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  1. Yea I think I can send you one of each color lol Damn I had no idea there was 22 of em, I counted 12, I was like I will take them all, didn't even ask how many lol. You all ought to see all the issues the outdoor growers are having, I am sitting back eating popcorn lol. Knew this was gonna happen, too many new growers out here this year. All those spotted leaves lol Thrips, aphids, mites, white flys, soon it will be PM, and bud rot. Let the fun times begin lol
  2. Cool! that is sweet of ya. You know I will have to send you something in return, only it will have wings lol Ole Jet does not want my goodies, how about that! lol his loss ha ha
  3. I actually made Turkish Delight, but not with chocolate. So it tastes like that? Sounds nummy to me Which one smells like oranges? I Want lol
  4. Well mr G, think I can spare a tip tray or two for you, there were 22 all together! lol I will wait till they arrive to see how many of each color That was a score for 50 cents each. Probably all my patients will get one, but I already have their present lol I checked the prices on the internet, I got a steal on those
  5. One 6 gallon Octopot lol had to say it
  6. Are we gonna have a winner by process of elimination? lol
  7. I ended up cleaning my cupboards off waiting lol said screw it and went to bed lol I still have not heard from the one here if the package made it. Don't they know we are sweating bullets waiting to hear? lol
  8. If you cook it long enough and high enough temp, you would not need to decarb before hand. I decarb for butter, honey, tincture, etc, because I infuse at a very low temp, it would never decarb. I would suggest you make ghee, do not use water in your ghee to infuse. That way it has a shelf life of 6 months and in the freezer for more then a year, think up to 2. I store mine in half cup containers in the freezer, they stack so do not take up as much room, then I can take out one as needed. Or simply make it with coconut oil, without water, either way without water should give you a long shelf life on either. Keep your herb in a cool, dark place, if you can suck the air out, that would help it keep longer.
  9. Damn I hate days like today, still waiting an invoice for those trays, a person was suppose to contact me and hasn't, another suppose to call, waiting to see if someone here received their package. I might just go to bed lol
  10. Find out price, and see if they can let you sample it Pretty easy to make the oil at home. But a lot easier to buy it if affordable. Just don't buy isolates.
  11. Well unless they go to scraping shit on em, should be OK for rolling a joint on
  12. They would not pass an OSHA inspection lol yea they are hand painted, on metal Tip Trays for waitresses. Plastic cheap crap came later lol Think of Coca Cola trays Same type only MINI I am waiting for this gal to invoice me, not sure what is taking so long, they were only 50 cents each I think I could spare a few red ones lol think there are 7 total of those ones
  13. Well you have me curious, did you live in Cali before? Welcome to OG
  14. I actually went to a normal harvest in that room, instead of perpetual, that way when I harvest I can clean everything, including the tubing.
  15. A lady having a vintage sale, I snagged these up for rolling trays lol Sweet! Everyone can have their own lol
  16. That is why I would like to see you on CBD daily I think I put an article up here that explains on how CBD works on the spine. I still have to baby my back, and not do heavy lifting, but I was in a wheelchair because the pain was so bad I literally could not walk, CBD changed that around for me.
  17. I don't think I've grown any of theirs
  18. Who ever answered first lol That is the pits when you lose weight and lose muscle. Happened to me when I was on insulin, and looked like I was 9 months pregnant lol I was so bloated up, yet my sugar was high, so my body was eating it's own muscle. I lost all my muscle, and I am unable to get it back, I be wimpy now lol. Glad you got your weight back and some muscle. Would be nice if they figured out a better option on how to fix these issues, backs are another, many are not told they can't do anything.
  19. You have to clean all equipment and the tubing along with it. I Missed a piece of equipment, cleaning it, and it sure was a mistake. Use hydrogen peroxide on all. Could be something else, but sure looks like how mine did when algae growth and it starved them for oxygen, over night, it looked like they were air fried lol.
  20. Click on a comment part, then you can drag and drop your pics right into it.
  21. Maybe in an oil bath to decarb? Or water bath?
  22. I have to exercise them daily or they lock up. Like I say, old age is not for wimps. My friend is like you mr g, think he has had 9 surgeries, one just pops out of socket all the time No hope for him either. So guess I am lucky, just have to keep exercising them. How is your shoulder, any better?
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