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  1. You like the GG Jet? That thing is so popular here, I think it is finally now dying down. But I think that is one of the longest lasting "favs" I've seen around.
  2. I am not real educated in a lot of these things but I do know if you are looking to solve heat issues, LEDs are the way to go. It dropped my temps over 20 degrees, I had to throw a 600 watt back in to keep the temps up. lol
  3. It is OK< but had to put a 600 watt back in for heat lol. Not super impressed but will do for now.
  4. @Toker Ethnobotanical medicine is effective against the bacterium causing Lyme disease Get some Japanese Knotweed like I suggested if you have not.
  5. I really miss @Justcozz anyone heard from him lately? You doing alright?
  6. I feel the same, he was just reacting to the BS being put forth, and should not have been given a time out with the rest. He was only reacting to them.
  7. That other site is too user unfriendly to me lol I am glad you and Goodfellow come back here
  8. I am so glad you are having such great success with them. Makes my heart happy lol
  9. Funny, no one paid attention when I posted this, this is from 2018 lol
  10. I see you have been looking around and are excited to be here, very cool, Welcome
  11. If you come to Michigan, you will have to come see me I live a few hours from there. I don't think I can go to Goodfellows this year, too much going on to leave.
  12. I have no suggestions, never been there, but I would like to wish you an early, happy Anniversary Paps.
  13. For those Questions, Why Don't I feel High off medibles, Why Do I get So Blown out on medibles Here's a quick summary of the different variants: AA - Most efficient CYP2C9 enzyme. Breaks down THC most fully and rapidly. Likely to experience the least amount of drowsiness from pot. Gets less high from edibles, high from smoking or edibles shorter in duration. AC - Intermediate between AA and CC CC - Least efficient CYP2C9 enzyme. Does not break down THC as completely. Likely to experience the most amount of drowsiness from pot. Gets WAY more high from edibles, high from smoking or edibles longer in duration. How Your DNA Affects Your Response to Cannabis - The CYP2C9 Gene
  14. That is good to know Gardener, TY. I Think I might actually have some of these seeds Two big issues with patients, pain and sleep.
  15. She has a really nice structure to her shiska Good looking plant there.
  16. I love that, that is truth lol
  17. PH lock out? what the heck is going on there.
  18. LOL I'll try that out They were a HIT!!!!!!!!!! I am so tickled, tried quite a few things, and this was it, only complaint, wants a bit smaller oatmeal pieces, check done lol And I found the perfect mold for the 50mg the patient uses. And My other patient who does not like sweets love these too.
  19. I miss out west so badly. TY FOr those beautiful pics Baq. SPW< I was like OMG that is NOT My SPW hitting a dog lol I am so glad you straightened that out lol I am tickled, got a few orders for the heart gummies, and for some reason gave one of my patients an idea and she wants me to make a Russel Stover box of creams as a gift for Easter. That sounds fun now
  20. That might be really good for those with insomnia.
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