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  1. jmanuk

    hi guys

    sorry i have not updated this thread for some wks now peps ........there was a security breach some scummy bastard has made of with my prized plants! they took most of my stuff to grow as well and wot was not taken the pigs had ......fuck me wot a carry on! the result is no more free med i am forced to go to the black market. my genetics are all safe thank fuck ...with even some seed stock of the plants that where stolen! i will be keeping my account open as u never know wot the future holds man for every bad person there is one good ....i hope peace to all the growers from opengrow
  2. jmanuk

    hi guys

    the thought of my posts being here when i die sounds like a very nice idea if u ask me man
  3. jmanuk

    hi guys

    na man its k im ok with wots on here so far.....just no more silly name calling or argueing about silly stuff please now im just going to roll a blunt and chill for a bit hope u guys are joining me ..........................
  4. sounds interesting man . ive found that organic nutes give less in yield and the plants seem to grow slower than sythetics but the organic grown plants taisted better!
  5. jmanuk

    hi guys

    sorry man but im a really chilled out guy and u seem to be getting a bit to much for me so please chill out man it is only an occount (ive had loads over the years nothings happend to me man)!
  6. jmanuk

    hi guys

    na man enough guys this thread isny for this so please only post if its possitive or dont bother!! i let it go for a bit but now its boring if u want to go man go dont go and fuck my thread just cos u are stressed at this site!!
  7. jmanuk

    hi guys

    looking nice joker, i hear u man peace to all...... wot is it? just a wee update from the chosen 3 fems of the diesel cross just two are getting kept as they resemble the diesel mother.. enjoy
  8. jmanuk

    mad diesel

    this is a new cross of nycd x madisseno mad .
  9. wot a fast reply man thanks i know about the crazy laws there mental in holland . i thought tthat was why prices are banned. but wot about the seeds that u can buy is that not commercial seed sales(i guess thats legall so its ok)
  10. LMAO i think itll be a big bong he needs lol just a wee Q if pepps where to say prices ......will the site get into truble from someone? the Q may seem silly just want to know if thats ok!
  11. i had that problem with some seed companys, not much u can do as its just bad luck that who ever picked the 10 seeds for the packet just happend to pick more male seeds lol it happens . and also the odd bannana popping up aint anything to worrie about they are mostly inert pollen sacks that will only realeas pollen if touched (i never put my hands on my buds)
  12. jmanuk

    hi guys

    thanks man she does taiste very fruity and hazey not to strong its good for day time smokeing. hope all is well fagjack why are ur worried obout posting man ? wee all take a chance even sannie as seed production is illegal in holland man. PS. more diesel pics in the next cople of days,they are looking super healthy and cystally as fuck (the flowering room stinks of nycd)
  13. na man sorry no link to it as its not out on sale yet its getting tested man, no it does not have a ballest not sure how it works !
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