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  1. Shoot that is another on my bucket list, lovely color.
  2. I would love someone who is in business, to make me their head chef/baker lol only issue, then I could not help patients Backwards law here. Or go in business for myself, and have to stay in code for like 5 things, and have half a million, sign my line on FBI form and give finger prints, be open 24/7 for inspections, with a 10k fine and who knows what else if they find out out of compliance. Then you have to do testing, transport, blah, blah, blah, Think I will stick to being a caregiver that is not required by the state to report income or pay taxes. I wonder if these folks think this out before they lay all that cash out The app is 6k, just to apply, and non refundable. My friend picked up seeds, one I have and he would like, the other two were the Lifesavers and Buckeye Purple, sweet @Griot gifted me those, very honored to receive them. I am finally going to get them going, well he is lol, been really wanting both those. YAY!
  3. Num, num Baq you been in my kitchen again? lol
  4. Sounds like a good one, have the seeds, haven't popped them. Nighty night, sleep tight, don't let the spider mites bite hehe
  5. These molds always make me smile, sorry for the sideways pic. Strawberry creams, made with ground dry strawberries. , no coloring, no flavoring, made with dried ground strawberries Russel ain't got nothing on me
  6. This was a last minute before I went to bed recipe lol 2 canned peaches drained, cup of bisquick, milk, bit of vanilla, sugar in the peaches, butter in the batter, cinnamon, nutmeg. So easy, amazing it came out looking so good, you dump in it a small pan, mix the batter up in it, then put your drained peaches with sugar on top. When it bakes the crust comes up through the peaches. So easy, taste and looks like I spent some time on it lol
  7. Too small, need to double the batch, I dont' want to share lol but I did Dang that is good and simple, just used the Bisquick recipe, easy peasy.
  8. Medicated Peach Cobbler, pour some ice cold cream on it, num num
  9. Was he talking about two different things? As in the dog ate some medibles? Hell I thought OMG< he hit the dog so hard for getting his food, she got ataxia, did not seem like SPW lol I hope not lol hope the dog just got high.
  10. I am going to yell at you if that is your dog you made act like it has ataxia, did I Read that wrong? I have Ataxia lol not fun. That looks nummy, wish I could eat food like that again.
  11. I love your pics Saxo, that has to be a wonderful place to live.
  12. Damn don't tell me that, I will be seeking it out lol
  13. I would definitely grow that one again if I had her
  14. I am hoping a friend will pop these seeds for me, then I can get a clone, have no room in the INN to do seedlings lol I have been wanting to pop this one for a few years, things just kept coming up. Perfect timing, in honor of Subcool as well. LifeSaver is a mostly indica variety from B.O.G. Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±48 days) and outdoors. B.O.G. Seeds' LifeSaver is/was never available as feminized seeds. LifeSaver A cross of SubCool’s JCB (Jacks Cleaner, Blueberry) and my BOGBubble. This was my first truly Medical strain and it has good pain killing properties. Potent and relaxing, LifeSaver also helps with sleep. A good yielder even in smaller grows. LifeSaver! It will cure what ails ya! Tooth numbing potency with a deliciously sweet and fruity taste like candy. It smells like a roll of LifeSavers. Flowers in 45 - 50 days.
  15. Should have sent them to me bahahaha
  16. There was a group I belonged too, closed now, we had a hook up with him, he gave all members discounted seeds. I had the Agent Orange, Jillybean, Apollo, Ace of Spades, I still have the Chernobyl. I loved that Ace of Spades, it came out in 6 weeks in the Octopots. Agent Orange and Jillybean smelled awesome at the beginning, but they changed over time. That Agent Orange, Holy would not mind growing her again, straight up Orange.
  17. Gummies for Valentines They take over a week to set up
  18. Processing more oil Return customers, says something hey hey! no not hay ha ha
  19. LOL your mask cracks me up, you were a sweet baby I swore I would not take any more clones in or seeds, but dang it all, someone I know has a Banana one! lol Another one to add to the strain whore's stock lol
  20. He is married I believe, his wife or g/f is Jill, Jill actually made a few seeds herself. I am sure she will keep it going. I heard he died of natural causes, can not find out more. His Chernobyl I have is kick ass, straight up lime and yields are awesome.
  21. gardenartus


    How do you train a bud tender in 4 hours lol that would just be training on how they want a worker to perform. No way could they learn what they need in 4 hours lol. I hope they start having folks with knowledge in the shops, I work with patients on a daily basis, and hear their stories about dispensaries, not many are educated, hope that changes.
  22. Dave Bowman of TGA subcool seeds has passed RIP, RIP
  23. After they sat a day, they taste like PB lol the cocoa in there, gives me a hell of a head rush and makes my face really hot lol So I am like does cocoa make you high? Googled it, people are snorting cocoa out here! ha ha ha so I was not imagining this, try some cocoa, not heated, see if you get high, dont' snort it though lol
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