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  1. I have to rant, WTF is up with the newbies to this, we are suppose to call it cultivars, not strains, Sativa and indica are incorrect, you have to smoke it a certain way, go through a ritual with the shit. WTF has happened to the cannabis world, we got all these newbies saying we been doing it wrong and calling it by the wrong names. It is like you need to go to school to pick out a Cultivar To smoke in your new dab rig, and only when in the realm of inner peace WTF!!!!! The new cannabis world is nuts.
  2. After years of delay, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration could soon begin issuing licenses to businesses and institutions to cultivate cannabis for scientists researching the plant. “I expect them to start issuing licenses no later than the first half of 2021,” said Richard Shain, president of Maridose in Boca Raton, Florida. Maridose is one of roughly 30 entities that have applied for the federal cannabis cultivation permits. That assessment comes after the DEA on Dec. 18 published its final rule to expand the number of federally approved cultivators of marijuana for research from the current grower – the University of Mississippi – to at least three and as many as 15 or more. “DEA believes a range of three to 15 growers is a reasonable estimate for purposes of this economic analyses, with the understanding that the actual number could vary considerably,” the newly published rule notes. DEA might start issuing cannabis cultivation permits in early 2021
  3. I do THC at 200 for 20 minutes and at 220 for one hour, then CBD the same but for 2 hours. Odd how the numbers on CBD worked in this study, I wonder if they took it longer what the numbers would be. CBG is a funny one, sneaky gal, turns on ya lol.
  4. I just have to show off my friend's handy work, she surprised me with this beautiful afghan.
  5. One time I did 22 on a flood table. I have like a mother in law apartment on one side of my basement, had it made with a big walk-in closet and cedar closet, I stole the closets for the grow I would not mind a larger room, I have to use a tube to water I can't get in there when the plants get bigger lol. There is no room, I had to climb under them to check trichs on the back ones, almost fell into them, I could use a bigger room.
  6. Holy, OK Toker, when you beat them, beat yourself for allowing a way to get in there lol. That is very dangerous to breathe in.
  7. I have to chuckle at that, no Octopots unless you want a lot of weed lol
  8. Oh boy, that happened to my dad with Parkinson's, it changed him. God Bless You Too Duke I probably share more than I should ha! Beautiful FOTH
  9. I hear ya, mom wanted to pass at my home, she did, I had my dad here twice, he had Parkinson's and COPD. Had to do funeral arrangements. When did the family show up, when folks died, with their hands out. My last remaining sister took my mom and dad's house, all the belongings, and vehicle, she is gone now. One niece sued, thinking there was money she got screwed out of. Another called a raid in on me lol. Not all families are cracked up to what a family is supposed to be, that is for sure. I don't think my mom thought of herself this way, but she was the rock of the family. It just fell right apart when she passed. Mom was my best friend, she was bi-polar so kind of wack at times lol but we were very close.
  10. And I don't have to buy a bunch of Christmas presents lol Our family kind of fell apart when mom passed. Used to it Just feels weird when I think of it. Lone Ranger ha ha
  11. I am the last of my immediate family. It kind of feels a bit surreal lol Like I am the lone strain now ha ha
  12. I have some new strains, one will be coming out in January, Orange Daiquiri, suppose to be high in CBG, Have not put these in yet but excited for them as well, Root Beer Float and Black Cherry Soda
  13. You are such an odd person at times. I did forget about it, it is freezer jam, when I put some alcohol/oil solution in the freezer I saw the jam. You are so odd at times like you have two personalities.
  14. I forgot about the medicated Freezer jam, perfect for that infused bread
  15. Purty!!! Edit, lol that is funny it did not duplicate the pics, just what you said lol
  16. I had a couple of friends give me calls from other states wanting to move to Michigan. There is a lot of hoopla to do this legally now, you get a little FBI check in there and you need a huge legal bankroll. It is mainly run by huge corporations, some of the locals have obtained licenses but mainly corporate. I don't know about the other states, but you would be looking at maybe being a helper in the gardens or a budtender. You would need a bankroll to start a legal business here. This is not the big money folks think it is in the legal sense. You would have a lot of local competition for work. This is just an example I see on a daily basis in forums here. "I am looking for work. I am experienced grower, trimmer, general cannabis worker." They will probably choose a local before hiring outside. So would be a tough market for you I believe. But other states could be different.
  17. Wow how big is that one cola Beach, looks like 2 foot!
  18. My thought is Satin finish lol I used to be a baker at one time, when I actually could hold down a job, made fresh bread daily, one was an herbal bread, delicious! Love herbal bread, but also like fruit bread, like cherry and orange. My idea for paint, flat on ceilings, satin finish on walls, gloss or semi-gloss on woodwork and trim.
  19. Slightly telling, almost all Republicans voted no, almost all Dems, voted yes.
  20. Next loaf I make, going to make Garlic Bread and French Toast.
  21. Too freaking funny, I gave that loaf of bread to a friend that gave me a ride to pick up clones. He ate half the loaf, is so stoned lol
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