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  1. Thanks a lot for all the massages!!!! I will post my garden as soon as possible
  2. thanks bro I hope my old friend Eskobar is still here
  3. Heya I´m Triplanar from Germany I grow weed about 9 years for hobby but now I want to grow more quality weed and stuff. My first steps i did at Hennepdesk 2008-2010 Then i got some problems with police and stopped the growing. Times later i degan with 2 600W lamps for the 2nd 1st time. Now i got a room with 6x600watts at 6 scare meter plantspace and 98 Amnesia plants from cuttings. I hope i can give some informations and learn some new thinks. Sorry for my bad english because i´m still learnig this language. sorry for that Greeze Triplanar
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