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  1. Gonna pop some of those d-lives seeds very soon.
  2. Paid for my killer grapes order that was on hold from 5th February and got an email from seedheaven saying sold out gutted
  3. Sorry for any confusion but I’m not actually involved with this, it’s from an article I was reading recently here https://defendersblog.org/2011/06/conservation-in-action-harvesting-bat-guano/
  4. 100% all I feed after this tbh is dehydrated kelp meal, sprouted seed teas (alfalfa, barley and corn), the occasional compost tea, and some em-1. Temped to try the DEM fat flowers next grow as a tea.
  5. I add buckwheat hulls to my soil for aeration nowadays (along with pumice) and its amazing, fungus loves growing all over it. my mix is quite similar to yours, this makes up 40litres of soil, which is what my root pouches are Irish peat moss 13litres Pumice 4litres Bio-char (big pieces) 4litres Buckwheat 5litres EWC 6litres Quality compost 6litres 0.15litres of each Neem meal Kelp meal Crustacean meal Charge 0.6litres of Gypsum 0.6litres of Oyster Shell Flour 0.3 litres of Basalt
  6. Hmm Its not quite that simple, i’d say there’s also fragile eco-systems that live inside bat caves that depends on guano as energy source. Every time we mess about in eco-systems we are causing a domino effect in some way, being as self sustainable as possible is the way I’d try to grow weed. These giys seem to think there’s issues with harvesting bat guano: I am part of the team working with Bat Conservation International (BCI) on developing international standards for the sustainable harvest of bat guano. Bat guano has been harvested from caves for centuries and has been put to a variety of uses, including for gunpowder during the U.S. Civil War. Today bat guano is primarily used for fertilizer, both in commercial production in places like Texas and for subsistence farming purposes in places throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America. Guano harvesting can have huge impacts on bat colonies. Bats are extremely sensitive to disturbance, and harvesting guano while bats are roosting can cause pup loss and abandonment of caves. Lack of understanding of these impacts, together with unclear property rights and lack of any rules to enforce have led to unsustainable guano harvesting practices
  7. All my females were different, some of the plants smelt slightly different, but all had a red fruit berry smell, most were tall apart from 1 that was Kush in stature and abit more blueberry smelling
  8. You would think the line would be drawn with worm castings though as works actually live in the soil, or do they use live worms in their pots? Or would that be against the rules also? not to laugh or critisice these methods in any way, people being conscious about how the products they buy effect the environment is all good by me. Bat guano is one that I’m quite skeptikal about how they harvest it and if it’s detrimental to the bats habitat or not? Idk
  9. Found this picture in my phone and it broke my heart I gifted these to a friend so didn’t even get to grow them myself
  10. What I would love to do is get my grubby hands on a pack or 2 of double chocolate regs and cross a male of that to my keeper chocolate rain would that then be classed as triple chocolate? id gift the lot to sannie for freebies
  11. Small lower branch nug of my choco rain keeper, excuse the crappy picture taken with my iPhone with the lights on, my camera is at the in-laws Such a frosty lady this is 6.5 weeks and gets cut at 9.5, smells of strawberry laces intensified 100x such a sharpe sweet smell
  12. I’d like to try tame the stretch of my chocolate rain keeper by crossing it with Aunt of Farouk or some indica and possibly bringing some couchlock into the party
  13. Still got a pack of these. i ran them alongside sannie jack regs and the Jalisco Jaze yielded just as much as the jacks plus the flavour was amazing, loud hazey goodness. plants looked so healthy, were a beautiful shade of green throughout and never complained m
  14. Totally agree with pressing on with the new but some strains deserve preservation and eskos strains definitely deserve to be including in the building blocks of the new flavours. chocolate rain and chocolate cheese are some of the strongest and most flavoursome weed I’ve ever tried, my chocolate rain keeper is possibly the best keeper i have all round, nothing ever comes close in resin, flavour, smell, strength, the whole pack package. It would be a travesty if Escobar strains fading away into obscurity I think
  15. just popped 2 of these babies, hopefully we will see at least 1 beautiful lady
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