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  1. Bummer, at least no jail time.
  2. Happy Halloween, I have a joint for you hehehe
  3. Oh I make it sound horrid don't I lol I can walk around my house, cause I Have everything set up so I can grab onto things, always use the hand rail and never carry anything up and down stairs. It would be for going anywhere, it is totally fatiguing me out and very painful to walk out in public. Just want to avoid the chair for that. Thank God, I am good at home
  4. Hope so, it is getting harder to walk, trying to avoid going back to the chair.
  5. I have some of the moms on those plant things for large house plants, has wheels on it Just turn the base
  6. Had the PT and appt at prosthetic place. I don't have drop foot, but it is called Present with drop foot. Disconnect from brain due to MS, and diabetic neuropathy, gate issues, etc. So I am being fitting with light weight braces that will fit in my diabetic shoes.
  7. CBD is awesome! It actually heals bones, makes then harder to rebreak. It is hands down the best for back pain, it works up the spine to the brain. It will repair damaged brain cells. Fights certain types of cancer, keeps cancer from metastasizing. Amazing for migraines and anxiety. I have panic disorder and one of the things I use daily for it is CBD, and I combine it with my nightly Indica cannabis oil at night. to keep from getting an anxiety attack. It helps my tremors and muscle spasms as well. I LOVE CBD Combined with THC, not many do not find relief. Seriously though, if you start eating it, you will find the magic. Even decarbing the herb, and just capping it up, works. Eaten with high fat, even more effective. But you must be careful to start slow, low dose at first, to make sure it does not bring on anxiety. Work up slow and low until you find the benefit needed. I also use adaptogen herbs for anxiety as well. Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola . I use Ash at bedtime and Rhodiola during the day.
  8. I am not sure of Sannie's gear but indica would be better over sativa. CBD is anti anxiety and would work well for both the aspect of anti anxiety and for arthritis. I would use a nice indica mixed with CBD. Eaten you will find even more pain relief.
  9. Whew Toker, hope you can take it easy. Did I ever send you balm?
  10. I love your subtlety lol I am so glad to be my own boss, but some what of a guarantee income would be nice. I have been my own boss for so long, I do not think I could work "under" someone at this stage, I will just retire lol I would work side by side, but not under, I would probably get fired by telling the boss how to do it ha ha
  11. Cold is starting to get to me, ache to the bone is right, maybe age? Me too, heated blanket is my bed mate ha ha, but then again I get hot flashes ha ha
  12. OMG you all, too early for all this, I Hope this isn't a sign of what your winter is gonna be like
  13. Looking good, looks like green crack is stacking nice.
  14. I feel so very honored, that touches me. TY so much hahahaha oh that is funny lol
  15. This cracks me up, my first thought, nope he ain't got no faces like that down there lol
  16. Wow, I was not expecting that Thought you were just directing me to who had seeds. That is very kind of you to do.
  17. Believe it or not, the other contestant was chosen. This woman gave me chills, amazing!
  18. TY both, both of those I have been leaning toward, like the PB kisses are not made with sugar but honey, that might work. I make a health ball as well. I forgot about that one, and it uses honey as well.
  19. Does that actually work? BTW how do you get worm leachate? lol I wonder if that would work on thrips. NEVER MIND~ I asked nothing bahhahah I goofed, read spider mites, thought that was the thread I was in lol Apologies, can not delete
  20. I need to come up with a non sugar medible, that is as easy to use as the sugar ones. Hard to come up with things that do not have sugar in them and easy to dose with. Like Chex mix, no sugar, but who wants to eat Chex mix all day? lol I have two patients needing this and I am stumped on what to make. Doesn't help all I want to do is eat sweets lol, the cruel of a diabetic I crave it ha ha. Anyhoo, because my appetite is yuck, I Just can not come up with something. Hoping maybe some of you with normal appetites could help me? They do not want to do cannabis caps, nor tincture, they want a non sweet medible to use through out the day. Tall order for me lol
  21. I had a patient at one time, who hit me hard and heavy, obviously dealing, I ask NO Questions lol, so I Put a bunch in, she dropped out on me. I had like 13 strains ha! Was like a mini dispensary over here. lol
  22. I do not notice a better growth with these LEDs, but less heat was my huge issue, and that it brought right down. Trying to figure out savings, will be better maybe next month, when I know I used no air at all, then compare to last years use. Then I can see how much I saved. I hope like hell I do not sacrifice bud.
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