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  1. Think Agent Orange was hers as well. I did not know they had broken up, thought still married when he passed. Good to see someone is continuing on. I still have Pandoras box, nice sativa with no ceiling.
  2. This is Grand Rapids Michigan, after the governor called for everyone to stay home. This is normally bumper to bumper, the parking lot normally has no parking or not much. I have never seen GR like this.
  3. I have went to his site many times, probably Windows ten like you say. Oh that is nice numbers on that
  4. hahahaha "IT"S" priceless ha ha ha
  5. My computer gave me a red flag for your forum, I know you don't have a virus or at least I hope not
  6. I have a new patient that brings me cool things, she brought me half gallon of everclear, another time some home made salsa I could eat with a spoon lol Peach preserves num num. This time she brought me a few pounds of roasted pecans in the shell. I am going to make her some infused mini pecan pies
  7. Have a friend in the same boat, working under table, they took her out of the office and put her as a cab driver, she has three auto immune diseases, she asked to stay home, we will work it out, they won't let her stay home Unemployment is not going to help you folks
  8. Cool, glad she kept it going. Wonder how she is doing.
  9. That is some nice looking bud, love the purple showing through
  10. Beautiful, I grew her years ago, she was a fav in my garden, had Agent Orange at the same time, what a heavenly smelling garden.
  11. I just got wiped out of all medibles on hand, I was hustling putting together packages of what I had on hand, the news hit and had 3 patients hit me today lol. Two already did, Friday and Sunday. Only thing I have left is some oil and pot. that won't be long for the pot either! I will have to make something for myself, and hide it lol
  12. I am glad our gov is being proactive with this.
  13. Our gov made a speech today, and talked about how Trump got the govs together, and told them the states are on their own, Also the medical Federal relief, only sent in enough masks and the like for one shift for One hospital. Folks are making masks, distilling to make hand sanitizer. He is not helping giving the necessary supplies to help the medical field.
  14. We were just alerted shut down starting at midnight, stay home.
  15. Trump has been very odd about the coronavirus, I will give you that Fool.
  16. LOL think Diesel knows me too well Baq, I would be the one to kill myself
  17. She is sinmint cookies crossed with Wedding Cake, the wedding cake is really popular here, it can test out at 25%, you should pop those.
  18. Wow, that is pretty cool, I have really bad allergies, that might help me! Wonder if you could put those in ducting, that would solve issue of coming through the vents YES!!!!!!!! Simply attach the U-shaped bracket to the inside of your ductwork or the inside of your furnace. I think you found my answer dieseldog TY! I ordered some
  19. I was going to do heat, but thought it was in the 100s and I think plastic would melt lol seriously, some of the equipment has limits, but I could do 95. I sulfured all rooms, and took down Mylar, put new up, bleached everything. But you just never know if I missed a crack or corner. I hate PM, it just messes everything up, and I will not use those harsh ones on the plants. I think I will do heat, just to make sure I don't want to ruin anything, or kill myself lol
  20. That is what I am trying to avoid, kill them lol there is a way to do it, but specific timed, was hoping someone here had done it for sterilization, not just for trich production. I think I am going to get those shoom caps for the vents, that should help. What happened was I brought in PM, from processing someones trim, it went through my bathroom vent to my flower. Since I had to do the clean up, and setting the rooms back up, was looking at ways to prevent, was looking at the UV for that. I might skip this and just get the shroom caps, I';ve been known to kill my plants with natural fixes ha! Probably better just skip the UV.
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