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  1. Think someone here is fighting gnats right now. Seems like bugs in the garden are using steroids lol hard to get rid of
  2. That is good info, so gnats don't like weed control fabric! Nice!
  3. It reminds me of the material I used when reupholstering furniture. Keep thinking I should go to the fabric store and make some.
  4. At times it is Not What Is Said, it is HOW it is said that is the issue.
  5. CBD helps the body remove toxic iron levels, stop brain inflammation and arrest the death of brain cells that lead to dementia-related disease. These are some sobering statistics: between 2000 and 2015, the number of deaths linked to Alzheimer’s Disease increased 123 percent! It is now the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. At this moment, 5.7 million Americans are living with the disease, but as the demographic shifts to an aging population, things are expected to triple by 2050. It’s a race against time to find a treatment, and hopefully a cure. A new area of study includes the investigation of how cannabis can reduce toxic iron levels. Toxic Iron Levels Can Lead to Dementia But CBD Can Clear That Out of The Brain
  6. I don't think Hamme is the issue OR has one
  7. OMG a diabetic nightmare for someone who loves chocolate covered cherries, I might have to make this medicated lol If I am gonna die of high sugar, might as well be high as well ha ha Chocolate Cherry Jam
  8. 100mg packs of Cheezeits and Gummie bits lol I like this mold, can't stand that big glob of rubbery, the small size makes them enjoyable. My wrappers are biodegradable! Save the planet. Pic is shit ha ha as usual
  9. Out of likes, hey I like that way of saying it, bud painting lol perfect
  10. You should put up a post with the different pics, so we can see the growth from one pic to the next in one post
  11. hahahaha sounds like man's dream, angel during the day, wicked wanted witch at night lol Bring the Whip out boys ha ha ha
  12. I broke 6, yes SIX spatulas within a few months lol
  13. Simply Red blows me away, sings it like the original. He knocks this one out of the park.
  14. I broke several of those lol I have a 1890s sausage press, with a crank handle lol it has a stainless insert I saved from the Wine press I broke as well lol.
  15. Wow I didn't even think about that, great idea!
  16. Yay a sativa. Hope that Durban comes out nice for you. I am gonna run this one again and hope she comes out well.
  17. Found some inserts, the small I think will fit the half gallon ball jars. Think these will be great for when infusing honey, coconut oil, and butter. Beer Dry Hopper Filter,300 Micron Mesh Stainless Steel Hop Strainer Cartridge
  18. Oh hell yea, that will last me my lifetime lol I have to look into this. I just bought new bulbs and hoods for both rooms in the last couple years lol. Wish I would have went with something like this.
  19. Oh yea that would be bad for me too, cat hair and dust galore. I love the idea behind those.
  20. They seem a bit amazing don't they Yep me too, need more money, and they just keep improving these things. Maybe like the big screen TVs they will come down enough in price we can afford them.
  21. @Kenoby for some reason I can not comment on your photos. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, wow, and then some! What is that white ghostly, Mother I went to Heaven strain!
  22. OMG I Never knew of all these cool light set ups, you and Argo have brought something I never heard about. So these bulbs, or what is it lol? last forever? It looks to me this light set up and Argos, is a more pure white then others, and very bright, but without hurting your eyes.
  23. I ran into one of my over head ones one time, scared the shit out of me but it didn't hurt me, thought it was gonna grab my hair lol I imagined my face all stretched out and my hair in the fan blades twirling me, while it chopped ha ha ha. Yea I think those would have some advantages with our ladies.
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