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  1. Didn't he do a nice job on those, I was surprised they made it all that way looking so great.
  2. Both of mine have been torn, one froze up on me twice now, took 9 months the first time to work it out! Ouch, that one really hurt. This one is going to be easier, I Have more range of motion. I am just glad I didn't break anything lol. TY
  3. How long is that gonna take to ship to Michigan lol Looks really nummy
  4. That fall really did a number on my big toe, swollen up twice the size, black on the back side lol Whew, this thing is not nice lol I can tell it tore my rotator cuff, gonna have to ice it a bit and heal then exercise it I reckon.
  5. That excites me for you to say that "American Cannabis, just outstanding as a medicine that makes you a better person, something unheard of in Europe.... Be proud, you're holding the genetics that will hopefully heal the world..." OH hell yea, let's save the world
  6. IT is like that here too, way too much rain, now we have 90 degree temps to go along with humidity, bad year for outdoor
  7. Plane landed, They came through very nice. TY TY @Justcozz
  8. Jet sent me some of those Madberry Another one I plan to pop before the year is out. Sounds wonderful. Yep we went legal officially Dec 6th 2018. There is no where to legally buy rec right now though. Rec they can gift up to 2.5 Os, some are playing the gift game, T Shirt for 200 with this free bag of weed lol. Suppose to have dispensaries maybe next year for rec, we have some now for medical. They are really over their heads on how to implement all this. First year all over 21 can grow, and it is gonna be a hot damp grow season. I can only imagine the mold and all the issues out here.
  9. I haven't grown out either yet. I"ve had GDP, and it is such a really nice flavor to it, but main thing it really wipes out pain. The Green Ale is By Beachbud Suppose to be excellent for nerve pain. Both are fems seeds, Yea boy, no sexing lol Takes me forever to sex. I am in Michigan, we have been legal medically for a decade, a lot of really awesome breeds here. No way to grow all there is lol We have some really nice breeds here, we share, a lot sell clones, I like to barter but have bought a few.
  10. I hope I get purple Sugar Punch Think when I am able to drop seeds, gonna do the Sugar punch and green ale. Bout ready to sex the GDP, then I will pop more, once sexed.
  11. I love these cats but Good Lord they are gonna kill me lol I really messed up my shoulder and foot
  12. Sounds like the seeds were not stable. But I could see thrips causing enough stress for that to happen.
  13. lol HI Moz The Sunshine Dream is taking over my room lol like the Deathstar, This Is MY ROOM, you other gals move aside, I am not messing around lol.
  14. Damn Mittens, like a freaking bolder, lays right by my feet, I tried to keep from stepping on him, and hit the floor so hard, fell on my side, on my shoulder, knee, hip. Freak! I am hurting
  15. Hey Oregon is trying to push through to get rid of overages legally by selling to other states. Why not be our own states bahahahaha
  16. How did those treats turn out? Haven't done Cheerios before. Cocoa ones I did a PB base, I did not know they made a mix. Have you tried Strawberry Krispees? I grind up dried strawberries and add it to the butter/marshmallow mix, taste purty good! They also have dried Blueberries, now I want to try the Cheerios lol.
  17. My guys does that, have to slap his hands lol He will smoke it right up, sometimes I Hide it shhhhhhhhhhhh lol
  18. Woo Hoo! Sweet babies come to mama, I will love you and I wont' squeeze you lol TY TY TY
  19. I would have been gone a long time ago, if I quit when I messed up lol. Try frying plants, air frying them, feeding them algae ha ha ha and having them die 2 weeks before harvest. Now that you cry over lol. I've had a few runs where I didnt' pull well. Think we all have. Does seem like waste of time and money. Figure we are really lucky if majority of what we pop does well, some just do not.
  20. I am so excited to see what you get at the end Paps I agree with the TTF< so darn easy and complete. That and the octo, really made things easy for me, I need Easy lol
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