few sprays.
  2. I did not know that either, maybe I did and that is why I have not tried it. TY for that, I have thyroid issues.
  3. I get free books to read on my tab through there.
  4. OK it happened! I have Dragon's Blood in going on about 9 weeks, and it is shooting out new pistils! I swear this must be a LED trait, I never saw this under HPS. She is a beautiful plant, starting the fade with black and purple, no stress, she has new white pistils showing.
  5. IMO, we need to have Farmers Markets everywhere and make it legal to do so. TY for sharing. We have some really cool activists here, amazing how many people have been involved in bringing cannabis and it's benefits to all, while risking their freedom.
  6. The CBD tinctures I make, every patient uses them, it has herbals in it too. Combining other herbals with cannabis makes amazing medicine. That one is really good for those who have insomnia and anxiety issues, cuts that factor right out of using Cannabis oil. It can really set off anxiety and panic.
  7. Whoop Whoop! Success, the liquid Xanax did the trick, my patient woke like he normally does, but was able to go right back to sleep. YEA!!!!!!!!
  8. That has the coloring the plant I don't know is, the one I called Mystic, pretty colors. LOL nothing hangs around here, if not good smoke, make it into oil.
  9. Pssst, I am not sure which one you looked at on Amazon, the one I bought is from Spider Farm Store, and has awesome reviews. Cool, glad you like what you bought, I think I will be happy with this one too.
  10. The Spider Farmers uses Samsung diodes too SPW I think you will like growing under them.
  11. I don't know anything about molasses or other things lol never used it, very dumb about those things
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