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  1. @AbuKeif, I was dxed in my 30s with MS< Diabetes, hypothyroid, DDD, a lot of others since, until I started eating cannabis at the age of 50, only been dxed with aortic aneurysm since I started to consume. Have a lot of normal age issues, but nothing really new since eating cannabis. Your doc is probably right.
  2. LOL yea no doubt I am going to try to get a bill passed to change our medical to the freedom rec has been granted They can gift, they can hold 10s, they can give samples, they can deliver to a business, they get fines not jail terms. It needs to be a fair playing ground out here. I want medical to be more lax and the law be more like rec, and I am going to try to do that.
  3. My friend, she lives downtown, her son shot that. Better then what the news put out lol
  4. 2.5 per patient, if patient yourself and full ticket with 5 patients, Michigan pound lol 15 Os. No way growing in the Octopots, unless perpetual can you stay within limits. Even then it is almost impossible. Either you need to be one lousy grower, or grow only one plant, no way are patients staying in count lol. I turn a lot of mine into oil, tincture, honey. 36 fluid ounces is equal to one O for count.
  5. It is a PITA to grow perpetual lol I would not do it if not for the limits they have on us.
  6. Not just yes a Big Fat YES lol Cool short video of Fire Works, one of our cool bridges here video-1562520060.mp4
  7. Yep I do., love it lol Here your go Mr G
  8. That one sounds nummy Mr G, good to see you back Hey we have all can grow who are 21 and over. Our whole state is gonna smell like cannabis lol
  9. Your deck is similar to mine, I want to put some outdoors next year on my deck Do you grow on yours? Yea they are nuts here, I never did anything wrong they could see, I was raided because of family calling on me, never arrested. Scared the crap out of me I tell ya, and they hurt me. Bugger butts anyhoo.
  10. I am too! lol they are just kind of jerks here I am just fooling with ya lol
  11. You all need better carbon filters lol I think my neighbor about shit when they raided me, I bet he ripped all his plants in a panic. They parked in his driveway lol his grow is in his garage. Cops probably thought they were smelling mine lol
  12. That is not unusual JC< the octos just out perform the old way I can not get even close in soil to what I get from the octos That Rhino sure likes these! Beautiful garden. Napali Pink has a chance of being a large plant? Good info for when I grow her out. Couple my plants went in a bit too large. The deathstar and the sunshine dream, both huge plants, said you other Ladies get back this is MY room lol. So the other plants in the room are smaller, one I actually had to take a few weeks longer, Those plants just took over the room lol. Gonna be cool to have a room all running the same time, instead of perpetual.
  13. I didn't look lol did you bring those ones from Hammie back to life?
  14. hahaha NO this one I have a good cut of, the GG4 I have right now is not the old one I had Just treated for thrips, make sure they are gone before I send it out. :
  15. I think you would love it, does amazing in the Octo, dank sweet, and very potent.
  16. A gent here said he gets 7 to 9 grams/oz of concentrate off the Ohio cut of Deathstar. That is pretty amazing.
  17. The “Moms + Marijuana” study is co-led by Drs. Natalia Kleinhans and Stephen Dager, radiologists at the University of Washington School of Medicine. They will track the subjects’ marijuana use from the first trimester throughout pregnancy and then scan infants’ brains at age 6 months to identify possible effects of cannabis exposure. Kleinhans said this study aims to expand on existing literature by clarifying marijuana’s effects without the confounding influences of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. “The very few investigations that have studied prenatal cannabis exposure and infant brain development have all involved women who are polysubstance drug users. No one has looked at marijuana use exclusively,” she said. “This study will also involve periodic drug testing during pregnancy to verify in real time that moms aren’t using other drugs, rather than relying on the mother's self-report after the child is born." https://newsroom.uw.edu/news/study-will-test-pots-effects-infants-brain-development
  18. Is it just me, or does your outdoor plant have odd leaves? That sativa sticks out like a sore thumb lol I love how the leaves are so different between indica and sativa. Did you put something new up in your bathroom? LOL
  19. You all listen to some trippy music lol
  20. Purty, purty, sounds like you have this tuned in
  21. I have central air, so that helps some what, but I have to use portable air condition. It's been 90s here with the lows in the 70s, with a ton of rain. Humid is all get out. Using dehumidifier and portable air. My electric kills me during the summer. I have been thinking the same for a few reasons. LEDs are looking better and better to me.
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