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  1. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends by Balarama

    After some time there's a couple of photos from my grows. Kolossus(purple - cold) just before finish Shackzilla bud @4 weeks of 12/12 Cheers
  2. Balarama

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Shackzilla @28 days of 12/12
  3. Balarama

    Kolossus and friends

    Sannies Kolossus, ACE Pangi(test seeds), TropicalSeeds Durbakistan... and more
  4. Balarama

    Can anyone explain some LED science?

    One fun thing, all PAR light is also visible to the human eye so the statement "its not bright because its good par light" only shows how your buddy has no idea what he's talking about. I blame bad sellers for sharing bad info on leds so a lot of people get very confused on led topic. Best efficency leds are cob leds and quantum boards, so find a light which can provide infos on chips used(also pics!) and states the total draw watts, any other mumbo-jumbo sellers should be forgotten and left to rust. Cheers
  5. Balarama

    2018 is looking good

    No worries, there will be slides(photos) for sure Thanks for all the help everyone. Cheers
  6. Balarama

    2018 is looking good

    Yeah, definitely not easy when you have limits. I picked a longer flowering panama x malawi so having the fully grown jack plant could be too much in the tent, so i went with shackzilla and pck x panama along with pan x malawi. But I think there will be a bit of space for a single cola jack and maybe also for a zamalmystik male, hopefully. So far it really seems 2018 will be great indeed Cheers
  7. Balarama

    2018 is looking good

    Good idea only trouble will be lack of space. I plan on having three plants total and two are already taken. so only one proper space for a nice plant... i might go for shackzilla i think... Cheers
  8. Balarama

    2018 is looking good

    I would just like to ask a quick question/suggestion... I'm about to pop a seed and I'm undecided if it should be Sannie's Jack or Shackzilla. Make my choice easier and let me know what would you pick and why. Tomorrow is the day! Thanks and good night Cheers
  9. Water! Tbh, intake fan is not so necessary, i prefer passive intake and i always place a piece of filter on the inlet duct, to prevent dust, pests and some spores entering the tent. I use the fleece filter for kitchen cooking fans. After each flower cycle i change it and it and wonder how much dirt it kept out. A must try! Cheers
  10. Balarama

    Reviews: Vaporizers

    Hey Roodni, great review of both vapes! How would you compare the Mighty to the Evo(1-10 scale for both)? I ask because I got a Mighty a couple months ago(I also own the GrassHopper) and I find the Mighty to be a very good performance vape, not hot at all(got used to GH). There's no real need for me to get the Evo but I had some thoughts when picking the mighty vs something else, there is an Evo vs Plenty choice to do in the future as I'd like to have a proper top performing desktop vape. Thanks for any answer Cheers
  11. Balarama


    Hey Santero! Here's a nice couple that want to say "Hiiiii" The Lazy Larry V3 Male ...and the oh-so-gorgeous female I let the male drop a bit of pollen on my females and hopefully there will be some nice seeds this time. Thanks again for these seeds, I'll try to keep you all updated on the Lazy Larry's development. I call this female plant "Lazy Girl" Cheers
  12. Balarama

    Balarama grows - Lazy Larry v3 - by San

    Hey there, happy 2018 Been quite some time since my last update, well here's a new one! So I popped two seeds to get a male and a female...and that's what happened. My prediction was true and the stretchier was the male while the prettier is the female. They were both necessary for my little plan of making some seeds in this run, the male dropped some pollen and was removed just in time before it would get too seeded. Here's a picture of the pollen donor Lazy Larry V3 male And this is the gorgeous female, Lazy Girl She is a bit cold sensitive, at least by the fans looks. The resin is abundant and nicely sweet aromatic, no dramatic loudness for now, hopefully it stays this way Also she's the fastest in my garden so far which is nice but will probably mean I'll let her go until the others finish, so I expect maybe some overripe bud, which is good for a change. I'm a bit anxious about this girl, she's the closest to OG from all my plants so far. Expect some updates soon, well definitely sooner than 2019 Cheers
  13. "Timber LED - Redwood VS" would be my pick for a 4x4, or build your own light from parts or get a kit. Cheers
  14. Balarama

    Balarama grows - Lazy Larry v3 - by San

    Hehe, i take it as a good thing. I had doubts regarding high smell but took the chance to see how it goes... So you grew the lazy larry, this version or some other? Got any pictures? Cheers
  15. Hi OG, since I started my new improvised grow, I decided it's time to try a couple of seeds I got from Santero a couple years ago. This is one of his hacks As you know Santero is an extremely kind human being and besides sharing his seeds there is some additional information on the parents used in this cross. My initial intention was to find a male plant which would give the offsprings a short and stable flowering process, to give in some terpenes and possibly good resistence to any kind of pests and fungus. Who knows what will come out but I believe there is good potential. The other reason I picked the Lazy Larry(instead of SSH) is my newly discovered interest in trying anything related to OG Kush, so far all plants I grew were and are mostly sativas with a mostly clear high without the body effect. The genetics: ("lemon larry f1" pheno #5, ogkush dom lady) X ("blowfish f2"pheno #2 outdoor male) The description: ...#5 lemon larry lady was stout and did not stretch much. had a bit of colors from the og kush and very little smell of the ecsd in the mix, earthy-musky kush with a sweet tingle to her. around 9 weeks and good yields when vegged to a little bush before flip ...the blowfish male came from neongreen in uk. he grew him out outdoors and he looked very nice. neon said he had a fuely/fruity smell. I sprouted a couple of seeds and from the growth I expect a male and a female, possibly the male being the more(and most) vigorous and stretchy seedling. But time will tell, they will be kept in 6L pots for the whole cycle. They will have some company of course, there are also two Kolossus fem plants, two OrientExpress x NepalJam fem test plants, a White Widow and three Nemesis plants. I'll post updates of the Larrys here while Kolossus girls will get their attention in my other thread about Kolossus. Santero, thank you again for the seeds! Cheers