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  1. I put the other plants out a week earlier than this one, decided I had two would go ahead and stick another Do Si Dos Zkittlez outdoors. This thing has grown two-foot and has caught up to the other plants in height in a couple of weeks. If you see white specs, it is leftover DE.
  2. All sounds nummy, Cherry Teriyaki! You need to bottle that up and sell it lol. That meat rub I made is pretty good, used it even on a hamburger.
  3. I am not familiar with that, sounds heavenly, love the smell of herbs. We have a plum tree, never got one plum from it, the deers eat it Num num, what ya gonna do with all those cherries?
  4. So good to see you! I would so love to be able to sell my things. TY for the compliment. Been having ups and downs with the business here too, and as always a touch on the crazy side at times lol. I hope to see you more, would be nice if you all would come back and hang here, I Miss you all so much, just not the same without you.
  5. A few things I made over the past few months. Infused chocolate chips Butter Tarts 100mg each First time I made this, too strong 350mg each lol Cannabis lotion instead of balm Dulce de Leche chocolates 800 mg
  6. TY For letting me know, I had wondered if any took for ya. I am doing fine, hope you are as well.
  7. If you have back pain, Tora Bora works quite well, it is high CBD with half as much THC. CBD works up the spine. This strain has helped quite a few who have back pain. She is a really nice strain to grow as well, 99% indica, nice yields. She also smokes well, some CBDs are gawd awful to smoke,.
  8. I belong to a few forums, it is based on Cannabis oil and cancer treatment, several people in there are using it. NO doubt make sure it is safe before using. Be cool if it worked for you.
  9. Holy Moses, sugar-coated beauty.
  10. I do double cups at times, clear bottom, opaque solo cup over it, easier to check roots.
  11. I had to get real careful how I talk to my docs, I got the distinct impression they thought I was playing doc lol. I told the two I go to regularly, I know more about cannabis than you do, but not other things, I highly respect your knowledge, that seemed to help a ton lol. I think I was unintentionally insulting them. I hate the way we treat Vets, pretty disgusting. Have you heard about the dog dewormer fenbendazole? Folks are having success with it for cancer. FR lol not joking. I am not sure about dosing, but if you are interested I could check with folks.
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