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  1. Blueberry turnovers with lemon glaze, 100mg
  2. Expensive stuff, some of the essential oils are crazy mad prices, like Myrrh. Champaca Absolute boosts collagen production and protects the skin from environmental damage and rapid aging.
  3. CBG Sandalwood Patchouli 200mg Goat milk and glycerin Soap.
  4. Seriously, the home grows are superior to what is at the dispensaries. The new gardens, not so much ha! But those who are experienced, no way can a dispensary compare.
  5. Himalayan salt, Champaca Absolute 200mg CBD Bath Bombs.
  6. One of our friends has been buying from a dispensary, he came over the other day, Now this tastes and smells like weed lol guess no smell or taste. Neighbor's eyes went huge when showed him a bud, another dispensary buyer, OMG look at that sparkle. Yea our home grows are much better, we take better care.
  7. I think they quick dry with no cure in most dispensaries.
  8. The last plant came down today, she is impressive, looks as good as indoors. GG#4
  9. Oh my this cracks me up, I was like I know we are not supposed to do this is a mod gonna get us, oh heck they are never around, but better take this to a PM, too funny to me. TY, cause most of us are about that here
  10. Dude! You sent me seeds lol I owe you! I'll clear out my messages so we can talk,.
  11. I Live in a Clone haven state, mine was a clone, so have no clue on the seeds.
  12. I switched from DMSO to emu oil. I just sold my last balm, I have to make more. I will send you some of it, like magic in a jar, great for pain, even cuts my neuropathy pain. It is not only cannabis but the essential oils that help with issues. I put 20 in mine. If I recall correctly I used cannabis oil combined with DMSO, instead of an infusion.
  13. Wow, that is a score on that. I wish these plants' smell and taste actually came out like their names. I have that do si dos zkittlez she is nice smoke, but nothing special on smell. If this really comes out smelling like they say, you wanna talk to me some more about these, I know you like edibles. I am not being as discreet as I would like here ha!
  14. She has funny pistils, HIGH I"m here! lol That has some huge colas on her.
  15. 10 10 Hard to see how large the colas are in the pics, so I put my arm up there ha!
  16. Harvest day for one of the Cannatonic #4, this plant has almost no THC in it. She grows beautifully.
  17. Toker take a look in the mirror, you are the one always saying stupid shit like this " Hope you dumbasses in the blue states stocked up". I have bit my tongue more than once over your comments. Please leave the Politics at home.
  18. Rain in the forecast forever! Taking it down today, don't want to risk rot. She turned a lovely pinkish purple color, but leaves did not turn.
  19. I need fewer plants, it was a bit hard to work around them. I need to put some gutters up, have shade cloth all across the top. Think I will get a big tarp I can throw on top of the shade cloth to block the rain out. This time of year and all the rain, to conducive for bud rot. Learning curves this year
  20. I have no clue, you got me stumped, all I can think of is Fargo ha!
  21. I pulled the Alien Fire, brought her indoors to defoliate it, the easiest trim job ever. I did the Black Cherry on the deck. Where the hell have I been? Ha! Course I can not pick up the Octopots and move them like these pots.
  22. I'm a grower, baker, creator, med maker, baby I do it all lol
  23. You know I gift all the time I can send you some goodies and balm.
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