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  1. https://ministryofhemp.com/blog/cbd-in-the-brain/ CBD is powerful medicine for the brain, instead of thinking of it only working through the receptors, Please read above and other links on how CBD works on the brain. I would suggest making CBD oil, then dissolve this in MCT oil, which is coconut oil that stays liquid and will make it even more bio available. Yes it works for some for ADD and ADHD< some need sativa. If CBD alone does not work, add in sativa. You can infuse CBD into coconut oil, but you end up with the green, not quite as pleasant to use compared to the cannabis oil without the green then dissolved in MCT oil. Help under the tongue kicks in quickly.
  2. Glad that is working out for you.
  3. There might be a thread here about the madchem. The Purple storm hermied so badly it was crazy, and she was a sneaky one, all hidden under close to the stock. She fully seeded out before I even knew it lol. She was really nice smell and smoke, but can't afford to seed my room out.
  4. gardenartus


    She looks sugar coated!
  5. gardenartus

    orange spider A

    eeeek! What kind of spider is that!
  6. Is this making it physically easier for you Gardener?
  7. Hahahaha I love it, cardboard boxes eh lol You've Come A Long Way BAby! ha ha ha
  8. @ Vivix I can't figure out how to comment on your photos. Stunning, Absolutely Stunning!
  9. Sorry that happened to you. I can not take pics worth a poot lol. Looking forward to your grow show.
  10. I am pretty much tapped out, curious if others have found any Black Friday deals for the grow out here?
  11. LOL you just copy and paste the link, do not add a link connection. AT least I think so. I know when I do youtube, I just plop in the URL It gives to share.
  12. I keep forgetting Thanksgiving is not a World wide holiday lol call me a goof. For Thanksgiving Saxo In America it is Thursday.
  13. I experimented a bit with times and temps, I am happy with the 200 for 20 minutes, 220 for an hour for THC. Most people for a medicinal dose, for regular users, is 25mg to 50mg. It all depends on the person, some can only use 10 to 15mg. Heavy users if having a hard day will use upward of 200mg per dose. Personally I am living, breathing THC for blood ha ha I use a gram of oil and I use medibles during the day, 50mg, and I use CBD tincture. But it takes that much to hit all the issues I have, especially with MS. All the products give a bit different feel, the oil is more heavy, honey is quick, butter and honey ones seem to be more uppy feel compared to the oil. If you use a combo of, then you get a really nice blend of meds. Honey kicks in quicker, butter later, oil will give you heavy duty pain relief. Combining works great, also when using CBD and THC together, gives you a med that probably works better then any.
  14. Wow, did something to my foot and ankle last night, it hurt so bad I could not even stand on it at all. Thought for damn sure I broke it, have flat feet and they are messing up. I was in tears, holy even the air was making me hurt. Better today, think I sprained it, so can put weight on it, but I thought I broke my foot last night lol My guy had to carry me to the bathroom lol Hope this does not take long to heal. I am telling you old age is NOT For wimps, although I sure was one last night lol
  15. Eating medibles you have to think about chewing, this just chug it down lol I drank two, and I think I need a nap lol I've only made Grape, make it out of Welchs, should try orange
  16. Yea they actually do still sell it. This could get you in trouble real quick lol You can not taste anything in here. 100mg a cup!
  17. Grape MeHigh lol it is foaming like a Beer! lol Delicious
  18. I just decarb for 20 minutes at 200f, then one hour at 220f for THC< two hours for CBD.
  19. If I am reading the bills correctly, my electric went down about 70 a month compared to last year with those LEDs.
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