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  1. You are using Electric sky? I have one room set up with them, at first I was not sure, now I like them, seems the buds are a bit more dense.
  2. I made the gum so I could make these blow pops I wasn't sure I could do that, but it worked
  3. You grow some really cool strains, doubt anyone would go wrong with your suggestions
  4. I attempted making galaxy lollipops, but I sure can not get a picture of them! They are cool, they are 3D, not necessarily galaxy ha! but cool looking, have to practice . Got a new mold so trying it out, the second one is watermelon, and I got them a nice 80mg each on those.
  5. All the guys in Michigan have bowl cuts or shaved heads. The women have broken fingernails with weird nail polish designs and braiding their leg hair
  6. Check out the coupon on Grand Rapids Sunday Press
  7. Now I made Chocolate, Give me a new machine and I am off to the races Has to set up yet, soft serve ice cream, made out of melted Belgian chocolate.
  8. I actually got a nice ice cream maker for free Home made is not that bad, it has whole milk, cream, sugar, custard type base has eggs. You can make it all in this machine, even slushies. Gelato, is made with fruits,, but still has cream and milk, sorbet made with water and fruit. So guess if you want to stay away from fat, sorbet would be best. I am going to eat some with the infused strawberry jam. Next I am going to make it and stream the strawberry in there, see if I can get it to just fold through out. This makes really good Shakes as is.
  9. Dang more delicious food. How about some Ice Cream! Ice cream is delicious on a hot sunny day, infused even better! Made with fresh vanilla bean, 100mg 1/2 cup.
  10. My guy was explaining some of this to me. He is like don't worry you ought to check out our military defense fund and a few other things, this is a drop in the bucket.
  11. Perfectly imperfect I miss having a dog, we have cats right now, and waiting till they pass before we get another dog. Don't want to upset the babies, they are too old. I have gastroparesis, vagus nerve doesnt' work right, think from diabetes. A lot of foods don't digest, or if they do come out too fast lol I can eat sweets like a damn Queen though, but with diabetes should not ha! I projectile vomit raw veggies! lol gross. I am lucky though, some have to be on feeding tubes, some go through stuff I am so thankful I do not.
  12. For sure go back and get more, that is an awesome price on honey. We have had where the only meat was really large portions, but there has always been some. Meat prices has gone up here as well.
  13. The Fed Bail out in the States, giving those unemployed an Extra 600 a WEEK, it is costing the US, almost 23 BILLION PER WEEK. I sure wish I was getting some of that money. That is stupid as all get out.
  14. They are impressive!~ Cool, I really need to get fire hazard protection here, I agree I was just looking at things, good idea to look at your set up on occasion and see what needs improved, I for sure need a fire extinguisher, and with you ha ha ha you better! After your fire I went crap I am in bad need of something to put those out with ha! Neat, I need that electric upgrade here too. Sounds like once done you will have a really nice set up, silver linings
  15. Do you know who took over his gear? Thought it was you who knew
  16. Wow no kidding, I had one that the hairs never turned, stayed stark white against almost black purple. Never had one the trichs don't
  17. Quit showing me delicious food I can't eat lol Your baby sure is pretty.
  18. lol your post got the corona and spread like a mother
  19. I think @baqualin knows the story of who is carrying on the lineage of TGA, Jill, his mate at one time has some of her line, I believe Jilly might have been hers. I loved that one, but she changed up on me after a bit so stop growing her, heard she is much more stable now.
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