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  1. Patient request, medicated push ups I made the strawberry banana regular for the kiddos, two potency strength on the grape ones.
  2. LOL SMH Your Ego is showing I do believe it was me that brought them around. I sound like a bitch, but hell that is Truth
  3. I wonder where they came from. Like was it Hammie? with his castor beans lol
  4. Pretzel bites I am pleased with these, probably go on my menu
  5. You are a sweetheart A lot do not lol I had one left me for 6 weeks, and came back, she could not find anyone that does what I do. She is still with me too, 8 years My fav patient.
  6. YAY, I found a recipe I can medicate for Pretzel bites
  7. I love the way they say Houuuuuse lol
  8. I wonder if we could dehydrate Honey or other infused base. Some recipes there is no way to incorporate the medicine. thinking dry honey might work. I really want a sonic stirrer! lol that would allow me to even medicate water There would be no recipe I could not medicate. Made some sweethearts, and sweet tarts, then dawned on me, no way to incorporate the medicine. It is made with water and gelatin lol
  9. I love you Hempy, you are so cool. There are no questions, when you give an answer
  10. I have central air, portable air for the ladies. If it cools at night, not so bad can shut down the air, it is not going to get lower then mid 70s. This is gonna kill my budget lol. I am very thankful I have air, MS and heat are like the ladies, you just stop producing lol.
  11. Here is what we are facing, and even hotter the rest of the week. Suppose to be 80 by 9am. a heat index that will approach 100 to 105 degrees this week in West Michigan.
  12. That is how I feel on indica cannabis oil. I seem so in-tune to things, my thoughts are so clear, and I seem to have a different outlook on the world in general, I think differently.
  13. LOL< yep sprayed for thrips, make sure they are clean. Just don't spit on em when you get em lol Or if any remaining ones, spit away lol
  14. You might have something like ADD, racy things slows that type brain and makes it function better
  15. OMG for real, you are suggesting someone who might have a touch of anxiety, to wire it up with Expresso with that sativa! ha ha ha Yea, let's take a nice Holy shit I can't sit down, stop pacing, heart racing, can't stop this anxiety rush lol.
  16. It's cause you touched them, maybe Spit some Jet on them? Bahahhahaha
  17. Well three folks in this have MODERATOR besides their name, that should SHOUT out a lot right there. again WTF As far as I know, YOU ALL ROCK as Breeders.
  18. Yep, I"ve only had a few change color for me, one is Santeros g13/bw. Duchess did one time, Barbasol was going to but had to pull her due to seeds. They all had to go a bit longer, think only why I saw any color.
  19. Yep, and weighing is even more exact. Some recipes instead of cups, I have weight. Not all measuring tools are the same.
  20. Wow, that is quite interesting. I know with the Octopots, they stay green most the time, hard to get color.
  21. LOL I have Green Crack, I don't know of anyone that has went trippy on it. I imagine you would if you smoked too much.
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