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  1. Nice report, you are too funny lol That Leroy I just harvested, has a citrus smell and taste, it is light, but even I can smell it ha!
  2. You have some nice strains going. Ace of spades is one, not the cross, that will finish up in the Octopots in 6 weeks. Lovely plants
  3. Welcome, your plants are lovely. A couple of us are disabled here, Love this plant, changed my life.
  4. I do shit different I wait till I get 7 nodes, clone it, make sure it is rooted, then I sex them
  5. I have seedlings of the Perkins going right now. I'll let you know sometime this year how patients like it lol. Takes me forever to sex seedlings and grow them out.
  6. I have seen someone mention this before, when Justcuzz was still hanging here, think a thread on it, not sure if that person received a solution or not?
  7. Your grow is lovely, very healthy looking
  8. Adam Levine is rolling and smoking in this video, check out the plants in the background lol nice message at the end
  9. Chocolate Marshmallow
  10. Mini Cheesecakes with strawberry topping 100mg One without topping for my friend who can't have strawberries.
  11. Yep, I knew better but put them in a bit too big lol
  12. Crappy pic as usual I have to bend the plants! They have 3 and a half more weeks to go. ha! The HPS room
  13. I've never tried to start seedlings outdoors before, only indoors.
  14. Those and the strawberry fruit roll-ups I can eat, some of this stuff I don't dare due to diabetes. I love those strawberry things too.
  15. Oh No! I put mine with a humidity dome, they are doing well. I didn't pop any BLR< did the Perkins cut CBD and the Green Ale, that Green Ale is doing really well. Might be heat? You have enough moisture too?
  16. My last good friend just moved, had two move over the past few years. We actually are not legally allowed anyone in our medical gardens here, that would actually put the person at risk if I had them work in here. But No I actually do not trust anyone to take care of them, a close friend or not lol.
  17. Do Si Dos Skittlzes is sparkly! She is a keeper, smooth as smooth, and quite potent.
  18. LOL I hear ya, I don't really have anyone I trust enough ha!
  19. They look great, I so wish I could walk away from these plants for a week. Always scared of fire. Have a good time
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