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  1. Balarama

    Oaxacan IBL

    Hi Esko fan club Just wanted to say I put a couple of Esko's Oaxacan IBLs in wet conditions, hoping to sprout them without issues. They will be having some good company in form of plants from the same Oaxacan region(PineapplePunch should know them best - Oax79's1 x Oax Skull) Hoping for a good autumn adventure. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, sorry for lack of updates or reports or whatever... I'm quite busy with life and dedicate some of my time for IC forum so there's not much time left for opengrow...but! I have some good news, there are two regular Jacks + one Silverfields fem in veg right now + I just soaked a couple MadChem seeds to see what kind of hybrid comes out. By the specs it should not be my cup of tea but I'm in the search of a good knock out weed for special occasions. Also I got a couple of Esko's Oaxacan IBL seeds soaking, it's going to be an interesting autumn Cheers
  3. Of course I'll do a smoke report, no worries She's under a mix of DIY led lights, I have two cree cxb cobs, one is 3000K the other is 6500K. Cheers
  4. Hi, thanks, they will be delicious I guess :) Sadly no pics of the whole plants as these two are my pet plants, got close to zero attention except a tiny bit of lst soon after the flip. They're pretty small, 3l of dirt, organic nutrients and that's basically it. If there was a scrog net I'm sure they would yield very good, for sure there's a lot of potential in this line. Well done Koma! Cheers
  5. Latest situation, the two plants are almost done, I put them just a tiny bit of food for the last time today and they will get a short flush during the weekend. Should go for 70-90 days but look at her at 60 days...looks almost done to me: They're both sweet and fruity with hashy and slightly minty undertones, lovely buds for such impro grow I'm still undecided on how much time they need to ripen, the one in this photo is getting yellow(fans) so she's very near I guess. Any advice is welcome Cheers
  6. Picture of the BBS male who sadly was taken out too early and did not have the energy to make viable pollen. Sad but I have more seeds to pop. I found some interesting qualities in the females, mainly smell and resin production, the yield will be medium to low but will be some delicious smoke. Some recent pics of the two BBS females, two similar but different phenos: Together I prefer the second one(right), is more smelly and has a deeper more interesting aromas. Also BBS#1 is great but not so strong smelling, will probably yield a bit better. Cheers
  7. Seems like SDH is back in stock, I'll wait for the SLH to be restocked and get both.... WAIT FOR MEEEE :D You have many fans Santero ;) Cheers
  8. Hell I missed this drop, checking the SH regularly except the last couple weeks....aaaand they're all gone :( Any plans of restocking soon Santero? I'm quite into SilverLemonHaze and SilverDieselHaze. Let me know if I can get them in any other way ;) Cheers
  9. Thanks guys, the double serrations remind me of other strains for sure, but it's a nice surprise. The females also have similar leaves. They'll have their private space now, with better care and much more light compared to now. Also more nutrients for sure, I was amending their mix pretty lightly compared to my other bigger plants. Cheers
  10. After a slow start, vacations and crazy temperatures, there are three very uniform plants of BBS IBL. So far it seems one is male and two are female, the plan is to let him drop some pollen on girls around, there will also be a spot for only one female plant. The remaining one will go to a balcony or in the woods, time will tell. Blueberry Sativa IBL male Cheers
  11. Hey guys, welcome to my little hell Today we have 34°C and the seeds will get into the soil, light mix for a start. The other plants are quite happy with high temps, for now. Thanks Shoeless for mentioning your shoebox, I had a look and there are some nice plants, congrats The BBSs seem done at this point, hoping for the fishy smell to go away Cheers
  12. Three Blueberry Sativa IBL seeds were put in cotton+water and after 30 hours there are three little sprouts, soon to be transplanted in small pots. My goal is simple, to get at least one male to dust my other plants with pollen and make a small amount of different seeds. I was never a fan of blueberry mostly because the two times I tried BB they were not true blueberries(indica phenos of some unknown free BB seeds) and were also not grown properly. So in all fairness I feel the need to try them for myself and see what it's about Also being a sativa selection I'm instantly more interested. The BBS females will have their spot among my other plants, very likely to be Zamaldelica, Thai x Panama, Oaxaca x Panama, Beast Lime Madness and Core Cut S1. Hoping for at least one male, two would be better but I want to have a female plant also. So far they're just sprouts, expect some updates in a couple of weeks. Have a great week! Cheers
  13. Yesterday I got my pack of Sugar Punch, just wanted to say the mail was opened by NL customs and they checked the inside. I first thought there will be a customs note and no seeds but I found all seeds inside and no note. So it's a happy day with a bitter moment, in the end all is well. The seeds seem quite small, at least smaller than expected. Hoping to pop them soon but realistically they will wait a bit more. Thanks Sannie! Cheers
  14. Heya, yeah i promise the smoke report will come soon, just waiting a bit more for the cure. The first smoke attempts were not so pleasant in terms of taste(pretty harsh herbal, metallic and spicy taste) , so i hope the buds get better while sitting in jars. I can say the Jack is very potent herb with an insane high character, got me by surprise a couple times, the rush was almost too much, so i definitely wouldn't recomend it to beginners. Experienced sativa lovers will also be surprised with Jack's potency. You've been warned Cheers
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