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  1. Balarama

    Just for shits and giggles...

    I have in plan to grow both Oaxaca ibl and Jalisco ibl in my next run, along with other plants. But plans change all the time so can't be sure about this. Would be nice to have some proper grow reports somewhere. Cheers
  2. Balarama

    Sannie's Jack by Balarama

    Hello OG, after a pretty successful grow with Shackzilla it's finally time for the Jack! Honestly I have no idea why it took so long to get and start some Jack plants, probably mostly because of deciding which Jack to try, well in the end the obvious choice was Sannie's Jack. My first and only Jack experience was in my early smoking years, in the early 2000's I tried Sensi's Jack Herer(very likely) and still remember it as one of the finest and most complete smoking experiences. The high was full, mind+body and lasted for 3+ hours(I was an early smoker) with a very lemon, incense and woody taste/aromas. Just lovely. Apparently Sannie took the Jack way further, selecting for his desired traits and I expect it to be a great smoke. Hopefully a bit more cerebral and less stony as I'm a sativa lover. Let's see what happens. There are two Jacks, one almost died after sprouting so I popped another and now have two beautiful plants, not the most vigorous but branchy and healthy, pretty similar to Shackzilla at the same stage of growth. Seems there are two phenos, one has just a bit wider leaves and shorter internodes. Still too early to tell, so I'll let them grow to a decent size before judging phenos. Sannie's Jack (J1) With the Jacks there will be a Bubba Kush x C99 regular by Cannacopia and The Kore fem by RealGorillaSeeds(Amnesia Core S1). Scrog grow, 200-300W leds in organic soil(15l pots). Cheers
  3. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    She was chopped at 9 weeks. Properly finished quite fast, like other plants too, probably because of heat. The panama x malawi looked close to done at nine weeks and was also chopped. Honestly, it was the last moment for chop because of start of bud rot in all plants, way too high temperatures for these ladies. Cheers
  4. Balarama

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Shackzilla @ 9 weeks Panama x Malawi PCK x Panama Cheers
  5. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    ShackZilla @ 9 weeks Cheers
  6. Balarama

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Shackzilla @ 8 weeks PCK x Panama, same age Panama x Malawi, also same age Cheers
  7. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    Hey MrG the ShackZ was actually 7 weeks on that picture, here's the updated bud at 8 weeks of 12/12(now 11/13) Shackzilla The Kolossus smoke was ok, nothing special though. Potency was good with a balanced to more high than stoned effect, lasted for good two hours. A good commercial choice just not of my personal preference. I think the SZ will fit the bill much better, she looks and smells very appealing, soft lemony and hazy hashy, looks potent too. Also curious about Jack, gotta run her next Cheers
  8. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    Another Shackzilla shot, taken at 48 days of 12/12 Lovely hazy sweet lemony aromas Cheers
  9. Balarama

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Bodhi mountain temple, or maybe celestial temple sativa? Cheers
  10. Balarama

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Shackzilla with a couple of Panama hybrids in the background ;)
  11. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    A quick look in the tent, Shackzilla in center, Panama hybrids in the back Have an amazing weekend!
  12. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    After some time there's a couple of photos from my grows. Kolossus(purple - cold) just before finish Shackzilla bud @4 weeks of 12/12 Cheers
  13. Balarama

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Shackzilla @28 days of 12/12
  14. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends

    Sannies Kolossus, ACE Pangi(test seeds), TropicalSeeds Durbakistan... and more
  15. Balarama

    Can anyone explain some LED science?

    One fun thing, all PAR light is also visible to the human eye so the statement "its not bright because its good par light" only shows how your buddy has no idea what he's talking about. I blame bad sellers for sharing bad info on leds so a lot of people get very confused on led topic. Best efficency leds are cob leds and quantum boards, so find a light which can provide infos on chips used(also pics!) and states the total draw watts, any other mumbo-jumbo sellers should be forgotten and left to rust. Cheers