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  1. You all are so sweet, don't worry about me, all you guys left and I had no one I knew to talk too lol Plus I was a bit addicted to this place and had to break the habit lol Love you guys
  2. Some folks spout some fine BS, with those 4 fingers pointing back at em. You can't distance yourself from the same damn shit you do, and down others for doing the same. Hypocrite at his finest.
  3. So funny a friend tried it out, and he moved with the pipe ha ha ha He bent way down, then he bent way back ha ha ha I laughed for 10 minutes lol
  4. @Papalag You need to PM me your addy Merry Christmas
  5. I got this for him, and he got me a really cool foot and leg massager, I have to laugh you want one of these, two folks ordered one of the massagers after they tried it out lol. This is a really cool pipe, would be great for parties, if I trusted folks not to drop it lol
  6. It is so cool, No Lips needed ha ha ha Love it, and wow is the smoke smooth
  7. Love the new candy bar mold, easy to break into sections.
  8. Sorry I've just been popping in, drop a pic, and leaving lol
  9. That is cool, I use geranium in my face oils and body balms.
  10. Infused chocolate, Raspberry, Orange zest, and Mint
  11. Banana cream bon bons, these I made with CBD as well as THC, great pain meds Kind of like eating a chocolate dipped nanner lol
  12. Well aren't you clever, yep an incubator lol Very cool
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well Beach. Is that like an incubator up there? Nice strong looking plants.
  14. I have never processed bud before, normally it is popcorn bud and trim. Wonderful difference, got 16% return on that bud I just processed into oil.
  15. That one is so hairy, reminds me of that one cartoon character with the weird hair lol Cool!
  16. These are pics of the wax and lipids you pull off when you winterize, most ends up in the bottom and I dump that. I strain through a 25 micron, and end up with this. Makes your oil so much better if you winterize, you pull all this unwanted gunk out, makes your oil more fluid and potent.
  17. In the summer that room went to over 100! lol I had to do something, but this was a bit too much. I really hope I see better yield with higher temp, if I don't, something is wrong again in there.
  18. I did something wrong then! lol I hope by bringing the temp up it will help.
  19. I have Life savers I need to pop from Bog seeds, sounds delicious. I found some Peach and Pineapple Jello, made some gummies out of them, nummy flavors, didn't know they had those in jello. Think these are much better for a diabetic over the other lol
  20. TY Darth I will check that out. Bigun, maybe I could use a new place to go to ha ha Hey Tacman, not up to date on what you have used, have you eaten cannabis? Papalag tried decarbed in caps, and he was able to use his hands, he has arthritis. Sure helps my back, arthritis on my spine, I use CBD along with THC for it. For some medibles or tinctures, or even caps, do the trick, others it takes the heavier cannabis oil. Edit-Wow Darth, that is something I have Never seen, something that helps with the myelin sheath. Amazing When one has MS< if you get sick with a cold, flu, it makes your T Cells increase to fight the infection, and in MS that is what attacks the myelin sheath, so it makes you very sick from the MS itself. That is something that could be a turn around for some. Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) – this mushroom has been studied for its potential in treating neurological disorders, including damaged nerve cells. In a 2013 study, published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, it was suggested that, in animals, lion’s mane can trigger the production of myelin and boost nerve growth. Willow bracket (Phellinus igniarius) – this mushroom has been linked to suppression of demyelination and a decrease in the daily incidence rate of EAE (experimental autoimmune encephalitis; a frequently used animal model of MS). The Willow bracket mushroom seems to suppress the infiltration of several immune cells involved in MS, such as CD4+ T-cells and CD8+ T-cells, among others. The findings suggest this mushroom extract could have a high therapeutic potential for stopping MS progression, and were presented in a 2014 study published in BioMed Research International.
  21. I am processing for someone else, I am like OMG, I have to turn this beautiful bud into oil! lol IT is sticky as all get out, would make great smoke darn it lol
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