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  1. The Black Afghani I grew came out with some much leaf, was horrid to trim. That looks really good.
  2. Looking good, what are all the foil bags on the shelves there? Food prepper you lol
  3. Probably just me, but your leaves on those finishing up look a bit odd, like they would go to powder if you touched them, never saw that before. Maybe just lighting?
  4. Damn you strip it down! The Ladies are naked!
  5. I dipped the butter cookies in chocolate, some I put in the centers instead of jam. I also bought some Isomalt to play with. Looks like glass, I am going to play around with it and see what I can do, you can make really fancy things with it.
  6. Butter Thumbprint cookies with Strawberry freezer jam
  7. We really need Love and Wow buttons, that is just stunning. Awesome job as always Beach
  8. Looks like buggy boos, but no movement? EGGS
  9. Medicated Strawberry Freezer Jam, it is loose set but nummy, nummy! Made it with honey, not sugar.
  10. Dosage would depend on the person. Cool, good to hear.
  11. @Toker Immediately thought of you. This lady made yeast out of cannabis, following the guys directions in the link and made this bread with it! Amazing, had no clue you could do this https://www.reddit.com/r/fermentation/comments/7z8dam/cannabis_yeast_water/
  12. There is a guy here that takes amazing photos with one. That is downtown Grand Rapids Mi. First pic reminds me of Gotham. Second pic is our bridges lit at night, at times they have different color lights.
  13. Smoking does not cut it, you have to eat your cannabis lol
  14. Since it seems the biggest threat is it can create a cytokine storm. I believe it would take more then CBD, THC as well. Cannabis is very effective in managing MS. MS creates a cytokine storm of T and B cells. If it can calm that storm, I believe it will do it with the Covid virus as well. Eat Your Cannabis.
  15. That one is so seeded out, looks like you are breeding Purple storm did this to me, I was bragging how I was not getting hermies, they hid on me, and then WOW< the whole room was full of nanners.
  16. Jalapeno cheddar biscuit bites. I am having fun with the Babycakes Pop cake maker, seeing what all I can make, the doughnut holes were made in it as well.
  17. Donut Holes, cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar, and sugar glaze.
  18. Yep Dicks lol Toker they were at the Capital with guns, thought that was too funny, give the dicks some dick lol
  19. I am really missing having a perpetual grow, I never thought I would say that. But too much time between harvest has me antsy. I like pulling new breeds and waiting for months is not doing it for me. I did put in four a few weeks apart, but I am gonna have to do this so I can pull something every month. Plus my reserves for making the base products gets way too low. Guess I need to redo Again how I am doing this.
  20. Life is a farce, not much we have been told is truth. When you unbury your head from the sand, it is quite alarming how much false we have shoved down our throats, and sad fact, we just believed it without question. I am a hermit for many Good reasons lol
  21. No one has called another Twat yet, so guess we are doing OK lol Yea we better shut up, this will turn into someone getting mad I had to, just had to post this pic someone photo shopped of the Militia lol
  22. I like the looks of it, seems you would have an even canopy.
  23. Ewwww, forest berries with musky chocolate cheese, dang that sounds delicious
  24. I respect the fact that people believe in Trump, because he is our prez, and you show respect. What I have seen, his leadership has lead to many acting like heathens, they do not attack ideas, they attack people. IF I state Facts about what Trump has done, I must be one of those damn Dems. I am not a dem, nor rep, I vote for I feel who will be best for our country, I did not vote for Trump. I am a moral person with integrity, I see that is not the norm now, I feel like this admin, backs bad behavior, and that is spreading like wild fire.
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