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  1. Butane-Tane soup, gross as all get out, and not enough quality BHO makers with integrity out here. Try some rosin, clean, you wont' hack up a lung. I hate that we have products with Butane, I don't feel it is clean enough. You are not being paranoid, you have brains to think this out lol I've seen some pretty bad practices of how this is made.
  2. LOL funny, I get real lazy on spelling and grammar at times. I've heard the same, I don't know if I've had a purple with a green pheno to compare it too of the same strain. Seems like all the ones I pop, suppose to be purple or pink, are always green lol.
  3. I am making something similar, sugar cookies with orange zest, orange juice, and then orange zest icing, sans the white chocolate.
  4. I dont' have a good pic of it, what's new lol, but MPL#4 is a really beautiful color of true purple against stark white hairs, sometimes she puts out lime green leaves. There are only a couple of us that have her, no seed, no plants out here cept the two of us. Kept her because of her extreme purple thinking she would make a good cross. She just isn't potent enough IMO as is. Some of those put out those awesome autumn leaf colors, just gorgeous. Love that Straw leaves
  5. I have so much to learn! That is something that would really save well everything! lol Storing or disposing of all the used soil is a pain. If I still had my outdoor gardens going wouldn't be so hard to incorporate into this yard. To recharge and reuse is optimal. One of this days Pretty cool you have this down to recharging the soil before the plants come out.
  6. She has a fruity smell and taste, even on exhale, kind of sweet Hit my head then totally relaxed me. Think I am gonna like this one.
  7. So maybe I am not doing anything wrong, wonderful I see these gorgeous leaves here, some really put out nice fall colors. Kept thinking do I need to take this up a notch over here or what. My rooms stay pretty warm with that HPS. Thank you guys
  8. Yea I really didn't know if I was doing something wrong here. The smoke is great, like you yep ran across that as well, can't remember breed, white as white hairs yet her trichs were starting to amber. The g13 turned beautiful yellow, the GSC gets black leaves. I can't remember who it was but someone put up there Bruce Banner, and gorgeous burnished leaves, mine never change. So started thinking, maybe I am doing something wrong? Everything seems OK, just the leaves stay so green.
  9. Please don't be mean lol hard time even asking this. OK< some of my plants will have cloudy with amber trichs, yet the leaves stay green, a LOT Of my plants do this. Is it the strain or am I doing something wrong? Perpetual grow with the res, can't cut nutes back, so take it off the line and flush by itself and to stop the nutes. Maybe I don't need to? How long do you feed? I stop say around 6 or 7 weeks, most finish in 8 to 9, and flush. My trichs are done, the smoke is fine, but wondering why my leaves are not changing color at the end? Please be nice lol
  10. Cool, have no issues with that, always give credit and sure don't plan on selling, maybe gifting if I would risk thinking I have a good one.
  11. I am gonna watch you lol I am very interested in breeding myself, no toe stepping or boot stomping lol, very interesting in seeing what I can do. Is there a certain etiquette when using another beans to cross with?
  12. I've not passed out yet but damn near coughed up a lung lol
  13. LOL I have to laugh at some of this oh funny. I watched a dude drop, just drop after he took too big a hit, fool was bragging too right before that lol.
  14. That is a good idea and never thought of that, what if you did switch up to sativa, pretty wicked head high on some of those. That might be the ticket, instead of switching up strains, type.
  15. Like iFish, switch up strains, I use a gram of THC oil and CBD a day, my tolerance is through the roof. Doesn't take long to build up a tolerance for me at all, I don't get high on joints rarely. Kind of sucks, hear ya, not sure if you are that heavy a user if you could ever get a nice high again, unless you just do not use.
  16. Very nice! I agree, was looking at Harbor Freight, by the time I buy all the parts and put it together, that is if I put it together right ha ha, that is not a bad price at all.
  17. Nice, she sounds right up my alley.
  18. I am gonna find out! lol got the blue moon magoo going ready to sex, now I got the new ocotopots set up gonna pop the MOB. Held off on her till I got this room set up proper. I had DJs, OMG I loved that plant, smell out of this world, taste nummy, nummy, and great yield and high. I have been on the hunt since, nothing has compared, hoping one of these do with the blue magoo cross or the MOB. This MOB is suppose to be a nice one for a purple cross. Seeing purple Deathstar and Cali dream in my future lol
  19. That is awesome you all are getting such good results with these. I've never run less then 1k hps myself so I have no clue what any of these other bulbs do, cept from you all lol I want to do a bigger room when finances give me a break, and kind of looking into the different bulbs, wondering if I shouldn't do a different type, save on a bit of cash for electric.
  20. You can get nice buds all the way to the base with the Octo's, I have no idea why these work like magic but they sure do. I loillipop so that helps, but I can grow the same strain in my straight soil room and one in the octo, same size, same trim up, and I will get popcorn in the soil room but not the Octo. I finally got my new Octopots So glad you have this thread up, I am not going to use a res with these, not enough cash so going straight octopots and watering, eeek lol hope this works OK cause them babies really drink the water. The new pots have an improved bottom, that was a weak spot in the original ones. Love These, Love The Texas Tomato Food. You did an excellent job on this. That pull Wow! Yea boy now that is a haul, you out did my friend who pulled 19.
  21. Hats off, Integrity, compassion, keep it real always. Babies, Babies, I see Babies! who doesn't love babies
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